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Newton County Cougars

 John Douglass 
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 Team   Season  Class   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA 
Northeast Lauderdale
Northeast Lauderdale2023 4A5-62492450-1144542-210191
 1 Year5-62492450-11445-
Meridian2022 6A4-522723133-4169178
Meridian2021 6A5-637836432-5211249
Meridian2020 6A3-718025533-4132144
Meridian2019 6A2-1010752431-666294
 4 Years14-2889213740-0000-000
Northeast Lauderdale
Northeast Lauderdale2018 4A7-53222311-1365253-212281
 1 Year7-53222311-136520-000
George County
George County2015 6A6-536634942-5223248
George County2014 5A5-634228942-5235224
George County2013 5A2-915428342-5120171
George County2012 6A2-917836742-5102229
 4 Years15-29104012880-0000-000
Quitman2011 4A10-53592853-1897253-2143126
Quitman2010 4A8-53552541-162425#4-116385
Quitman2009 4A6-62042210-1214952-38485
Quitman2008 4A10-22822211-1244155-1131119
Quitman2007 4A5-521625252-492184
Quitman2006 4A2-810028051-547179
 6 Years41-31151615135-41962040-000
 16 Years82-99401946516-6246301-

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