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Falkner Yearly Summary

Falkner Eagles
Falkner High School

20350 Hwy 15 Falkner, MS
Stadium: Gay Field
Colors: Black & Gold
Coach: Kevin Walton

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20241A0-0002 Kevin Walton  
20231A*8-33832070-1274223-014850 Kevin Walton  
20221A*3-716832512-5114240 Jeff Anglin  
20211A*2-813737212-5125234 Jeff Anglin  
20201A*0-101841310-76266 Jeff Anglin  
20191A*2-812834212-5103222 Ty Priest  
20181A*5-741944514-4289303 Quess Hood  
20171A*6-624022414-4146117 Quess Hood  
20161A*4-82714530-1189814-3206230 Quess Hood  
20151A*8-43112450-163916-2257137 Quess Hood  
20141A*7-53693140-1344716-2244175 Quess Hood  
20131A*7-54413910-1294716-2307223 Cory Armstrong  
20121A*9-34162490-184416-2284185 Ben Ashley  
20111A*9-32691670-1133217-122498 Ben Ashley  
20101A*4-726030713-4192184 Nickey Nance  
20091A*4-72162070-1133814-3166108 Nickey Nance  
20081A*5-617624915-5170228 Nickey Nance  
20071A*1-105836311-958315 Nickey Nance  
20061A*2-98847912-874447 Ron Jackson  
20051A*0-102652310-1026523 Ron Jackson  
20041A*4-718729213-6161262 Ron Jackson  
20031A*8-325012516-3182115 Scott Smith  
20021A*7-42882010-164017-3282161 Scott Smith  
20011A*2-810539812-8105398 Kevin Walton  
20001A*3-721730713-6217260 Eric Davis  
19991A*9-33651971-146421#8-1305113 Ricky Bates  
19981A*4-72412931-1335812-112555 Ricky Bates  
19971A*7-337215113-015535 Ricky Bates  
19961A*0-123041590-2273910-516953 Ricky Bates  
19951A*10-23351172-172501#5-018322 Ricky Bates  
19941A*9-226913213-19156 Ricky Bates  
19931A*5-517116712-26166 Ricky Bates  
19921A*1-1010734710-422120 Ronnie Crawford  
19911A*0-96225210-424106 Ronnie Crawford  
19901A*5-423413713-215279 Ronnie Crawford  
19891A*4-514116013-210276 Ronnie Crawford  
19881A*5-414211614-110855 Joe Horton  
19871A*12-24461363-1100481#6-025426 Joe Horton  
19861A*9-3317882-182222 N#1-0102 Joe Horton  
19851A*4-5-11031650-115362#3-05924 Joe Horton  
19841A*8-22686922-1997 Joe Horton  
1983B*10-23901063-088242#3-012235 Joe Horton  
1982B*7-42521791-114472#2-07434 Joe Horton  
1981B*4-612815521-12126 Joe Horton  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*2-755198Pontotoc Ridge1-521151 Joe Horton  
1979*4-5157119Pontotoc Ridge1-37371 Joe Horton  
1978*7-214552Pontotoc Ridge3-16740 Joe Horton  
1977*0-964183Pontotoc Ridge0-3669 Parks Richardson  
1976*2-7-1102218Pontotoc Ridge1-22834 Parks Richardson  
1975*4-5152168Tippamingo2-486121 Parks Richardson  
1974*6-4204233Tippamingo3-3114133 Jim Moran  
1973*10-039128Tippamingo*6-019816 Jim Moran  
1972*7-124894Tippamingo5-117274 Jim Moran  
1971*7-1-122887Tippamingo*5-0-114262 Jim Moran  
1970*0-930300Tippamingo0-512204 David Roberts  
1969*0-858299Tippamingo0-528213 Jim Moran  
1968*2-5-279156Tippamingo0-4-112113 Jamie Gray  
1967*2-54476Tippamingo1-21935 Jamie Gray  
1966*7-118892Tippamingo* Jamie Gray  
1965*5-3-1154106Northwest Jamie Gray  
1964*5-498130Northwest Hollis Wiggington  
1963*1-777237Ind Hollis Wiggington  

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