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Amite County Yearly Summary

Amite County Trojans
Amite County High School

600 Irene Street Liberty, MS
Colors: Black & Gold
Coach: Sedric Cain

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20242A0-0007 Sedric Cain  
20232A*4-62141830-183673-114047 Jeffrey Gibson  
20222A*1-81063140-104171-364133 Michael Dogan  
20212A*3-61842430-185471-39295 Reginald Lumpkin  
20202A*1-815029671-498149 Reginald Lumpkin  
20192A*6-62723420-1124874-1138120 Reginald Lumpkin  
20182A*2-91944370-1124972-2156143 Reginald Lumpkin  
20172A*5-62603560-127607#4-016798 Reginald Lumpkin  
20162A*6-63123621-1427874-1176130 Sedric Cain  
20152A*9-33842361-1325574-122484 Sedric Cain  
20142A*4-83283430-1203873-2186130 Sedric Cain  
20132A*6-62342530-102873-2130130 Robert Raines  
20122A*3-71822880-164463-216093 Robert Raines  
20112A*3-92732950-163363-218973 Max Weathers  
20103A*2-814328771-685219 Max Weathers  
20093A*1-75917870-532152 Max Weathers  
20083A*3-611618571-564129 Charles Jackson.  
20073A*5-524616872-4138123 Charles Jackson.  
20062A*9-44242352-1825263-2142101 Charles Jackson.  
20052A*2-613625361-496187 Charles Jackson.  
20043A*1-89431471-582211 Charles Jackson.  
20033A*2-715424872-4124137 Elbert Lyles  
20023A*4-616317673-39984 Elbert Lyles  
20013A*3-619824773-3156138 Charles Jackson.  
20003A*5-61532670-103865-111781 Charles Jackson.  
19993A*6-51592120-102165-113064 Jessie Terrell  
19983A*9-23121521-138566#6-019251 Charles Jackson.  
19973A*6-42161710-161465-116494 Charles Jackson.  
19964A*6-524321461-594169 Earnest Dunlap  
19954A*4-716228762-478161 Randall Huffman  
19944A*2-68421862-478164 Randall Huffman  
19934A*4-412015262-466140 Randall Huffman  
19924A*1-99121271-579139 Robbie Mahfouz  
19914A*1-95826870-621159 Russell Porter  
19893A*5-3-194111133-24872 Earnest Dunlap  
19771-591105West Riverside1-25648   
19763-310075West Riverside1-0120   
1975*6-29865West Riverside3-13828 Johnny Moran  
1974*9-033482West Riverside4-015422 Johnny Moran  
1973*5-1-115524West Riverside5-1-115524 Johnny Moran  
19720-5-137113West Riverside0-3-13179 Johnny Moran  
1971*5-2138108West Riverside5-113066 Johnny Moran  
19701-22230 Johnny Moran  

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