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Columbus Yearly Summary

Columbus Falcons
Columbus High School

215 Hemlock Street Columbus, MS
Stadium: Falcon Field
Colors: Purple & Gold
Coach: Barrin Simpson

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20246A0-0002 Barrin Simpson  
20236A*1-1020733020-590163 Josh Pulphus  
20225A*5-71342780-122715-2126139 Josh Pulphus  
20215A*4-718324913-4152148 Josh Pulphus  
20205A*2-811818612-5105151 Josh Pulphus  
20195A*4-714226513-4117188 Josh Pulphus  
20186A*0-119245610-740249 Eric Rice  
20176A*2-913635011-679223 Randal Montgomery  
20166A*6-64143230-1252814-3278221 Randal Montgomery  
20156A*8-43532590-1425616-1224132 Randal Montgomery  
20146A*4-722429923-4143163 Randal Montgomery  
20136A*4-720421822-5123146 Tony Stanford  
20126A*7-51881610-174114-311175 Tony Stanford  
20116A*7-428323314-3174170 Tony Stanford  
20106A*4-718926612-5108175 Tony Stanford  
20096A*3-815925312-594146 Bubba Davis  
20085A*1-1015932510-7117214 Bubba Davis  
20075A*6-521921413-4133157 Daryl Jones  
20065A*3-712927912-570201 Daryl Jones  
20055A*6-72793801-15810014-3152181 Russell Funk  
20045A*4-718323912-586139 Russell Funk  
20035A*7-423722114-3168172 Roy McCrory  
20025A*3-716419511-6108159 Roy McCrory  
20015A*7-42661670-1282915-2177105 Dwight McComb  
20005A*10-32632241-1173415-2140141 Roy McCrory  
19995A*7-42171820-1204215-212699 Roy McCrory  
19985A*4-611218012-563159 Roy McCrory  
19975A*3-716231211-679226 Roy McCrory  
19965A*0-117439910-754303 Pat Davis  
19955A*3-7-112729111-657209 Pat Davis  
19945A*3-816329111-676181 Pat Davis  

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