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Olive Branch Yearly Summary

Olive Branch Conquistadors
Olive Branch High School

9366 East Sandridge Road Olive Branch, MS
Colors: Blue & Gold
Coach: Jason Russell

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20246A0-0001 Jason Russell  
20236A*3-721630311-479146 Jason Russell  
20226A*5-623324412-5137170 Jason Russell  
20216A*4-715726212-5121202 Jason Russell  
20206A*5-516821912-593170 Darren Bowling  
20196A*9-42731831-1272716-116787 Tyler Turner  
20185A*12-23621942-1455516-119996 Tyler Turner  
20175A*12-24691992-1676616-124395 Tyler Turner  
20166A*0-1117538310-7100229 Pete Hurt  
20156A*6-63824640-1244614-3266290 Steve Buckley  
20146A*5-630528812-5167211 Jeremy Toungett  
20136A*7-535720413-4161124 Scott Samsel  
20126A*11-24282911-1594816-1215149 Scott Samsel  
20116A*15-06022854-0158861#7-0314133 Scott Samsel  
20106A*8-53702511-1553615-2221125 Scott Samsel  
20096A*10-33502501-1616016-1179123 Scott Samsel  
20085A*10-35023141-1736716-1247145 Scott Samsel  
20075A*11-34421962-1738315-217480 Scott Samsel  
20065A*12-25261452-1586516-121662 Scott Samsel  
20055A*12-25471512-1504216-123697 Jamie Mitchell  
20045A*10-24011080-1131716-120580 Jamie Mitchell  
20035A*4-723119811-692180 Jamie Mitchell  
20025A*6-523115812-577133 Jamie Mitchell  
20015A*3-818227110-754212 Mike Moore  
20005A*4-713527912-574193 Mike Moore  
19995A*6-521021113-4109157 Mike Moore  
19984A*4-726722822-3139120 Leslie Pool  
19974A*6-523917122-3112105 Leslie Pool  
19964A*10-12741480-114421#7-016487 Leslie Pool  
19954A*5-619828513-4119171 Leslie Pool  
19944A*5-518920315-2161132 Leslie Pool  
19934A*9-22941920-17381#7-024099 Leslie Pool  
19924A*9-22201240-17251#5-112556 Leslie Pool  
19914A*5-519616713-3144124 Leslie Pool  
19904A*9-22971470-161412-18566 Leslie Pool  
19894A*5-41879311-25344 Leslie Pool  
19884A*10-22911531-121581#2-19954 Leslie Pool  
19874A*11-13491041-131241#3-011233 Leslie Pool  
19864A*10-22361351-129312#2-0489 Leslie Pool  
19854A*8-2281980-17202#1-02715 Leslie Pool  
19844A*7-41891020-17282#3-06813 Leslie Pool  
1983AA*7-31177025-29341 Leslie Pool  
1982AA*10-2222851-136542# Leslie Pool  
1981AA*10-33271071-127282# Leslie Pool  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*8-216257Chickasaw7-213257 Leslie Pool  
1979*9-128489Chickasaw8-124183 Leslie Pool  
1978*10-124994Chickasaw*8-119080 Leslie Pool  
1977*8-3227174Chickasaw5-113355 Leslie Pool  
1976*7-3-1240113Chickasaw4-1-113051 Leslie Pool  
1975*5-5141124Chickasaw3-310171 Jesse Weeks  
1974*4-6178181Chickasaw2-474102 Jesse Weeks  
1973*3-776279Chickasaw3-36996 Jesse Weeks  
1972*6-4141111Chickasaw4-28062 Jesse Weeks  
1971*8-136471Chickasaw8-136471 Jesse Weeks  
1970*8-2287121Chickasaw8-2287121 Tom Marino  
1969*2-8106283Chickasaw2-8106283 Jerry Hopper  
1968*4-4-2147148Chickasaw4-4-2147148 Johnny McLeod  
1967*1-878236Chickasaw0-850229 Johnny McLeod  
1966*8-023857Chickasaw*8-023857 Ed Simpson  
1965*3-6139147Chickasaw3-5139134 Ed Simpson  
1964*6-3-115370Chickasaw6-3-115370 Ed Simpson  
1963*4-5142128Ind Buddy Chain  
1962*7-2165121Chickasaw7-2165121 Buddy Chain  
1961*3-791174Chickasaw3-791174 Walter Carter  
1960*1-957188Chickasaw1-757127 Walter Carter  
1959*4-6128173Chickasaw3-5108120 Walter Carter  
1958*4-4-2115159Chickasaw3-3-164106 Walter Carter  
1957*7-3166107Chickasaw5-210463 Walter Carter  
1956*0-958207Chickasaw0-627136 Hansel Thornton  
1955*2-4-23792Chickasaw2-3-13160 Hansel Thornton  
1954*0-834226 Hansel Thornton  
1953*3-4-288124 Hansel Thornton  
19524-4-14662 Hansel Thornton  
1951*10-018325 B.J. Chain  
19508-220558 Walter Carter  
1949*9-122951 Walter Carter  
19482-456104 Walter Carter  
19474-631100 Walter Carter  
19462-4-170134 Walter Carter  
19451-2-11333 B.J. Chain  
19443-2-23355 B.J. Chain  
19432-44277 B.J. Chain  
19420-2-1063 B.J. Chain  
19410-1-2627 B.J. Chain  
19400-000 William Mann  
19390-51263 Aubrey Dickson  
19383-2-13539 Aubrey Dickson  
19374-3-19870 Martin Gordon  
19362-1206 Martin Gordon  
19350-519121 B.J. Chain  
19342-11327 B.J. Chain  
19330-31347 B.J. Chain  
19322-33946 B.J. Chain  
19314-38397 B.J. Chain  
19302-2-14473 B.J. Chain  
19293-15019 B.J. Chain  
19282-2-25744 B.J. Chain  
19271-3778 Dewey Metts  
19261-318131 Dewey Metts  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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