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Enterprise Clarke Yearly Summary

Enterprise Clarke Bulldogs
Enterprise High School

501 River Road Enterprise, MS
Colors: Black & White
Coach: Kelly Jimmerson

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20243A0-0005 Kelly Jimmerson  
20233A*5-62512641-1524752-212389 Kelly Jimmerson  
20223A*8-33071280-1101353-214176 Kelly Jimmerson  
20213A*11-13881522-170555#5-016965 Kelly Jimmerson  
20202A*10-23661583-11148654-113339 Kelly Jimmerson  
20192A*11-23222312-1246254-1132106 Kelly Jimmerson  
20182A*1-111984490-163451-385125 Kelly Jimmerson  
20172A*4-83354491-1805251-396174 Kelly Jimmerson  
20162A*6-542436052-3220208 Kelly Jimmerson  
20152A*8-43673120-1445053-2150141 Kelly Jimmerson  
20142A*8-44092830-1205654-117198 Kelly Jimmerson  
20132A*2-918831451-470105 Kelly Jimmerson  
20122A*2-91724380-103871-356178 Kelly Jimmerson  
20112A*3-82784320-163571-3101128 Joel Speed  
20102A*5-62033270-103871-353132 Joel Speed  
20092A*6-52792980-1274172-28894 Joel Speed  
20082A*8-33892180-102174-1204136 Joel Speed  
20072A*11-33702693-1969674-1163102 Joel Speed  
20062A*10-23452281-126555#5-119297 Joel Speed  
20052A*2-818034052-4106195 Joel Speed  
20042A*5-62433500-104772-3101167 Joel Speed  
20032A*8-52402542-1707373-290107 Joel Speed  
20022A*9-32991371-1345074-111632 Jud Gartman  
20012A*6-52822840-164872-3124143 Jud Gartman  
20002A*8-329916373-3158128 Jud Gartman  
19992A*9-234213274-217586 Jud Gartman  
19982A*6-523022873-3164177 Jud Gartman  
19972A*2-917529371-5115185 Jud Gartman  
19961A*2-817624880-35486 Jud Gartman  
19951A*1-1014432580-33093 Jud Gartman  
19941A*10-32921173-177128#4-011441 Jud Gartman  
19931A*7-52451691-144308#3-19451 Jud Gartman  
19922A*7-418418573-284101 Jud Gartman  
19912A*4-614616672-390104 Jud Gartman  
19901A*4-71792330-1133281-13752 Jud Gartman  
19891A*10-22911292-160508#2-06820 Jud Gartman  
19882A*6-4-12291521-1373555-114257 Jud Gartman  
19872A*13-0328814-073265#6-019534 Jud Gartman  
19861A*13-0403664-012365 S#4-011426 Jud Gartman  
19851A*9-22391375 N#4-09541 Jud Gartman  
19842A*10-22201041-142305#7-012943 Jud Gartman  
1983BB*6-414210055-211658 Jud Gartman  
1982BB*1-8-17620551-44198 Jud Gartman  
1981BB*2-7-18622252-25363 Jud Gartman  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*3-7136223Sam Dale2-36186 Jud Gartman  
1979*4-6138214Sam Dale3-28677 Wayne Carr  
1978*7-3170144Sam Dale3-28787 Wayne Carr  
1977*8-2210115Sam Dale*5-111751 L.J. Davis  
1976*4-6140145Sam Dale3-48391 L.J. Davis  
1975*7-317688Sam Dale4-110241 L.J. Davis  
1974*10-022040Sam Dale*5-011926 L.J. Davis  
1973*8-221481Sam Dale3-26546 L.J. Davis  
1972*8-2199109Sam Dale5-212089 L.J. Davis  
1971*7-320298Sam Dale5-316282 L.J. Davis  
1970*8-229064Sam Dale4-113624 L.J. Davis  
1969*7-221464Sam Dale5-115646 L.J. Davis  
1968*5-5176125Sam Dale2-47972 L.J. Davis  
1967*10-028278Sam Dale*7-021653 L.J. Davis  
1966*8-223589Sam Dale*5-116164 L.J. Davis  
1965*8-3287119Rebel6-219681 L.J. Davis  
1964*4-2-3168121Rebel3-1-212181 L.J. Davis  
1963*3-5-2121161Rebel2-495111 L.J. Davis  
1962*4-5-178147Rebel3-458115 L.J. Davis  
1961*8-0-117252Rebel6-0-115240 L.J. Davis  
1960*6-312057Rebel5-111338 L.J. Davis  
1959*6-417599Rebel5-112954 L.J. Davis  
1958*2-7-164172 L.J. Davis  
1957*1-5-168123 L.J. Davis  
1956*2-865238 L.J. Davis  
1955*11-026783 L.J. Davis  
1954*8-1-126593 L.J. Davis  
1953*9-119660 L.J. Davis  
1952*8-116456 L.J. Davis  
1951*7-215043 L.J. Davis  
1950*8-117069 L.J. Davis  
1949*4-589121 L.J. Davis  
19480-31990 C.J. Kelly  
1947*3-47483 C.J. Kelly  
1946*4-4-19388 J.H. Hamrick  
19450-000 A.Q. Combest  
1944*4-49889 A.Q. Combest  
19370-000 Harold Craft  
19302-000 Montaque  
19290-5076 John Box  
19280-000 John Box  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us to submit corrections and new information.