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2014        District Records

 Regular Season   Playoffs   District/Division Record 
 Team  W/L/T PF   PA  W/L/T PF   PA   Title  W/L/T  PF  PA   Coach 
Region 1
 Marshall Academy 11-26592832-114476#4-021738  Sam Pearson
 DeSoto AR4-7000-1003-100  
 Tunica Academy 6-62923091-148562-2105117  Murray Rhodes
 West Memphis AR1-9001-300  
 Lee Academy AR0-10000-400  
Region 2
 Columbus Christian 7-53622771-14652#3-012918  Greg Watkins
 Greenville Christian 6-52932980-10442-110965  Jon Reed McLendon
 Deer Creek 2-71802941-24687  Benny McLendon
 Carroll Academy 0-10494600-38122  Jimmy McGregor
Region 3
 Newton County Academy 12-24342114-013654#5-016180  Rob Roberts
 Sylva Bay Academy 5-72832801-157713-2122111  Chad Odom
 Heidelberg Academy 8-33011851-144352-397127  Mike Taylor
 Benton Academy 6-42551410-129332-3100110  Wayman Grantham
 Central Holmes Christian 3-82162430-126420-459111  Billy Bell
Region 4
 Trinity Episcopal 7-43083072-18882#2-06153  Zach Rogel
 Wilkinson Christian 2-91864110-10541-15036  Kyle Wright
 Porters Chapel Academy 2-81633080-10420-23153  Wayne Lynch
Region 5
 University Academy LA12-2003-100#3-000  
 Claiborne LA4-6000-1002-100  
 Riverdale LA2-7000-1001-200  
 Union Christian LA2-8000-300  
Region 8
 Briarfield LA11-1001-100#5-000  
 Tallulah Academy LA9-2002-1004-100  
 Clinton Christian 7-44302423-214876  Bryan Grove
 Mount Salus Christian 5-42742442-396150  Cody Dryden
 Franklin Academy LA5-6001-400  
 Tensas LA2-8000-500  
Region 1
 Indianola Academy 11-24471852-19057#5-020049  Tommy Nester
 Winona Christian 7-43782070-142434-1158114  Ken Chandler
 North Delta 3-81713440-120353-296140  Brandon Ciaramataro
 Bayou Academy 6-43501801-4118148  Jimmy Hicks
 Kirk Academy 3-72183760-569221  John McCrory
Region 2
 Canton Academy 10-33551762-18176#5-120585  Ron Jurney
 Leake Academy 5-62772800-126364-1163113  Brian Pickens
 Tri-County Academy 5-52301893-2125111  David Blount
 Oak Hill Academy 5-62312420-114283-3126116  Tony Stanford
 Manchester Academy 5-62723540-17431-484169  Kyle Wallace
 Winston Academy 2-81393150-553162  Bo Milton
Region 3
 Riverfield LA11-1001-100#3-000  
 River Oaks LA7-5001-1002-100  
 Glenbrook LA5-5001-200  
 Prairie View LA3-7000-300  
Region 4
 Simpson Academy 8-42762131-13643#3-010436  Winston Mullins
 Hartfield Academy 4-73174310-138732-19194  Joseph Thrasher
 Central Hinds Academy 3-72273031-211198  Lance Teasley
 Wayne Academy 0-101924880-386164  Sean Harrison
Region 5
 Adams Christian 12-25822313-113779#4-014027  David King
 Prentiss Christian 6-52252300-16522-25493  Randy Holloway
 Brookhaven Academy 3-71712681-28079  Blake Purvis
 Amite 5-52672580-332107  Mitch Mitchell
Region 6
 Centreville Academy 13-16702844-020998#4-016540  Bill Hurst
 Silliman LA9-3001-1003-100  
 Bens Ford Christian LA6-5000-1002-200  
 Bowling Green LA2-7001-300  
 Central Private LA2-8000-400  
Region 1
 Madison-Ridgeland Academy 9-43461881-15148#6-118498  Herbert Davis
 Jackson Academy 6-63102490-17354-3217138  David Sykes
 Washington Academy 7-42411863-4117159  Philip Wasson
Region 2
 Jackson Prep 12-24641682-07014#7-028359  Ricky Black
 Oak Forest LA13-1002-0006-100  
 Presbyterian Christian 9-43992550-113445-2215112  Joey Hawkins
 Parklane Academy 3-81723332-5110232  Mike Powell
Region 1
 Magnolia Heights 8-33792640-10135-2238184  Jim Patterson
 Starkville Academy 11-24021231-154376-120049  Jeff Terrill
 Pillow Academy 7-43051413-4132121  Tripp McCarty
 Lee Academy 5-52752072-3147116  John Holcombe
 Heritage Academy 5-72772911-6128221  Barrett Donahoe
 Hillcrest Christian 2-91613860-761307  Darrow Anderson
Region 2
 Lamar 4-82853380-10423-4155162  Mac Barnes
 Columbia Academy 7-43173843-4161298  Larry Dolan
 East Rankin Academy 5-62172272-599168  Matt Butts
 Copiah Academy 3-81693440-786268  Paul Anderson

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school. 
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.