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2019 Region Standings 

Class 1A

Region 1    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Biggersville(9-1)(7-0)defeated Byers 12-0vs. West Lowndes
Baldwyn(7-4)(6-1)defeated Falkner 49-0vs. Tupelo Christian Pre
Myrtle(6-5)(5-2)defeated Coldwater 34-8at Noxapater
Coldwater(4-7)(4-3)lost to Myrtle 34-8at Nanih Waiya
Ashland(2-9)(2-5)defeated Thrasher 18-6 
Falkner(2-8)(2-5)lost to Baldwyn 49-0 
Byers(3-7)(1-6)lost to Biggersville 12-0 
Thrasher(1-9)(1-6)lost to Ashland 18-6 

Region 2    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Nanih Waiya(10-2)(8-0)defeated Smithville 41-20vs. Coldwater
Noxapater(10-2)(7-1)defeated Hamilton 40-13vs. Myrtle
Tupelo Christian Prep(8-3)(5-3)defeated Okolona 49-25at Baldwyn
West Lowndes(8-3)(5-3)did not playat Biggersville
Smithville(8-3)(5-3)lost to Nanih Waiya 41-20 
French Camp Academy(3-8)(3-5)defeated Vardaman 45-20 
Okolona(3-8)(2-6)lost to Tupelo Christian Pre 49-25 
Hamilton(2-9)(1-7)lost to Noxapater 40-13 
Vardaman(0-11)(0-8)lost to French Camp Academy 45-20 

Region 3    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
West Bolivar(9-2)(7-1)did not playvs. Richton
Leflore County(8-2)(7-1)defeated Ethel 52-0vs. Sebastopol
McAdams(6-5)(5-3)defeated Coffeeville 14-6at Lumberton
West Tallahatchie(6-6)(5-3)lost to Simmons 22-0at Resurrection
Shaw(7-5)(5-3)defeated Brooks 26-14 
Simmons(5-6)(4-4)defeated West Tallahatchie 22-0 
Coffeeville(3-8)(2-6)lost to McAdams 14-6 
Brooks(1-8)(1-7)lost to Shaw 26-14 
Ethel(0-12)(0-8)lost to Leflore County 52-0 

Region 4    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Lumberton(9-3)(8-0)lost to Faith Academy AL 34-14vs. McAdams
Resurrection(8-2)(6-2)defeated Salem 42-12vs. West Tallahatchie
Sebastopol(7-4)(5-3)defeated Leake County 33-0at Leflore County
Richton(7-5)(5-3)defeated Mount Olive 45-24at West Bolivar
Stringer(6-6)(4-4)defeated Sacred Heart 42-7 
Mount Olive(5-7)(4-4)lost to Richton 45-24 
Leake County(3-9)(2-6)lost to Sebastopol 33-0 
Salem(1-10)(1-7)lost to Resurrection 42-12 
Sacred Heart(0-10)(0-8)lost to Stringer 42-7