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2020 Region Standings 


Class MAIS-6A

Region 1    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Madison-Ridgeland Academy(11-0)(5-0)defeated Presbyterian Christi 28-0at Bye
Jackson Prep(8-2)(4-1)defeated Parklane Academy 23-0at Bye
Jackson Academy(8-3)(3-2)defeated Starkville Academy 1-0vs. Parklane Academy
Presbyterian Christian(7-4)(2-3)lost to Madison-Ridgeland Ac 28-0vs. Oak Forest Academy L
Parklane Academy(4-5)(0-5)lost to Jackson Prep 23-0at Jackson Academy



Class MAIS-5A

Region 1    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Heritage Academy(7-2)(5-0)defeated Washington Academy 35-6at Bye
Starkville Academy(6-4)(4-1)lost to Jackson Academy 1-0vs. Simpson Academy
Pillow Academy(7-3)(3-2)defeated Bayou Academy 43-28vs. Saint Aloysius
Magnolia Heights(6-5)(2-3)defeated Mantachie 37-0at Hartfield Academy
Bayou Academy(3-7)(1-4)lost to Pillow Academy 43-28at Hartfield Academy
Washington Academy(1-8)(0-5)lost to Heritage Academy 35-6at Hartfield Academy

Region 2    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Leake Academy(10-0)(5-0)defeated Simpson Academy 30-20at Bye
Hartfield Academy(8-3)(4-1)defeated Tri-County Academy 42-7vs. Magnolia Heights
Lamar(6-3)(3-2)defeated East Rankin Academy 37-13at Bye
Simpson Academy(4-7)(2-3)lost to Leake Academy 30-20at Starkville Academy
Park Place Christian(6-5)(1-4)defeated Benton Academy 28-20at Copiah Academy
East Rankin Academy(1-9)(0-5)lost to Lamar 37-13at Copiah Academy

Region 3    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Adams Christian(8-2)(4-0)defeated Central Hinds Academ 12-0at Bye
Copiah Academy(5-3)(2-1)defeated Silliman LA 46-16vs. Park Place Christian
Saint Aloysius(3-8)(1-2)lost to Cathedral 1-0at Pillow Academy
Central Hinds Academy(0-9)(0-2)lost to Adams Christian 12-0at Pillow Academy



Class MAIS-4A

Region 1    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
North Delta(7-2)(2-0)defeated Kirk Academy 19-7at Bye
Lee Academy(4-6)(1-1)lost to Marshall Academy 27-20at Brookhaven Academy
Kirk Academy(3-7)(0-2)lost to North Delta 19-7at Tri-County Academy

Region 2    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Winston Academy(6-4)(3-0)lost to Wayne Academy 34-14at Bye
Canton Academy(5-6)(2-1)lost to Indianola Academy 1-0vs. Bowling Green LA
Tri-County Academy(7-3)(1-2)lost to Hartfield Academy 42-7vs. Kirk Academy
Clinton Christian(0-9)(0-3)lost to Riverfield LA 1-0vs. Kirk Academy

Region 3    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Wayne Academy(8-2)(2-0)defeated Winston Academy 34-14at Bye
Columbia Academy(1-8)(1-1)lost to Oak Forest LA 41-8at Bye

Region 4    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Cathedral(10-1)(2-1)defeated Saint Aloysius 1-0vs. Hillcrest Christian
Brookhaven Academy(7-4)(1-2)defeated Bowling Green LA 40-6vs. Lee Academy
Hillcrest Christian(2-9)(0-3)did not playat Cathedral



Class MAIS-3A

Region 1    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Marshall Academy(6-4)(3-0)defeated Lee Academy 27-20at Bye
Tunica Academy(2-8)(2-1)defeated Rossville TN 44-7at Saint Joseph Greenvi
Oak Hill Academy(4-6)(1-2)lost to Winona Christian 61-30at Saint Joseph Greenvi

Region 2    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Carroll Academy(10-0)(4-0)defeated Central Holmes Chris 54-6at Bye
Indianola Academy(7-4)(3-1)defeated Canton Academy 1-0vs. Benton Academy
Winona Christian(9-2)(2-2)defeated Oak Hill Academy 61-30vs. Amite
Central Holmes Christian(2-7)(1-3)lost to Carroll Academy 54-6vs. Amite
Benton Academy(5-6)(0-4)lost to Park Place Christian 28-20at Indianola Academy

Region 3    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Sylva Bay Academy(3-7)(3-0)defeated Amite 33-0at Bye
Centreville Academy(4-6)(2-1)defeated Newton County Academ 36-12at Glenbrook LA
Amite(3-8)(1-2)lost to Sylva Bay Academy 33-0at Winona Christian
Newton County Academy(0-10)(0-3)lost to Centreville Academy 36-12at Winona Christian

Region 4    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Greenville Christian(8-1)(3-0)defeated Glenbrook LA 66-42at Bye
Saint Joseph Greenville(8-1)(2-1)defeated Porters Chapel Acade 48-0vs. Tunica Academy
Porters Chapel Academy(4-6)(0-3)lost to Saint Joseph Greenvi 48-0vs. Tunica Academy



Class MAIS-2A

Region 1    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Delta Academy(7-3)(3-0)defeated Lee Academy AR 36-34at

Region 2    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Hebron Christian(3-8)(2-1)lost to Humphreys Academy 34-12at Delta Streets Academ
Columbus Christian(1-9)(1-1)lost to Calhoun Academy 44-32at Humphreys Academy
Kemper Academy(0-10)(0-3)lost to Deer Creek 56-20at Humphreys Academy

Region 3    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Manchester Academy(10-0)(3-0)defeated Union LA 45-6at Bye
Delta Streets Academy(7-4)(2-1)defeated Sharkey-Issaquena Ac 48-44vs. Hebron Christian
Humphreys Academy(8-2)(1-2)defeated Hebron Christian 34-12vs. Columbus Christian
Sharkey-Issaquena Academy(5-6)(0-3)lost to Delta Streets Academ 48-44at Lee Academy AR



Class MAIS-1A

Region 1    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
North Sunflower Academy(5-5)(2-1)defeated Prentiss Christian 51-6at Tallulah Academy LA
Deer Creek(3-7)(1-2)defeated Kemper Academy 56-20at Tallulah Academy LA
Calhoun Academy(5-5)(0-3)defeated Columbus Christian 44-32at Wilkinson Christian

Region 2    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Wilkinson Christian(9-1)(3-0)lost to Claiborne LA 62-8vs. Calhoun Academy
Christian Collegiate Academy(3-6)(2-1)lost to Tallulah Academy LA 62-28vs. Calhoun Academy
Prentiss Christian(3-7)(1-2)lost to North Sunflower Acad 51-6vs. Calhoun Academy
Rebul Academy(0-11)(0-3)lost to Briarfield Academy L 54-8vs. Calhoun Academy