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East Rankin Academy Yearly Summary

East Rankin Academy Patriots
East Rankin Academy

400 HWY 43 South Pelahatchie, MS
Stadium: Moody Davis Field
Colors: Red, White & Blue
Coach: Jonathan Worrell

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
2024MAIS-5A*0-0002 Jonathan Worrell  
2023MAIS-5A*3-722138520-453193 Jonathan Worrell  
2022MAIS-5A*3-721433120-569240 Jonathan Worrell  
2021MAIS-5A*3-77629120-522198 Brad Breland  
2020MAIS-5A*1-913935120-572197 Brad Breland  
2019MAIS-5A*1-910535520-542201 Jonathan Worrell  
2018MAIS-AAAA-II*1-1011436130-445101 Durwood Anderson  
2017MAIS-AAAA-II*4-83144480-1214630-466157 Durwood Anderson  
2016MAIS-AAAA-II*2-91873790-1264730-341132 Matt Butts  
2015MAIS-AAAA-II*6-73093061-1214730-356130 Matt Butts  
2014MAIS-AAA-II*5-621722722-599168 Matt Butts  
2013MAIS-AAA-II*2-919033322-5137222 Matt Butts  
2012MAIS-AAA-II*7-53692720-1172123-3182178 Matt Butts  
2011MAIS-AAA-II*6-63492750-1142023-3147141 Matt Butts  
2010MAIS-AAA-II*3-92532970-1172821-479107 Matt Butts  
2009MAIS-AAA-II*3-91462500-1142722-350110 Trey Bayliss  
2008MAIS-AAA-II*5-623623621-593187 Trey Bayliss  
2007MAIS-AAA-II*6-61753380-174122-449205 Trey Bayliss  
2006MAIS-AAA-II*4-611422821-534202 Dan Boyce  
2005MAIS-AA*4-716723523-372108 Dan Boyce  
2004MAIS-AA*6-522828423-3103146 Dan Boyce  
2003MAIS-AA*4-715231332-392134 Keith Giordano  
2002MAIS-AA*1-1010735330-440122 Rodney Martin  
2001MAIS-AA*4-719423631-37381 Will Blair  
2000MAIS-AA*6-527316231-37084 Tony Hill  
1999MAIS-AA*7-427312232-211073 Tony Hill  
1998MAIS-AA*8-327713732-29380 Tony Hill  
1997MAIS-A*5-514020943-28677 Tony Hill  
1996MAIS-A*1-92834041-428136 Tony Hill  
1995MAIS-A*3-714428342-488171 Tony Hill  
1994MAIS-A*7-52211561-1265643-311861 Tony Hill  
1993MAIS-A*5-52341950-1737Central West3-213790 Tony Hill  
1992MAIS-A*5-4170117Southwest North1-37255 Tony Hill  
1991MAIS-A*5-4167155Central4-210186 Tony Hill  
1990MAIS-A*7-226652Central4-219252 Tony Hill  
1989MAIS-AA*5-5146173South Central2-349121 Tony Hill  
1988MAIS-AA*10-1296570-1614South Central#5-014729 Tony Hill  
1987MAIS-A*5-5145127Capitol3-4101105 Tony Hill  
1986MAIS-A*2-885257Capital1-654182 Tony Hill  
1985MAIS-A*2-7115299South North0-540232 Darryle Scoggins  
1984MAIS-A*2-8169231South North1-577163 Darryle Scoggins  
1983MAIS-A*1-866221South North0-746180 Danny Welborn  
1982MAIS-A*6-4140138South North4-497138 Danny Welborn  
1981MAIS-A*4-6120178South Central West Don Richardson  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980MAIS-A*2-8114220South Central Don Richardson  
1979MAIS-A*8-2248123South Central6-119175 Don Richardson  
1978MAIS-A*7-220277South Central Don Richardson  
1977MAIS-A*5-5160148South Central Frank Skipper  
1976MAIS-A4-114840South Central2-18813 Frank Skipper  
1975MAIS-A*5-5186199South Central Billy Rhoads  
1974MAIS-A3-25475South Central1-086 Bill Faulkner  
1973MAIS0-416152 Bill Faulkner  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

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