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West Point Yearly Summary

West Point Green Wave
West Point High School

950 South Eshman Ave. West Point, MS
Stadium: Hamblin Stadium
Colors: Green & White
Coach: Brett Morgan

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20245A0-0001 Brett Morgan  
20235A*11-34762444-01445014-120151 Chris Chambless  
20225A*11-34882313-1124781#7-030369 Chris Chambless  
20215A*11-24291663-1123671#7-026879 Chris Chambless  
20205A*10-44322793-11269715-2223113 Chris Chambless  
20195A*15-15482354-0128751#7-022867 Chris Chambless  
20185A*14-15161874-0144591#7-024389 Chris Chambless  
20175A*15-06861034-0168341#7-037431 Chris Chambless  
20165A*14-15261734-0151221#7-027291 Chris Chambless  
20155A*11-34591832-1695116-1310100 Chris Chambless  
20145A*9-54213071-1425615-2277161 Chris Chambless  
20135A*7-54644050-1203315-2328237 Chris Chambless  
20125A*11-34781822-1122501#7-027373 Chris Chambless  
20115A*8-54262731-1573416-1275133 Chris Chambless  
20105A*14-14361774-0131291#7-0204100 Chris Chambless  
20095A*14-14851774-0146421#7-024277 Chris Chambless  
20084A*8-32671220-101344-215688 Chris Chambless  
20074A*11-23841862-180694#6-018755 Chris Chambless  
20064A*12-23811893-186831#6-021151 Chris Chambless  
20054A*14-1445875-0129421#6-02159 Dennis Allen  
20045A*8-42951440-1152414-3154117 Dennis Allen  
20035A*9-43131871-1312114-3150147 Dennis Allen  
20024A*12-32561094-1554426-114227 Dennis Allen  
20014A*4-71572110-1153822-48578 Dennis Allen  
20004A*3-815726422-496165 Dennis Allen  
19994A*2-910130321-535139 Dennis Allen  
19984A*1-1011626211-49496 Tom Goode Jr.  
19974A*4-712919013-28858 Lynn Moore  
19964A*5-618220024-314899 Lynn Moore  
19954A*4-710824824-382121 Skip Taylor  
19945A*2-913221812-587135 Skip Taylor  
19935A*6-61751821-1285815-214182 Skip Taylor  
19925A*7-326713332-28661 Bubba Davis  
19915A*6-420512731-25761 Bubba Davis  
19905A*6-426016731-23964 Bubba Davis  
19895A*13-03871184-083383#3-011033 Bubba Davis  
19884A*13-1414674-011432#4-015620 Bubba Davis  
19874A*11-34471004-0157192#4-012817 Bubba Davis  
19864A*8-32741310-113151#3-09014 Bubba Davis  
19854A*7-42261361-120341#2-0437 Bubba Davis  
19844A*9-43472102-174291#3-08527 Bubba Davis  
1983AA*9-23078413-111941 Bubba Davis  
1982AA*13-03411133-056211#4-012443 Bubba Davis  
1981AA*5-614312511-0192 Bubba Davis  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*6-413385Little 104-39865 Travis Langford  
1979*8-319996Little 105-213282 Travis Langford  
1978*6-4152116Little 103-498104 Travis Langford  
1977*2-860196Little 102-541136 Travis Langford  
1976*9-125079Little 10*6-116366 Travis Langford  
1975*4-4-211985Little 103-2-29966 Travis Langford  
1974*7-4172154Little 106-113975 Travis Langford  
1973*4-5-179120Little 103-3-15455 Travis Langford  
1972*2-7-164114Little 102-4-15276 Travis Langford  
1971*7-3-1225111Little 10*7-0-118546 Travis Langford  
1970*5-5216210Little 105-3200141 Travis Langford  
1969*4-6131195Little 104-4119118 Charlie Newell  
1968*3-7131149Little 103-5104102 Charlie Newell  
1967*7-3177112Little 106-214477 Charlie Newell  
1966*3-871170Little 102-659136 Charlie Newell  
1965*6-2-211237Little 105-2-110337 Charlie Newell  
1964*7-219319Little 10*7-11866 Charlie Newell  
1963*10-124126Little 107-120226   
1962*7-317972Little 106-215946   
1961*3-6150177Little 103-5144164 Russell Reid  
1960*2-895245Little 102-777210 Russell Reid  
1959*0-1045325Little 100-939292 Bob Barrett  
1958*3-761136Little 102-743122 Bob Barrett  
1957*5-5124136Little 103-582124 Ben Ruscoe  
1956*6-2-218071Little 105-2-114159 Ben Ruscoe  
1955*9-128673Little 107-121466 Ben Ruscoe  
1954*9-137182Little 107-130569 Harper Davis  
1953*7-3252169Little 106-2220124 Harper Davis  
1952*5-6139147Little 104-412687 Howard E. Shook  
1951*2-860193Little 102-760166 Howard E. Shook  
1950*4-5-1135117Little 103-5-1110111 Howard E. Shook  
1949*4-6-1141157Little 102-5-171116 Howard E. Shook  
1948*8-3-1185117Little 106-2-115183 Howard E. Shook  
1947*1-8-157289Little 101-5-151196 Howard E. Shook  
1946*6-4159139Little 105-210278 Howard E. Shook  
1945*7-323181Little 106-217867 Howard E. Shook  
1944*7-319557Little 104-27139 Howard E. Shook  
1943*8-1-125857Little 104-1-113351 Howard E. Shook  
1942*1-941285Little 100-634146 A.C. Williams  
1941*0-100261Little 100-60119 Homer Catledge  
1940*3-635130Little 102-31257 Homer Catledge  
1939*5-3-2127111Little 104-1-19265 Homer Catledge  
1938*5-4-1122146Little 103-2-15392 Homer Catledge  
1937*4-510566Little 101-43259 Cy Parks  
1936*5-594100Little 104-15719 Claude E. Russell  
1935*5-4-17396Little 102-4-13990 Claude E. Russell  
1934*6-2-110965Little 103-2-17165 Claude E. Russell  
1933*5-3-214982Little 104-2-110052 Claude E. Russell  
19323-742187Little 102-523160 David Ivy Dodenhoff  
1931*3-6-177162Little 103-677162 David Ivy Dodenhoff  
19304-3-15141 David Ivy Dodenhoff  
19290-1-106 David Ivy Dodenhoff  
19180-000 Caswell  
19172-0236 Hume  
19100-000 Dabney Thomas  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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