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Playoffs 1923-1929

    The State High School Athletic Association set up a playoff system starting in 1923 which would be in place through the 1930 football season before being discontinued.

    In 1926 Biloxi and Sunflower AHS played to a 7-7 tie and thus became co-champions for that season. In 1927 Philadelphia defeated Biloxi 19-0 on the field but later vacated the victory so there was actually no champion in 1927.

    We have found most of the game scores for the playoffs and the teams that reached the championship game.

    Below are the playoff games for the 1923-1929 seasons. I added links to view the season for the finalists.

      A special thanks to John Watson for his assistance with this project in tracking down many of the scores and team records.

1929 Season
    1st Round

        Koscuisko 27-0 Louisville
        Indianola 40-0 Lafayette AHS
        Jones AHS (Ellisville) 6-0 Picayune
        Vicksburg 24-13 Franklin AHS


        Koscuisko 20-7 Indianola
        Jones AHS 18-0 Vicksburg


        Koscuisko 13-12 Jones AHS

1928 Season
    1st Round

        Philadelphia 19-13 Meridian
        Amory 18-12 Greenwood 
        Pike AHS (Summit)12-6 Picayune
        Jones AHS (Ellisville)


        Philadelphia 52-6 Amory
        Pike AHS 13-6 Jones AHS


        Philadelphia 13-12 Pike AHS

1927 Season
    1st Round

        Philadelphia 27-6 Kosciusko
        Columbus (Lee) 
        Biloxi 6-0 Wesson


        Philadelphia 19-0 Columbus
        Biloxi 6-0 Copiah AHS (Wesson)


        Philadelphia 19-0 Biloxi

1926 Season
    1st Round

        Biloxi 7-0 Copiah AHS (Wesson)
        Ellisville 14-0 Harpersville
        Sunflower AHS 14-0 Charleston
        Columbus 13-0 Attala AHS (McAdams)


       Biloxi 13-0 Ellisville
       Sunflower AHS 16-3 Columbus


        Biloxi 7-7 Sunflower AHS

1925 Season
    1st Round

        Leland 26-0 Charleston
        Copiah AHS  28-0 Holmes AHS


        Picayune 18-0 Copiah AHS
        Leland 6-6 Winston AHS - (* Leland advanced on point system)


        Picayune 21-0 Leland

1924 Season
    1st Round

        Hattiesburg 9-7 Newton AHS
        Copiah AHS 14-7 Hinds AHS
        Louisville 14-7 Greenville
        Tippah AHS (Chalybeate) - Tallahatchie AHS


       Hattiesburg 39-0 Copiah AHS
       Louisville 18-7 Tippah AHS


        Hattiesburg 20-14 Louisville

1923 Season
    1st Round

        Summit 6-0 Yazoo City
        Tupelo 42-6 Winston AHS
        Attala AHS - Greenville


       Summit 12-0 Picayune
       Tupelo 19-0 Attala AHS


        Summit 39-0 Tupelo

David Parker