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 Phil Hannon 
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 Team   Season  Class   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA 
Central Hinds Academy
Central Hinds Academy2018 MAIS-AAA11-24121752-154543#5-021741
Central Hinds Academy2017 MAIS-AAA8-43341641-1344434-116833
 2 Years19-67463393-28898-
Park Place Christian
Park Place Christian2015 8 Man3-719037332-2102133
Park Place Christian2014 Ind0-10554170
 2 Years3-172457900-0000-000
Canton Academy
Canton Academy2012 MAIS-AA7-42582300-172024-1168102
 1 Year7-42582300-17200-000
University Christian
University Christian2011 1A4-624625744-5211213
University Christian2010 MAIS-A9-33281801-138695#3-08925
University Christian2009 MAIS-A7-42791870-1695#3-012520
University Christian2006 MAIS-A7-53032250-1174544-116538
 4 Years27-1811568491-3611230-000
Saint Andrews Episcopal
Saint Andrews Episcopal1999 2A2-810830661-439160
 1 Year2-81083060-0000-000
Byram1991 4A1-910420140-770169
Byram1990 3A1-990290120-422143
 2 Years2-181944910-0000-000
Crystal Springs
Crystal Springs1989 3A9-32171151-11935123-111157
Crystal Springs1988 4A4-611617971-22159
Crystal Springs1987 4A4-59616671-12750
 3 Years17-144294601-119350-000
Byram1986 3A4-51191586 N
Byram1985 3A5-598916 N2-26534
Byram1984 2A10-1267536 W#3-05319
Byram1983 NN6-4166936 W
Byram1982 BB4-61521716 W0-21447
Byram1981 BB6-41811236
Byram1980 6-4153114
 7 Years41-2911368030-0000-000
Newton1979 4-5-1203118
Newton1978 1-10101271
 2 Years5-15-13043890-0000-000
Raymond1977 5-5133103
Raymond1976 7-2-118963
Raymond1975 8-1-121191
Raymond1974 5-5181167
Raymond1973 6-3-1161149
Raymond1972 8-122756
 6 Years39-17-311026290-0000-000
 30 Years162-146-4567852865-7175276-

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