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Softball All Tournament Teams

An All Tournament team is selected following each State Championship Softball Tournament. An MVP player is also selected.

 Class   Player   Team   Position   Class   College 


1A  April Holland  G.W. Long
2A  Angie Burgess  Geraldine
3A  Ashlon Christopher  Pleasant Valley
4A  Jamie Gillis  Geneva
5A/6A  Tiffany Hopkins  Hazel Green


1A  Alicia Orrick  Waterloo
2A/3A  Kandi Tarwater  Munford
4A/6A  Lindsey Barnes  Geneva


1A/5A  Abby Rodgers  Haleyville
1A/5A  Brittany Swims  Haleyville
1A/5A  Erin Hall  Houston Academy
1A/5A  Kristen Payne  Boaz
1A/5A  Nicole Dixon  Boaz
1A/5A  Megan Pitman  Houston Academy
1A/5A  Abby Corbin  Houston Academy
1A/5A  Summer Lachs  Boaz
1A/5A  Jamie Perkins  Haleyville
1A/5A  Erin Hicks  Houston Academy
Great Moments in Alabama High School Sports History

South Lamar scored 113 points in defeating East Limestone 113-84 in the first round of the 1992 tournament. It is still a record for points scored in a game.