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2021 Region Standings 

Class 4A

Region 1    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Caledonia(7-1)(3-0)defeated Mooreville 61-41at Itawamba AHS
Itawamba AHS(7-1)(3-0)defeated Corinth 51-27vs. Caledonia
Shannon(3-5)(2-1)defeated Tishomingo County 48-0at Corinth
Mooreville(2-6)(1-2)lost to Caledonia 61-41at Tishomingo County
Corinth(1-7)(0-3)lost to Itawamba AHS 51-27vs. Shannon
Tishomingo County(1-7)(0-3)lost to Shannon 48-0vs. Mooreville

Region 2    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Ripley(7-1)(3-0)defeated South Pontotoc 30-15at Houston
Houston(7-1)(2-1)defeated Pontotoc 34-27vs. Ripley
North Pontotoc(4-3)(2-1)defeated New Albany 24-14at Pontotoc
Pontotoc(4-4)(2-1)lost to Houston 34-27vs. North Pontotoc
New Albany(4-4)(0-3)lost to North Pontotoc 24-14vs. South Pontotoc
South Pontotoc(2-5)(0-3)lost to Ripley 30-15at New Albany

Region 3    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Clarksdale(5-1)(3-0)defeated Yazoo City 34-0vs. Coahoma County
Senatobia(7-1)(2-0)defeated Gentry 34-18vs. Yazoo City
Yazoo City(3-5)(1-1)lost to Clarksdale 34-0at Senatobia
Greenwood(3-4)(0-2)did not playvs. Gentry
Gentry(4-4)(0-3)lost to Senatobia 34-18at Greenwood

Region 4    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
West Lauderdale(7-1)(3-0)defeated Louisville 36-35at Choctaw Central
Louisville(6-2)(2-1)lost to West Lauderdale 36-35vs. Leake Central
Kosciusko(5-1)(2-1)defeated Leake Central 35-20vs. Northeast Lauderdale
Choctaw Central(3-3)(1-2)defeated Northeast Lauderdale 40-20vs. West Lauderdale
Leake Central(1-7)(1-2)lost to Kosciusko 35-20at Louisville
Northeast Lauderdale(1-7)(0-3)lost to Choctaw Central 40-20at Kosciusko

Region 5    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Mendenhall(5-3)(2-0)defeated Quitman 21-6at Richland
Newton County(3-5)(2-1)defeated Northeast Jones 28-21vs. Quitman
Quitman(3-3)(1-1)lost to Mendenhall 21-6at Newton County
Northeast Jones(5-3)(1-2)lost to Newton County 28-21at Greene County
Richland(5-3)(0-2)defeated Collins 35-0vs. Mendenhall

Region 6    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Raymond(7-1)(3-0)defeated South Pike 35-28at North Pike
North Pike(6-0)(3-0)defeated Wingfield 33-0vs. Raymond
McComb(2-4)(2-1)defeated Lanier 30-8vs. Wingfield
South Pike(2-4)(1-2)lost to Raymond 35-28at Lanier
Lanier(1-6)(0-3)lost to McComb 30-8vs. South Pike
Wingfield(0-6)(0-3)lost to North Pike 33-0at McComb

Region 7    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Poplarville(7-1)(3-0)defeated Forrest County AHS 35-0vs. Columbia
Columbia(6-1)(3-0)defeated Purvis 30-6at Poplarville
Lawrence County(5-3)(2-1)defeated Sumrall 31-28vs. Purvis
Sumrall(5-2)(1-2)lost to Lawrence County 31-28at Forrest County AHS
Purvis(1-6)(0-3)lost to Columbia 30-6at Lawrence County
Forrest County AHS(0-8)(0-3)lost to Poplarville 35-0vs. Sumrall

Region 8    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Moss Point(5-3)(3-0)defeated Greene County 30-13vs. Bay
Bay(6-2)(1-1)defeated Pass Christian 20-17at Moss Point
Stone(2-2)(1-1)did not playvs. Pass Christian
Greene County(3-4)(1-2)lost to Moss Point 30-13vs. Northeast Jones
Pass Christian(3-3)(0-2)lost to Bay 20-17at Stone