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Itawamba AHS Yearly Summary

Itawamba AHS Indians
Itawamba Agricultral High School

11900 Highway 25 South Fulton, MS
Stadium: Indian Stadium
Colors: Black & Gold
Coach: Clint Hoots

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20244A0-0001 Clint Hoots  
20234A*3-82313620-173111-381144 Clint Hoots  
20224A*12-14741522-1102461#5-016033 Clint Hoots  
20214A*11-24742632-164681#5-024694 Clint Hoots  
20204A*8-42622073-1645424-114478 Clint Hoots  
20194A*13-15242532-182642#5-021699 Clint Hoots  
20184A*7-53973480-1162123-2187177 Clint Hoots  
20174A*10-34142851-1174224-1183106 Clint Hoots  
20164A*8-33112340-1153413-2151155 Clint Hoots  
20154A*7-43503240-193613-2149146 Clint Hoots  
20144A*7-53382561-126361#5-020584 Toby Collums  
20134A*7-42832090-1122414-115446 Toby Collums  
20124A*12-14871372-175191#5-022859 Toby Collums  
20114A*7-43262540-1364013-2135118 Toby Collums  
20104A*6-62953380-1213513-2156180 Ashley Kuhn  
20094A*13-13851653-181521#5-013446 Jamie Mitchell  
20084A*10-23681851-1402815-120093 Jamie Mitchell  
20074A*11-24692002-189391#6-025698 Jamie Mitchell  
20064A*6-53312180-1395013-3165120 Jamie Mitchell  
20054A*4-623621512-4144146 Jackie Spradling  
20044A*4-621823812-4126126 Jackie Spradling  
20034A*3-79827512-446155 Lynn Moore  
20023A*6-52562160-1323424-2147101 Chuck Domino  
20013A*10-23211531-141302#6-016655 Lynn Moore  
20004A*9-33391790-1101216-020569 Lynn Moore  
19994A*11-23701291-135331#6-020744 Lynn Moore  
19984A*6-424020913-2124125 Lynn Moore  
19974A*6-420219011-473136 Jimmy Mitchell  
19964A*4-613023014-3118151 Jimmy Mitchell  
19954A*1-912123810-781195 Keith Steele  
19944A*3-820729212-5120193 Keith Steele  
19934A*3-612022413-4113162 Keith Steele  
19924A*3-75612311-542106 Keith Steele  
19914A*2-814128611-583201 Craig Cherry  
19904A*1-914934210-375144 Craig Cherry  
19894A*0-106534810-313107 Craig Cherry  
19884A*8-3236950-13812-16427 Craig Cherry  
19874A*6-51312370-104212-14660 Craig Cherry  
19864A*5-515517321-11717 Jack French  
19854A*2-810221310-21471 Jack French  
19844A*3-713815811-22650 Butch Jones  
1983AA*4-614022411-346122 Butch Jones  
1982AA*0-1011227910-422102 Larry Brown  
1981AA*1-9462481 Larry Brown  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*6-468116Little 105-25469 Larry Brown  
1979*6-4225138Little 105-2185117 Don Leathers  
1978*2-878188Little 101-657135 Don Leathers  
1977*7-412673Little 104-36147 Don Leathers  
1976*5-5171150Little 104-39669 Don Leathers  
1975*8-224645Tombigbee*6-119831 Don Leathers  
1974*8-127583Tombigbee*6-120369 Jackie Spradling  
19739-022160Tombigbee*8-021460 Jackie Spradling  
1972*10-038723Tombigbee*9-035923 Ben Jones  
1971*10-131248Tombigbee*9-027521 Ben Jones  
1970*7-4230145Tombigbee7-2216120 Ben Jones  
1969*10-134245Tombigbee8-130438 Ben Jones  
1968*6-2-216073Tombigbee5-1-214057 Ben Jones  
1967*8-2-1304153Tombigbee5-2195112 Ben Jones  
1966*8-2-1318134Tombigbee6-1-122793 Ben Jones  
1965*9-1-131095Tombigbee7-121970 Ben Jones  
1964*7-2-118997Tombigbee6-216884 Ben Jones  
1963*7-1-118070Tombigbee*7-0-117338 Ben Jones  
1962*8-1224103Tombigbee*7-121296 Bill Spigner  
1961*10-1384144Tombigbee*9-0287105 Bill Spigner  
1960*3-5-1154169Tombigbee1-4-168110 Bill Spigner  
1959*8-2175111Tombigbee7-112864 Paul Prestage  
1958*6-3-1211202Tombigbee5-2-1179170 Paul Prestage  
19573-3-2158120Tombigbee3-3-1151113 Paul Prestage  
1956*3-677282Tombigbee3-570220 Othar Crawford  
1955*1-7-179310Tombigbee1-6-158257 Othar Crawford  
1954*2-5-286186Tombigbee0-1026 Horace McCool  
19532-6-137241 Duval Heflin  
1952*5-4212155 Duval Heflin  
1951*7-3269192 Mitch Grissom  
1950*4-5-1157159 Mitch Grissom  
1949*3-6-178236 Mitch Grissom  
1948*4-311765 E.R. Garafalo  
1947*2-777198 E.R. Garafalo  
1946*3-6-1120180 E.R. Garafalo  
1945*4-2-2119106 Bodine Bourland  
19441-581157 Bodine Bourland  
1940*7-4150120 Phillip A. Sheffield  
19391-12735 Hubert Sheffield  
19382-29144 Hubert Sheffield  
19371-21333 Phillip A. Sheffield  
19362-1-110019 Phillip A. Sheffield  
19350-1-1720 Phillip A. Sheffield  
19344-111419 Elzie Hines  
19331-0320 Elzie Hines  
19320-1026 Elzie Hines  
19311-39281 Elzie Hines  
19301-0196 Wiley Richardson  
19290-2637 W.W. Brunson  
19280-21339 W.W. Brunson  
1927*3-49388 J.B. Lesley  
19260-000 J.B. Lesley  
19250-1025 Robert N. Henley  
19240-11418 Robert N. Henley  
19230-1-1735 Robert N. Henley  
1922*2-3-310483 Thomas A. Oliphant  
1921*0-40228 Thomas A. Oliphant  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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