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Warren Central Yearly Summary

Warren Central Vikings
Warren Central High School

1000 Hwy. 27 South Vicksburg, MS
Stadium: Robert Morgan Field
Colors: Blue & Red
Coach: Josh Morgan

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20246A0-0002 Josh Morgan  
20236A*9-33091721-153432#5-015253 Josh Morgan  
20226A*10-23702201-1663936-1208144 Josh Morgan  
20216A*8-42752321-1476334-3167139 Josh Morgan  
20206A*9-31681191-1151825-28577 Josh Morgan  
20196A*6-62052450-1143324-3127153 Josh Morgan  
20186A*6-62922460-101924-3219171 Josh Morgan  
20176A*9-43771731-1564125-222087 Josh Morgan  
20166A*10-34532751-1495025-2271162 Josh Morgan  
20156A*10-34052721-1594126-1208127 Josh Morgan  
20146A*9-33291180-171725-217889 Josh Morgan  
20136A*8-42341470-1172026-115065 Josh Morgan  
20126A*6-62853050-1215325-2198145 Josh Morgan  
20116A*1-1018334421-6125210 Josh Morgan  
20106A*2-911626321-659152 Josh Morgan  
20096A*6-61962660-163824-395129 Curtis Brewer  
20085A*4-613317023-4104111 Curtis Brewer  
20075A*5-617914624-313784 Curtis Brewer  
20065A*5-620214424-313476 Curtis Brewer  
20055A*7-51981610-162825-211554 Curtis Brewer  
20045A*10-2386920-1032#7-023952 Curtis Brewer  
20035A*8-42701390-10222#6-121657 Robert Morgan  
20025A*9-43041731-1252424-3149112 Robert Morgan  
20015A*8-52341561-1233825-215789 Robert Morgan  
20005A*9-32911590-104325-219683 Robert Morgan  
19995A*7-52241920-1143525-213267 Robert Morgan  
19985A*6-62502230-102125-217384 Robert Morgan  
19975A*8-43061780-1142426-119663 Robert Morgan  
19965A*6-62201880-1223825-2139110 Robert Morgan  
19955A*9-42311161-1211625-214581 Robert Morgan  
19945A*14-14141014-0122223#6-119658 Robert Morgan  
19935A*14-14922443-1131803#7-022897 Robert Morgan  
19925A*10-33011411-133192#3-07635 Robert Morgan  
19915A*6-62321791-117162#3-09635 Robert Morgan  
19905A*4-71431640-17326#3-04614 Robert Morgan  
19895A*10-2201801-123166#3-05916 Robert Morgan  
19885A*11-32091334-093516#4-07221 Robert Morgan  
19875A*10-22341161-1262763-110044 Robert Morgan  
19865A*10-12461390-115417#3-08018 Robert Morgan  
19855A*9-42341921-19296#3-16840 Robert Morgan  
19845A*8-32281346 N4-110638 Lum Wright  
1983AA*9-43221311-136306 S#6-119935 Lum Wright  
1982AA*10-2387910-1076 S#7-029234 Lum Wright  
1981AA*10-1275800-17216#7-018946 Lum Wright  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*7-324156Little Dixie4-216523 Lum Wright  
1979*12-044846Little Dixie*6-023414 Lum Wright  
1978*11-024755Little Dixie*6-014228 Lum Wright  
1977*7-5220141Little Dixie4-012924 Lum Wright  
1976*10-1264107Little Dixie*7-020573 Lum Wright  
1975*8-2-127060Little Dixie6-0-120133 Lum Wright  
1974*11-0339122Little Dixie*7-021466 Lum Wright  
1973*10-136495Little Dixie*6-122154 Lum Wright  
1972*3-5-2180161Little Dixie2-3-2130100 Lum Wright  
1971*9-225688Little Dixie6-115250 Lum Wright  
1970*3-656163Little Dixie2-536131 Dewey Partridge  
1969*3-6-1164135Little Dixie3-414879 Dewey Partridge  
1968*4-682130Little Dixie2-22848 Dewey Partridge  
1967*2-4-3122115Ind Donald Oakes  
1966*0-1027418Ind Donald Oakes  
19652-970211Ind Ernie Albritton  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

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