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New Albany Yearly Summary

New Albany Bulldogs
New Albany High School

201 Hwy. 15 North New Albany, MS
Stadium: Kitchens Field
Colors: Maroon & White
Coach: Cody Stubblefield

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20224A0-0002 Cody Stubblefield  
20214A*4-628622420-583148 Cody Stubblefield  
20204A*5-43322290-1152913-117179 Cody Stubblefield  
20194A*8-43653351-1548213-112190 Cody Stubblefield  
20184A*7-53663180-132813-2162150 Cody Stubblefield  
20174A*5-72693320-1234212-3110124 Jake Hill  
20164A*5-72273290-1182923-291127 Jake Hill  
20154A*4-723837121-494204 Jake Hill  
20144A*1-1016735221-471145 Ron Price  
20134A*4-714723321-460121 Ron Price  
20124A*8-53292501-147382#5-012954 Ron Price  
20114A*9-42572201-1424124-1116107 Ron Price  
20104A*13-14891362-173441#5-020368 Ron Price  
20094A*6-63082750-1173612-3125115 Ron Price  
20084A*3-721027312-4119173 Ron Price  
20074A*3-83413990-173113-3219194 Bubba Davis  
20064A*4-612627112-467173 Ricky Bates  
20054A*8-43332551-1513414-2179132 Ricky Bates  
20044A*5-520521922-4105169 Ricky Bates  
20034A*4-618123121-597165 Ricky Bates  
20023A*9-33181961-1384215-116358 Ricky Bates  
20013A*6-52081850-1173514-2128102 Steven Denson  
20003A*4-722626812-4111167 Steven Denson  
19993A*5-520423212-4127162 Terry Allen  
19983A*5-524119913-3151114 Terry Allen  
19973A*4-72091940-131414-213371 Terry Allen  
19963A*5-526120313-5188189 Terry Allen  
19943A*4-616622012-4104155 Buddy Hall  
19933A*1-88519811-548150 Buddy Hall  
19883A*7-52431651-1271913-19759 David Wilkerson  
19863A*3-61921701 N2-210348   
19853A*6-418412815-4167128 Ben Jones  
19843A*8-222212217-119179 Ben Jones  
1983A*10-13499417-124666 Ben Jones  
1982A*11-2247922-142341#8-019225 Ben Jones  
1981A*6-422817315-2171104 Ben Jones  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*6-3-1140134Little 104-2-1114107 Ben Jones  
1979*10-2257155Little 10*7-019680 Ben Jones  
1978*1-1066283Little 101-647177   
1977*2-855252Little 101-632174   
1976*0-1077269Little 100-739165   
1975*1-8-151175Little 100-6-137134 Jack Stanley  
1974*3-7117182Little 102-5104127 Jack Stanley  
1973*3-6-1103143Little 101-5-14998 Jack Stanley  
1972*3-792146Little 102-557131 Jack Stanley  
1971*3-6-1110136Little 103-5103118 James Sloan  
1970*3-799207Little 102-667173   
1969*8-2203134Little 106-2151119 Don Skelton  
1968*5-3-2136110Little 105-2-110982 Don Skelton  
1967*4-5169160Little 104-4169140 Don Skelton  
1966*5-5153130Little 104-4119109 Don Skelton  
1965*5-3-2147139Little 103-3-294111 William Ward  
1964*4-6119171Little 104-4107124 William Ward  
1963*10-030558Little 10*8-028145 William Ward  
1962*9-018790Little 10*8-016890 William Ward  
1961*6-3131104Little 105-3118104 William Ward  
1960*1-1058302Little 101-858242 Bobby Wroten  
1959*4-6125178Little 103-6104164 Bill Farris  
1958*1-952267Little 100-925267   
1957*1-868196Little 101-754165 Roy Johnston  
1956*2-5-2108136Little 102-4-289102 Roy Johnston  
1955*7-319696Little 105-315689 Roy Johnston  
1954*3-788209Little 102-664184 Roy Johnston  
1953*1-838252Little 101-632186 W.J. Davis  
1952*4-5142179Little 103-5121165   
19514-4121164Little 103-497158 Tom Cotten  
1950*3-7114184Little 102-6101146 Tom Cotten  
1949*7-3172110Little 105-212170 Tom Cotten  
19485-6-1124109Little 103-4-17164 Tom Cotten  
19473-5-1109143Little 102-3-166104   
19462-4-172111Little 102-36093   
19454-3-198130Little 102-3-158130   
19443-6109131Little 101-519100   
19431-626148Little 100-60148   
19421-3-25261Little 101-3-25261   
19413-2-17841Little 103-2-17841   
19400-67175Little 100-67175   
19391-3-15247Little 101-3-15247   
19381-519141Little 101-419115   
19370-620273Little 100-620273   
19361-51973Little 100-51373   
19350-4-11355Little 100-4-11355   
19340-5788Little 100-5788   
19333-35966Little 103-35966   
19322-19018Little 101-14518   
19312-17113Little 101-14513   
19270-2-1048 Arthur Scruggs  
19260-000 Arthur Scruggs  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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