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Water Valley Yearly Summary

Water Valley Blue Devils
Water Valley High School

550 Markett Street Water Valley, MS
Stadium: Bobby Clark Field
Colors: Royal Blue & White
Coach: Clint Faust

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20242A0-0002 Clint Faust  
20232A*4-72813590-1154822-110199 Clint Faust  
20223A*6-53593091-1628613-115070 Brad Embry  
20213A*6-43382330-191213-116775 Brad Embry  
20203A*4-52112320-1143123-2117125 Brad Embry  
20193A*8-43261911-1834724-110356 Brad Embry  
20183A*14-25782065-01728524-120667 Brad Embry  
20173A*8-54602551-1575724-120482 Brad Embry  
20163A*2-919344021-468195 Brad Embry  
20153A*7-62822861-1455424-113875 Brad Embry  
20143A*7-53743740-1346424-1187124 Brad Embry  
20133A*11-25212311-1747124-120288 Brad Embry  
20123A*10-34861951-1654824-119456 Brad Embry  
20113A*11-34591862-195582#5-018554 Brad Embry  
20103A*11-33411682-1661024-1126100 Brad Embry  
20093A*7-52521871-1413524-111081 Brad Embry  
20082A*5-62102540-1143322-3114116 Brad Embry  
20072A*2-820738721-4127229 Trent Hammond  
20063A*6-52441700-162134-2155100 Trent Hammond  
20053A*7-43161870-1131435-119388 Trent Hammond  
20042A*5-62772070-1142023-315887 Trent Hammond  
20032A*7-62991832-1932824-213081 Gary Drewrey  
20022A*8-42951421-1142124-216276 Gary Drewrey  
20012A*6-52432650-173423-390142 Gary Drewrey  
20003A*10-23981190-10143#6-021645 Gary Drewrey  
19993A*6-72212291-1346334-211682 Gary Drewrey  
19983A*6-62252210-183036-118298 Gary Drewrey  
19973A*6-528125734-3191143 Gary Drewrey  
19963A*12-24861842-159542#6-027662 Gary Drewrey  
19953A*8-53241601-1402825-120169 Gary Drewrey  
19943A*9-32751441-137542#4-116753 Gary Drewrey  
19933A*7-32299523-212370 Terry Allen  
19923A*7-3-11971450-1144025-112661 Terry Allen  
19913A*8-32781080-114172#5-120469 Terry Allen  
19903A*15-0454895-0130314#3-010931 Terry Allen  
19893A*6-525315240-33352 Terry Allen  
19883A*8-22068843-14945 Terry Allen  
19873A*6-414710542-25256 Terry Allen  
19863A*7-4124762 S2-23733 Terry Allen  
19853A*2-87423922-774196 Terry Allen  
19843A*2-811019021-793163 Jerry Holt  
1983A*4-67614923-564135 Jerry Holt  
1982A*1-95225321-652177 Jerry Holt  
1981A*3-79620922-463103 Jerry Holt  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*2-769192Tri-Lakes0-3967 Jerry Holt  
1979*6-4163133Tri-Lakes*3-04626 Jerry Holt  
1978*8-219788Tri-Lakes4-17135 Jerry Holt  
1977*4-6146189Tri-Lakes2-6106177 Dean Wright  
1976*1-871270Tri-Lakes1-757251 Dean Wright  
1975*3-6134219Tri-Lakes2-6121219 Jerry Harmon  
1974*1-8100329Tri-Lakes1-787311 Jerry Harmon  
1973*5-3-1219171Tri-Lakes5-2185135 Bobby Clark  
1972*4-4-1108149Tri-Lakes4-2-194117 Bobby Clark  
1971*6-4140228Chickasaw6-3140195 Bobby Clark  
1970*7-3222118Chickasaw7-3222118 Bobby Clark  
1969*5-4-1191172Chickasaw5-4-1191172 Bobby Clark  
1968*6-4186158Chickasaw6-4186158 Bobby Clark  
1967*7-3248146Chickasaw5-3187120 Bobby Clark  
1966*8-2350102Chickasaw6-227795 Bobby Clark  
1965*8-225852Chickasaw7-122338 Bobby Clark  
1964*9-131564Chickasaw9-131564 Bobby Clark  
1963*10-029731Chickasaw*8-026225 Bobby Clark  
1962*9-119666Chickasaw8-118960 Charles Peets  
1961*7-2-1189142Chickasaw7-2-1189142 Charles Peets  
1960*8-124587Chickasaw7-122074 Charles Peets  
1959*7-3-1206106Chickasaw6-1-117153 Bob Tyler  
1958*6-2-116150Chickasaw5-2-114143 Bob Tyler  
1957*3-58072Chickasaw3-58072 Bob Tyler  
1956*6-318588Chickasaw6-216661 Robert Cire  
1955*4-4-1119122Chickasaw3-3-17990 Robert Cire  
1954*3-4-1103122 Robert Cire  
1953*5-394124 John Jennings.  
1952*7-219279 John Jennings.  
1951*2-561147 John Jennings.  
1950*2-7123322 Paul Regan  
1949*2-7-182211 Tommy Gunn.  
1948*5-4193116 Tommy Gunn.  
1947*5-2-113858 Tommy Gunn.  
1946*3-4-284140 Tommy Gunn.  
1945      No Team
1944      No Team
1943*0-1026 S.C. Shumake  
1942*4-112345 A.C. Masengale  
19400-3-1063 Berlin Griffin  
19390-4-10135 Berlin Griffin  
19381-66962 Robert Jones  
19370-49133 Robert Jones  
19363-1-112026 Robert Jones  
19351-519103 Robert Jones  
19310-000 Jimmie Bennett  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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