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Northeast Jones Yearly Summary

Northeast Jones Tigers
Northeast High School

68 Northeast Drive Laurel, MS
Colors: Black & Gold
Coach: Ryan Milner

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20244A0-0005 Ryan Milner  
20234A*4-61622500-1162452-26791 Keith Braddock  
20224A*5-62102090-101252-27671 Keith Braddock  
20214A*5-62192120-104051-38793 Keith Braddock  
20204A*1-63415151-426100 Keith Braddock  
20194A*4-82312930-174852-39696 Keith Braddock  
20184A*1-917135151-498189 Keith Braddock  
20174A*3-721430052-3151156 Keith Braddock  
20164A*6-52582360-1295753-211077 Keith Braddock  
20154A*7-43092230-1303253-2154121 Keith Braddock  
20144A*7-63273491-1891065#4-111856 Keith Braddock  
20134A*4-82343340-1173451-489143 Keith Braddock  
20124A*7-53532830-1214953-2153152 Keith Braddock  
20114A*9-33652020-1202654-113891 Keith Braddock  
20104A*4-81362430-1222552-35889 Keith Braddock  
20094A*1-910418551-47186 Bubba Hathorn  
20084A*9-42741682-1595554-213385 Bubba Hathorn  
20074A*9-32701691-1343854-210089 Bubba Hathorn  
20064A*4-617421352-479114 Bubba Hathorn  
20054A*2-711426151-559194 Bubba Hathorn  
20044A*7-42261840-1132554-2124101 Bubba Hathorn  
20034A*5-521919052-4105129 Bubba Hathorn  
20024A*5-61852180-1142153-3120118 Randy Martin.  
20014A*10-32341642-140235#5-111568 Randy Martin.  
20004A*4-716128353-395131 Randy Martin.  
19994A*10-32871402-158625#6-014137 Randy Martin.  
19984A*10-22881112-144455#5-117253 Randy Martin.  
19974A*12-14231643-1123595#6-020870 Larry Ishee  
19964A*14-03881144-05695#6-020261 Larry Ishee  
19954A*11-23971082-148195#6-022934 Larry Ishee  
19944A*10-13731351-142415#6-021966 Larry Ishee  
19934A*8-325617054-212299 Larry Ishee  
19924A*2-913830851-556176 Larry Ishee  
19914A*2-812427650-660194 Carlton Dillard  
19904A*2-811717050-43978 Carlton Dillard  
19894A*2-76322352-24282 Carlton Dillard  
19884A*6-5123920-161652-16314 Danny Adams  
19874A*6-317012052-14442 Danny Adams  
19864A*7-32071620-18215#4-09242 Danny Adams  
19854A*9-2267590-114205#5-012315 Danny Adams  
19844A*8-22327752-27449 Danny Adams  
1983AA*3-71421735 S0-34063 Danny Adams  
1982AA*8-31361035 S#2-14744 Danny Adams  
1981AA*5-495855 S3-14932 Danny Adams  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*8-323697Southern3-27841 Danny Adams  
1979*1-1052155Southern0-53675 Danny Adams  
1978*4-6108169Southern1-42894 Tom Boszor  
1977*4-596108Southern2-45279 Tom Boszor  
1976*4-6133130Sam Dale3-48970 Tom Boszor  
1975*2-785173DeSoto1-21953 Glenn Wells  
1974*8-2-1187129DeSoto4-18349 Glenn Wells  
1973*4-3-38855DeSoto2-1-26328 Glenn Wells  
1972*5-5124147DeSoto3-38873 Glenn Wells  
1971*7-3167141DeSoto4-29892 Glenn Wells  
1970*8-3188117DeSoto5-111436 Glenn Wells  
1969*5-5-1132168DeSoto3-2-17069 Glenn Wells  
1968*3-6-2132204DeSoto0-532111 Glenn Wells  
1967*5-5-1134157 Glenn Wells  
1966*3-779148 Glenn Wells  
1965*3-7103198Rebel3-7103198 Glenn Wells  

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