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Madison Central Yearly Summary

Madison Central Jaguars
Madison Central High School

1417 Highland Colony Parkway Madison, MS
Stadium: Jaguar Stadium
Colors: Blue & Orange
Coach: Toby Collums

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20247A0-0002 Toby Collums  
20237A*8-53332162-1754722-210356 Toby Collums  
20226A*8-43682481-1374925-2226156 Toby Collums  
20216A*13-14981834-01315826-126078 Toby Collums  
20206A*8-42271210-1232525-210049 Anthony Hart  
20196A*9-33341730-172425-2199107 Anthony Hart  
20186A*10-43811702-1692925-219498 Anthony Hart  
20176A*11-33782052-1836726-121687 Anthony Hart  
20166A*10-4-14213112-11008026-1229131 Anthony Hart  
20156A*9-63632792-1555024-3202122 Brad Peterson  
20146A*6-528325923-4167162 Bobby Hall  
20136A*9-44342921-150402#6-1262134 Bobby Hall  
20126A*10-44892852-174512#7-0314104 Bobby Hall  
20116A*11-34882942-1101752#7-0307138 Bobby Hall  
20106A*12-25462062-182732#6-1308102 Bobby Hall  
20096A*13-16191802-1138862#7-034344 Bobby Hall  
20085A*12-25002022-185822#7-029367 Bobby Hall  
20075A*6-62912420-128332#6-120190 Bobby Hall  
20065A*8-43462420-1101425-2236126 Bobby Hall  
20055A*9-43621461-137362#6-124961 Ted Taylor  
20045A*10-33671571-1273626-121660 Ted Taylor  
20035A*6-62532690-134724-3166137 Ted Taylor  
20025A*5-626521822-5178156 Ted Taylor  
20015A*10-33281091-110352#6-220967 Mike Justice  
20005A*9-34762530-1141726-1310185 Mike Justice  
19995A*15-05982104-0124752#7-032990 Mike Justice  
19985A*11-33602082-136412#7-026488 Mike Justice  
19975A*10-43722172-147512#6-124992 Mike Justice  
19965A*12-14731381-134532#7-024952 Mike Justice  
19955A*12-13311131-126302#7-015858 Mike Justice  
19945A*7-52251740-104924-312691 Mike Justice  
19935A*7-423715923-4139132 Mike Justice  
19924A*10-32001261-125174#6-09861 Mike Justice  
19914A*8-323912445-213675 Mike Justice  

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