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West Bolivar Yearly Summary

West Bolivar Eagles
West Bolivar High School

505 North Main Street Rosedale, MS
Stadium: Leland Young Stadium
Colors: Red, White & Blue
Coach: Jeremy Banks

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20241A0-0005 Jeremy Banks  
20231A*2-91333140-105652-386112 Jeremy Banks  
20221A*3-813636522-584220 Jeremy Banks  
20211A*1-88026121-672195 Terry Nolden  
20201A*0-40430-404 Terry Nolden  
20191A*9-33311770-120283#7-1247114 Terry Nolden  
20182A*1-108030631-562148 Tony Johnson  
20172A*6-6-11932661-1224134-2121117 Nakita Johnson  
20162A*10-43532142-194543#5-014481 Joac Williams  
20152A*7-52441840-161633-212072 Joac Williams  
20142A*3-91363170-165232-37397 Joac Williams  
20132A*9-42151212-146333#4-18019 Joac Williams  
20122A*11-34922012-198654#5-023748 Henry Johnson  
20112A*15-15511365-0162384#5-021034 Henry Johnson  
20102A*12-34671373-1113504#4-01586 Henry Johnson  
20092A*14-13791303-176564#4-014733 Henry Johnson  
20082A*10-34001722-169423#5-021546 Henry Johnson  
20072A*15-05821845-01771013#5-024528 Henry Johnson  
20062A*12-14301102-1103433#6-023026 Henry Johnson  
20052A*11-34431983-1127583#5-120078 Henry Johnson  
20042A*9-23611410-120233#6-025158 Henry Johnson  
20032A*8-43191881-126283#6-020952 Henry Johnson  
20023A*10-23811791-1566745-118988 Henry Johnson  
20013A*8-43672001-1616845-120580 Henry Johnson  
20003A*7-52922770-1192845-1191131 Henry Johnson  
19993A*5-619516543-39051 John Drainie  
19983A*10-34371341-136334#7-023933 Leland Young  
19973A*7-53162500-1164145-219289 Leland Young  
19963A*3-820226531-582154 Leland Young  
19953A*6-519819732-478120 Leland Young  
19943A*3-811429332-476127 Leland Young  
19933A*9-34292140-16283#6-028084 Leland Young  
19923A*10-1-1412941-148453#7-030335 Leland Young  
19913A*9-33661661-154293#7-027887 Leland Young  
19903A*9-23351351-1242062-111127 Leland Young  
19893A*12-33371244-11203562-17413 Leland Young  
19883A*10-33541052-192566#4-015518 Leland Young  
19873A*12-1450952-1116296#4-01426 Leland Young  
19863A*14-05171064-0129273 E#3-01116 Leland Young  
19853A*14-05301413-082323 S#7-028548 Leland Young  
19843A*11-1419980-124263 N#6-022429 Leland Young  
1983A*10-32871131-127263 N#5-010233 Leland Young  
1982A*10-24681000-16213 N#4-119231 Leland Young  
1981A*13-15461743-0112683 N#5-018948 Leland Young  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*8-224694Delta Valley7-222094 Leland Young  
19795-3-114089Delta Valley5-313483 Leland Young  
197811-037280Delta Valley*9-034260 Leland Young  
1977*9-131430Delta Valley8-129024 Leland Young  
19765-414099Delta Valley4-413499 Leland Young  
1975*6-4211152Delta Valley5-4189146 Leland Young  
1974*7-220988Delta Valley7-220988 Leland Young  
19733-798121Delta Valley2-776115 Leland Young  
1972*3-798229Delta Valley2-780223 Leland Young  
1971*5-4171102Ind Leland Young  
19704-412481Ind Leland Young  
19693-599129Little 83-38793 Larry Garvin  
1968*4-5152189Little 82-3107103 Bobby DeLoach  
1967*5-412778Little 84-37944   
1966*8-224996Little 86-216882 Ned Holder  
1965*2-795145Little 81-754145 Ned Holder  
1964*4-5101156Little 83-38174 Ned Holder  
19630-1025342Delta Valley0-619252 Bobby Barrett  
19621-886335Ind Bill Darnell  
19613-4100115 Carlee Nevel  
1960*6-218156Cotton Boll3-0550 Carlee Nevel  
1959*9-235576Cotton Boll7-229576 Carlee Nevel  
19588-2-126582Cotton Boll5-2-115662 Carlee Nevel  
19576-1-118865Cotton Boll2-1-19226 Carlee Nevel  
1956*8-2312113Cotton Boll4-115963 Billy B. Shirley  
1955*9-127646 Billy B. Shirley  
1954*7-1-129090 Billy B. Shirley  
19530-3-158105 Billy B. Shirley  
19521-34390 Jesse Wade  
19501-31944 Joe Wade  
19464-0-1207 Thomas  
19450-000 Charlie Allen  
19442-0120 Charlie Allen  
19407-2-16634 Dudley Brumfield  
19371-11840 Cecil Brunson  
19360-0-100 Cecil Brunson  
19350-000 Cecil Brunson  
19340-000 Cecil Brunson  
19330-000 Cecil Brunson  
19321-1012 Cecil Brunson  
19310-1019 Cecil Brunson  
19300-000 Cecil Brunson  
19291-22663 Cecil Brunson  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us to submit corrections and new information.