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Callaway Yearly Summary

Callaway Chargers
Robert M. Callaway High School

601 Beasley Road Jackson, MS
Stadium: H.T. Newell Field
Colors: Navy & Orange
Coach: Dameon Brown

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20246A0-0002 Dameon Brown  
20236A*4-82342670-165622-310883 Dameon Brown  
20225A*9-33352221-1504126-2205154 Dameon Brown  
20215A*3-718925422-6138218 Dameon Brown  
20205A*0-60620-606 No Team/Covid  
20195A*4-727733421-6132236 Chad Germany  
20185A*4-725134521-6139243 Chad Germany  
20175A*5-82483810-105623-4141177 Darius Brown  
20166A*7-532729322-5146204 Darius Brown  
20156A*5-719923721-678179 Patrick Austin  
20145A*5-82443220-1123524-3181191 Patrick Austin  
20135A*14-15691882-1114642#7-026566 Daryl Jones  
20125A*5-622822123-4149129 Daryl Jones  
20115A*4-725728122-5177178 Daryl Jones  
20105A*9-33302160-1224625-2213130 Daryl Jones  
20095A*8-43302250-1333425-2181109 Daryl Jones  
20084A*4-620222532-5139171 Bennie Tillman  
20074A*2-89924232-587153 Gerry Anderson  
20064A*3-713525333-4103157 Gerry Anderson  
20054A*5-52302310-164435-2180134 Gerry Anderson  
20044A*8-32461631-1323535-114175 Gerry Anderson  
20034A*5-51651320-10263#5-113251 Gerry Anderson  
20025A*5-621019823-4117129 Gerry Anderson  
20015A*5-618725122-5106170 Gerry Anderson  
20005A*5-619626922-5117218 Gerry Anderson  
19995A*6-516020723-485152 Gerry Anderson  
19985A*4-717525821-6108217 Gerry Anderson  
19975A*4-725529722-5148221 Cheyenne Trussell  
19965A*3-815628321-6101216 Cheyenne Trussell  
19955A*8-42161710-102025-212293 Cheyenne Trussell  
19945A*2-911320522-5110119 Ray Self  
19935A*1-1010332520-770190 Ray Self  
19925A*3-716022641-24482 Ray Self  
19915A*5-522323041-255105 Ray Self  
19905A*6-51392020-102842-16954 Ray Self  
19895A*8-42341081-123274#3-09313 Ray Self  
19885A*9-3234791-114174#4-01016 Ray Self  
19875A*1-911620740-441100 Ray Self  
19865A*5-518117162-14538 Charles Allman  
19855A*8-31331076#2-14443 Charles Allman  
19845A*12-23461522-141546 N#4-012916 Charles Allman  
1983AA*8-2250896 N4-215262 Charles Allman  
1982AA*8-2162926 N3-15755 Charles Allman  
1981Ind*8-32719705-121551 Charles Allman  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980AA*4-6160166Big 8 CA3-18628 Charles Allman  
1979AA*9-2247131Big 8 CA4-011940 Charles Allman  
1978AA*6-5125157Big 8 CA6-08841 Charles Allman  
1977AA*4-6120188Big 8 CA3-25348 Charles Allman  
1976AA*10-1264151Big 8 CA6-016658 Charles Allman  
1975AA*11-029994Big 8 CA*6-017622 Charles Allman  
1974AA*9-2254100Big 8 CA6-019446 Charles Allman  
1973AA*8-3218122Big 8 C7-3201116 Charles Allman  
1972AA*5-4-1148116Big 8 C5-4-1148116 Charles Allman  
1971AA*9-2395102Big 8 C8-133985 Buddy Crosby  
1970AA*8-2-117687Big 8 C7-1-114668 Buddy Crosby  
1969AA*2-7-1109170Big 8 C2-7103164 Buddy Crosby  
1968AA*2-7-1124156Big 8 N1-58192 Buddy Crosby  
1967AA*1-936225Big 8 N0-927218 Jim Mangum  
1966AA*1-8-157292Big 8 N1-7-157253 Jim Mangum  

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