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French Camp Academy Panthers

 Farris Jenkins 
 Season Total   Playoffs   District Record 
 Team   Season  Class   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA 
Carroll Academy
Carroll Academy2002 MAIS-AA6-527413022-4126103
Carroll Academy2001 MAIS-AA7-430219321-26158
 2 Years13-95763230-000-
George2000 2A7-427024422-39498
George1999 2A7-53413200-1125924-1140123
George1998 1A9-23292140-1124134-115893
George1997 1A5-519817434-114288
George1996 1A4-7-13582120-1164231-411673
George1995 1A4-721627832-3124163
George1994 1A2-816831531-380158
George1993 1A4-616618331-35889
George1992 1A9-22781550-181443-18858
George1991 1A3-721319840-474123
George1990 1A3-617019242-3102112
George1989 1A5-3-120118043-2131110
George1988 1A7-42261280-181444-110233
George1987 1A7-42071440-183244-19237
George1986 1A7-32301470-114363#1-0148
George1985 1A5-41801494 W2-39488
George1984 2A6-42041554 W3-2108101
George1983 BB5-3179914 W4-113360
George1982 BB14-04561423-062204 W#3-012028
George1981 BB10-23031090-115224#3-07820
North Carrollton1980 6-0-1200102
North Carrollton1979 10-138463
North Carrollton1978 9-123577
North Carrollton1977 8-1275113
North Carrollton1976 9-0-132497
North Carrollton1975 7-3186130
North Carrollton1974 5-4-1146167
North Carrollton1973 10-032945
North Carrollton1972 8-2267120
North Carrollton1971 3-4-2108123
North Carrollton1970 1-7-173176
North Carrollton1969 5-5-1183179
 32 Years204-114-9760351223-81552800-000
 34 Years217-123-9817954453-8155280-

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