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East Central Yearly Summary

East Central Hornets
East Central High School

21700 Hwy. 614 Moss Point, MS
Stadium: Shirley Stadium
Colors: Maroon, White & Gray
Coach: Sam Huff

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20245A0-0004 Sam Huff  
20235A*3-721733041-484166 Sam Huff  
20225A*8-33392530-103845-2252172 Sam Huff  
20215A*7-43052480-1144245-2229158 Eric Collins  
20205A*8-32851730-1283045-216093 Eric Collins  
20195A*7-54593560-1205644-3242205 Seth Smith  
20184A*12-14171343-1100668#5-018529 Seth Smith  
20174A*13-16612054-12791378#5-026139 Seth Smith  
20164A*8-55773941-1624584-1254160 Seth Smith  
20154A*7-53032671-1525683-2136121 Seth Smith  
20145A*5-73754290-1417144-3224218 Seth Smith  
20135A*1-1022234841-6146216 Seth Smith  
20125A*3-818440742-5123248 Marcus High  
20115A*6-523124742-5135213 Marcus High  
20105A*3-819234642-5148210 Marcus High  
20095A*3-816822142-5121158 Marcus High  
20084A*2-819829572-4124158 Marcus High  
20074A*1-97428270-620147 Toby Melton  
20064A*3-713927472-478174 Toby Melton  
20054A*1-86530671-558202 Toby Melton  
20044A*3-613219382-494133 Toby Melton  
20034A*4-517917082-4126121 Scott Sisson  
20024A*8-42671370-172185-115340 Scott Sisson  
20014A*7-42272230-103884-2131114 Scott Sisson  
20004A*3-720129881-5126212 Scott Sisson  
19994A*2-812632482-477177 Scott Sisson  
19984A*4-619421583-4154153 Robert McRaney  
19974A*2-815525982-5109160 Robert McRaney  
19964A*9-32171261-1212985-110267 Robert McRaney  
19954A*8-22781060-161385-116567 Dodd Lee  
19944A*8-32841940-171286-1182141 Dodd Lee  
19934A*10-13611170-128368#7-022675 Dodd Lee  
19924A*5-523721182-4130158 Dodd Lee  
19914A*3-713321581-585161 Dodd Lee  
19903A*6-4234154163-212484 Dodd Lee  
1988Ind*7-32121160 Mike Gavin  
19863A*3-7781748 S1-43390   
19853A*0-10462428 S0-521128   
19843A*1-91052818 S0-554178 Barry Gibson  
1983A*1-9492208 S0-629139   
1982A*2-7711708 S1-555121   
1981A*5-51701738 S2-34985   
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*2-875203Pascagoula River0-612145   
1979*1-856210Pascagoula River0-521136   
1978*3-776221Pascagoula River2-642182 Boo Smith  
1977*4-6128125Pascagoula River2-593102 Jay Fletcher  
1976*7-3-1296226Pascagoula River*5-1-1202120 Jay Fletcher  
1975*3-7125256Pascagoula River2-583195 Jay Fletcher  
1974*4-5-1163193Pascagoula River3-4-1135151 Jay Fletcher  
1973*7-3232151Pascagoula River5-2194124 Jay Fletcher  
1972*6-3-1150197Pascagoula River*5-0-111767 Ronnie Pierce  
1971*4-5-1134153Pascagoula River2-478121 L.R. Nelson  
1970*5-5119142Pascagoula River2-577118 L.R. Nelson  
1969*8-126877Pascagoula River6-122565 L.R. Nelson  
1968*8-3332175Pascagoula River5-220691 L.R. Nelson  
1967*5-3-1222127Pascagoula River*5-019047 L.R. Nelson  
1966*3-7103161Pascagoula River2-25135 L.R. Nelson  
1965*2-750110Pascagoula River2-24436 C.E. McMullen  
19644-3-111272Pascagoula River1-2-12444   
1963*7-1-117788Pascagoula River3-17154 Pat Gardner  
1962*4-5108145Singing River0-521106   
1961*2-7-176228Singing River1-538183 Thurman Howell  
1960*4-4-111073Singing River1-3-13251   
19594-662183Singing River2-550148 W.C. Rhodes  
1958*1-431115Singing River0-21375   

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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