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Yazoo City Yearly Summary

Yazoo City Indians
Yazoo City High School

1825 Martin Luther King Drive Yazoo City, MS
Stadium: Crump Athletic Field
Colors: Red & Black
Coach: Justin Washington

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20245A0-0002 Justin Washington  
20235A*0-1011233520-540165 Justin Washington  
20224A*0-1014847530-458172 Sherrod Gideon  
20214A*4-71883050-1143532-262120 Sherrod Gideon  
20204A*4-41151650-1283431-11541 David Parker  
20194A*2-91464350-1123032-278116 Rodney Adams  
20184A*7-42472300-164132-292112 Rodney Adams  
20174A*7-52813031-1246232-291120 Timothy Johnson  
20164A*0-1012136630-467123 Lynn Lang  
20154A*2-88129530-424139 Lynn Lang  
20144A*2-55918030-521158 Houston Ealy  
20134A*8-131613634-113685 Tony Woolfolk  
20125A*5-618218323-4112132 Tony Woolfolk  
20115A*6-528223322-5152198 Tony Woolfolk  
20105A*2-916627420-768227 Tony Woolfolk  
20095A*3-89123521-636177 Tony Woolfolk  
20084A*7-42441550-102635-218886 Tony Woolfolk  
20074A*8-32522060-1133235-2168136 Tony Woolfolk  
20064A*11-24341752-1887537-024964 Tony Woolfolk  
20054A*4-520623033-4172191 Tony Woolfolk  
20044A*3-81422880-1144233-388143 Tony Woolfolk  
20034A*4-622324032-4104134 Tony Woolfolk  
20024A*5-61263190-163533-353171 Tony Woolfolk  
20014A*3-712828630-548202 Tony Woolfolk  
20004A*1-105540541-655191 Tony Woolfolk  
19994A*4-715826844-3115139 Bennie Tillman  
19984A*3-814435632-398162 Bennie Tillman  
19974A*4-723728332-3102135 Bennie Tillman  
19964A*7-419321832-296102 Bennie Tillman  
19954A*6-62572970-174234-011248 Bennie Tillman  
19944A*7-52271760-101445-116572 Bennie Tillman  
19934A*5-519117044-116530 Bennie Tillman  
19924A*6-416112033-211782 Bennie Tillman  
19914A*2-812021731-46873 Bennie Tillman  
19904A*2-85523830-317113 David McKinnis  
19894A*3-717020530-3655 David McKinnis  
19884A*1-93025530-3678 David McKinnis  
19874A*1-85427431-22650 David McKinnis  
19864A*0-103923930-3648 Andy Brantley  
19854A*3-79315962-46891 Andy Brantley  
19845A*2-8821836 N0-414109 Andy Brantley  
1983AA*1-9733316 N0-539171 Andy Brantley  
1982AA*2-81172216 N0-539114 Lum Wright Jr.  
1981AA*6-417810964-311275 Lum Wright Jr.  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980AA*3-772206Big 8 D1-439111 Lum Wright Jr.  
1979AA*1-865144Big 8 D0-54399 Jerry Brown  
1978AA*4-6126236Big 8 D1-450117 Charles Myers  
1977AA*3-7107223Big 8 D2-362109 Charles Myers  
1976AA*2-854188Big 8 D0-526142 Charles Myers  
1975AA*7-3130123Big 8 D2-36194 Charles Myers  
1974AA*7-314654Big 8 D2-36235 Charles Myers  
1973AA*3-5-2118191Big 8 C3-5-2118191 Charles Myers  
1972AA*2-870192Big 8 C2-870192 Charles Myers  
1971AA*2-888244Big 8 C2-788217 Jerry Brown  
1970AA*5-4-1196152Big 8 C4-4-1177139 Jerry Brown  
1969AA*10-025475Big 8 C9-023575 Sammy Howard  
1968AA*8-3200184Big 8 N4-210486 Sammy Howard  
1967AA*4-6113154Big 8 N3-6100154 Les Clark  
1966AA*4-695193Big 8 N3-581162 Les Clark  
1965AA*5-5124164Big 8 N5-5124164 Eulas Jenkins  
1964AA*5-6149168Big 8 N4-6129161 Eulas Jenkins  
1963AA*3-6132166Big 8 N3-5125132 Eulas Jenkins  
1962AA*6-3-1132134Big 8 N4-3-199121 Eulas Jenkins  
1961AA*3-4-396137Big 8 N1-4-255118 Eulas Jenkins  
1960AA*9-1-121160Big 8 N5-0-19219 Eulas Jenkins  
1959AA*8-2-118476Big 8 N3-1-15934 Eulas Jenkins  
1958*5-4176113Delta Valley4-213868 Howard Woods  
1957*8-215145Delta Valley5-213239 Howard Woods  
1956*10-123839Delta Valley*7-016313 Howard Woods  
1955*7-2-119480Delta Valley3-1-110034 Doug Hanley  
1954*9-1-1307100Delta Valley4-115253 Doug Hanley  
1953*10-137079Delta Valley5-118240 Doug Hanley  
1952*11-033948Delta Valley*6-017730 Doug Hanley  
1951*8-3231110Delta Valley3-29352 Oscar Buchanan  
1950*6-5185160Delta Valley2-37660 Oscar Buchanan  
1949*7-4256122Delta Valley3-110237 Oscar Buchanan  
1948*8-4231169Delta Valley3-18940 John Patrick  
1947*6-5135112 John Patrick  
19464-5-23777 John Patrick  
19453-45698 Mac Shackelford  
19441-462110 Paul Aust  
1943*7-4-1173117 Charles Thomas  
19421-525110 Charles Thomas  
1941*8-320897 Walter Permenter  
19403-5-16092 Walter Permenter  
19391-524125 Walter Permenter  
1938*7-4175119 Walter Permenter  
1937*8-1-126524 C.A. Rose  
1936*7-2-116698 C.A. Rose  
1935*6-5195135 C.A. Rose  
1934*8-3136101 C.A. Rose  
19332-21352 Orren Hays  
19321-5-125194 Orren Hays  
19312-532104 Orren Hays  
19304-3-16869 J.O. Box  
1927*5-0-313218 R.J. Koonce  
19263-110913 R.J. Koonce  
1905*1-050 H.M. Ivy  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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