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1992        District Records

 Regular Season   Playoffs   District/Division Record 
 Team  W/L/T PF   PA  W/L/T PF   PA   Title  W/L/T  PF  PA   Coach 
Region Unknown
 Porters Chapel Academy 0-1031308  Steve Griffing
Region LA East
 Tallulah Academy LA13-0004-000#6-000  
 Briarfield LA9-2001-1005-100  
 River Oaks LA7-2004-200  
 Prairie View LA5-4003-300  
 Tensas LA4-5002-400  
 Riverfield LA3-6001-500  
 Montrose AR0-9000-600  
Region LA West
 Glenbrook LA6-4000-100#4-100  
 Riverdale LA5-5000-1004-100  
 Plain Dealing LA4-5002-300  
 Grawood Christian LA2-7001-400  
 Claiborne LA6-3001-400  
 Trinity Heights LA1-8000-500  
Region North
 DeSoto AR9-3002-100#7-000  
 Lee Academy AR7-4001-1006-100  
 West Memphis AR4-5004-300  
 Rosemark TN3-6003-400  
 Delta Academy 5-61381913-38270  Mike Reans
 Tunica Academy 5-51231143-38174  Larry Caperton
 Marvell Academy AR2-7002-500  
 Rossville TN1-8001-700  
Region North Central
 Strider Academy 8-32681310-1214#5-018033  Joe Bradshaw
 Deer Creek 3-81642080-113263-212058  Jeff Jones
 Winona Christian 6-42041703-210588  Bobby Tackett
 North Sunflower Academy 5-4851053-24556  
 Central Holmes Christian 1-9282471-420115  
 Calhoun Academy 0-9342470-516136  Gerry Winters
Region Southeast
 Patrician AL 9-1000-100#8-000  
 Newton County Academy 7-3241700-16276-118620  Malcolm Phillips
 Heidelberg Academy 7-21571276-1151106  Tom Lewis
 Wayne Academy 6-31741075-215483  
 Sylva Bay Academy 5-41951575-2187116  Mike Tucker
 Central Academy 3-6891582-583134  
 Winston Academy 2-8952272-23654  Sam Pearson
 Lamar 1-8842491-664166  
 Kemper Academy 1-8592531-646193  
Region Southwest North
 Central Hinds Academy 10-2277992-13311#4-010928  David Gregory
 Tri-County Academy 6-3160773-18935  David McInnis
 University Christian 4-61371172-28258  Rodgers Rahaim
 East Rankin Academy 5-41701171-37255  Tony Hill
 Rebul Academy 0-10163220-48184  
Region Southwest South
 Prentiss Christian 9-23121321-13833#4-013740  Jack Bailey
 Wilkinson Christian 7-2174913-110042  
 Huntington LA6-3003-200  
 Chamberlain-Hunt Academy 4-51291892-25392  
 Pine Hills Academy 2-71102421-351121  
 Union Academy 4-61351540-44490  Randy Holloway
Region North
 Magnolia Heights 9-22711140-11416#4-09335  
 Bayou Academy 11-22881463-053142-17553  Jerry Crowe
 North Delta 5-31501102-37778  
 Fayette TN4-5002-200  
 Marshall Academy 2-71192370-452116  Brad Anderson
Region Northeast
 Starkville Academy 7-3255800-1710#4-010935  
 Oak Hill Academy 7-51841361-18283-17235  G.T. Thames
 Heritage Academy 5-42051292-29547  Ray Wooten
 Leake Academy 5-41611421-33177  
 East Holmes Academy 1-81102430-430143  Wayne Hudson
Region Northwest
 Carroll Academy 6-41611580-168#4-19038  Tommy Nester
 Greenville Christian 5-51491684-112249  John Smith
 Cruger-Tchula Academy 5-41921442-311183  Al Barfield
 Sharkey-Issaquena Academy 5-4861262-35889  Chip Branning
 Humphreys Academy 2-7472442-322100  Dom Bevalaque
 Benton Academy 5-41201041-44286  Billy Ray Harber
Region South
 Silliman LA9-2001-100#5-100  
 Centreville Academy 11-23041712-168415-111758  Bill Hurst
 Columbia Academy 7-31981584-210788  Jimmy Lowery
 Amite 6-42211420-19143-312697  Barry Bean
 Bowling Green LA3-5002-300  
 Oak Forest LA3-6001-400  
 Trinity Episcopal 1-91232510-684183  
Region South Central
 Simpson Academy 7-42211080-167#5-015337  Skip Moore
 Brookhaven Academy 5-61682190-113354-111565  
 Copiah Academy 4-61412520-18413-2111113  
 Canton Academy 5-51751192-37479  Flip Godfrey
 Manchester Academy 4-61921801-470128  Mike Swindle
 Woodland Hills 0-10983360-554155  
Region North
 Indianola Academy 5-51941652-310596  Riley Myers
 Kirk Academy 1-10803560-527190  Jimmy Link
 Lee Academy 7-42371120-107#4-113029  Ricky Weiss
 Southern Baptist 6-42751632-394101  Butch Veazey
 Pillow Academy 9-32511480-10324-19762  Termie Land
 Washington Academy 5-52251813-2133108  David Sykes
Region South
 Adams Christian 2-81122970-526179  Bobby Marks
 Hillcrest Christian 4-61181651-422123  
 Jackson Academy 9-23071393-212981  Kim Alsop
 Jackson Prep 9-32731091-114214-213471  John McInnis
 Madison-Ridgeland Academy 12-0423732-0537#6-020028  Jack Carlisle
 Parklane Academy 4-61771792-378100  Charlie Newlon

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school. 
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