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2019 Region Standings 

Class 5A

Region 1    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
West Point(11-1)(7-0)defeated New Hope 49-3vs. Provine
Lake Cormorant(7-4)(5-2)defeated Saltillo 38-0vs. Ridgeland
Lafayette(8-3)(5-2)defeated Columbus 27-10at Holmes County Centra
Grenada(7-4)(4-3)defeated Center Hill 45-28at Neshoba Central
Center Hill(6-6)(3-4)lost to Grenada 45-28 
Columbus(4-7)(3-4)lost to Lafayette 27-10 
New Hope(3-9)(1-6)lost to West Point 49-3 
Saltillo(1-11)(0-7)lost to Lake Cormorant 38-0 

Region 2    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Neshoba Central(8-3)(7-0)defeated Cleveland Central 41-13vs. Grenada
Holmes County Central(8-4)(5-2)defeated Ridgeland 50-20vs. Lafayette
Ridgeland(8-3)(5-2)lost to Holmes County Centra 50-20at Lake Cormorant
Provine(9-3)(4-3)defeated Canton 19-0at West Point
Canton(7-4)(3-4)lost to Provine 19-0 
Vicksburg(3-8)(2-5)defeated Callaway 40-30 
Callaway(4-7)(1-6)lost to Vicksburg 40-30 
Cleveland Central(2-9)(1-6)lost to Neshoba Central 41-13 

Region 3    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
West Jones(11-0)(7-0)defeated Hill 49-22vs. East Central
Laurel(9-2)(6-1)defeated Wingfield 47-14vs. Pascagoula
Forest Hill(5-7)(4-3)defeated South Jones 33-16at Wayne County
Brookhaven(5-6)(4-3)defeated Natchez 48-32at Picayune
South Jones(4-8)(3-4)lost to Forest Hill 33-16 
Natchez(4-7)(2-5)lost to Brookhaven 48-32 
Wingfield(1-11)(1-6)lost to Laurel 47-14 
Hill(2-9)(1-6)lost to West Jones 49-22 

Region 4    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Picayune(11-0)(7-0)defeated Pascagoula 63-14vs. Brookhaven
Wayne County(8-3)(6-1)defeated Long Beach 48-7vs. Forest Hill
Pascagoula(6-5)(4-3)lost to Picayune 63-14at Laurel
East Central(7-4)(4-3)defeated Pearl River Central 30-17at West Jones
Hattiesburg(4-7)(3-4)defeated Gautier 45-21 
Gautier(3-8)(2-5)lost to Hattiesburg 45-21 
Pearl River Central(3-8)(2-5)lost to East Central 30-17 
Long Beach(1-10)(0-7)lost to Wayne County 48-7