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Addison All State Players and Awards

Addison Bulldogs
Addison High School

402 E. McCord Ave. Addison, AL 35540
Colors: Royal Blue, Old Gold & White


 Honored Players 
 Player   Year   Class   Position   College   Source 
 All Tournament   
 Addisyn Smothers2021  
 Gracie Manley2021  
 Dacey Baker2021  
 Addisyn Smothers2020  
 Gracie Manley2020  
 Sunny Snoddy2020  
 Savannah Manley2019  
 Callie Crider2019  
 Gracie Manley2019  
 Savannah Manley2018  
 Callie Crider2018  
 Macey Butler2018  
 Abbie Chambless2017  
 Cecilee Gaither2017  
 Kendra Tyree2017  
 Savannah Manley2016  
 Allie Chambless2016  
 Maison Evans2016  
 Abbie Chambless2016  
 Kristen Brewer2015  
 Ragen Yarbrough2015  
 Abbie Chambless2015  
 Maison Evans2015  
 Jessy Harris2014  
 Summer Hinton2014  
 Holly Posey2014  
 Summer Hinton2013  
 Jessy Taylor2013  
 Holly Posey2013  
 Jessy Taylor2012  
 Chelsea Posey2012  
 Morgan Ray2011  
 Heather Baldwin2011  
 Sadie Beam2010 1A  
 Morgan Ray2010 1A  
 Kaitlin Parker2010 1A  
 Sadie Beam2009  
 Kaydi Langley2009  
 Kali Lake2009  
 Kaitlin Parker2009  
 Sadie Beam2008  
 Kali Lake2008  
 Jessy Willingham2007  
 Kali Lake2006  
 Jessy Willingham2006  
 Lana Pigg2005  
 Jessy Willingham2005  
 Chelaine McCarty2005  
 Lana Pigg2004  
 Jessy Willingham2004  
 Chelaine McCarty2004  
 Haley Wilkins 2003  
 Chelaine McCarty2003  
 Yancey Stallings2002  
 Holly Wilkins2002  
 Danna Stallings1996  
 Danna Stallings1995  
 Tournament MVP   
 Addisyn Smothers2021  
 Addisyn Smothers2020  
 Savannah Manley2018  
 Abbie Chambless2017  
 Abbie Chambless2016  
 Kristen Brewer2015  
 Jessy Harris2014  
 Summer Hinton2013  
 Morgan Ray2010 1A  
 Sadie Beam2009  
 Chelaine McCarty2005  
 Chelaine McCarty2004  
 Haley Wilkins 2003  

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Great Moments in Alabama High School Sports History

The fewest points scored in a tournament game is five by Mortimer Jordan in their 17-5 loss to Goodwater in the first round of 1932.