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Addison Girls Basketball Yearly Summary

Addison Bulldogs
Addison High School

402 E. McCord Ave. Addison, AL 35540
Colors: Royal Blue, Old Gold & White


   Season  Class   Area   Championship   W/L   Coach 
2022-231A13-Bailey West  
2021-222A13Area Champs-Bailey West  
2020-212A13-Bailey West  
2019-202A13Area Champs-Bryan Woods  
2018-192A13-Bryan Woods  
2017-181A12-Bryan Woods  
2016-171A12-Bryan Woods  
2015-162A14-Bryan Woods  
2014-152A14-Bryan Woods  
2012-131A14-Kayla Carden  
2011-121A1217-10Jeff Scott  
2010-111A1218-6Jeff Scott  
2009-102A13-Jeff Scott  
2007-082A10-Scott Curd  
2006-072A1019-9Scott Curd  
2005-061A13Area Champs21-5Scott Curd  
2004-051A13Area Champs22-2Scott Curd  
2003-041A13-Frank Graham  
2002-031A13Area Champs19-5Frank Graham  
2001-022A15-Randy White.  
2000-012A15-Randy White.  
1999-002A12-Dena Smothers  
1998-992A12-Dena Smothers  
1997-981A14-Frank Graham  
1996-971A1423-6Frank Graham  
1995-961A13Area Champs21-6Frank Graham  
1994-951A1318-8Frank Graham  
1993-941A13Area Champs-Frank Graham  
1992-931A13-Frank Graham  
1991-922A10-Frank Graham  
1990-912A10-Phillip Wilson  
1989-902A11-Phillip Wilson  
1988-892A11Area Champs-Phillip Wilson  
1987-882A13Area Champs14-12Phillip Wilson  
1986-872A13Area Champs-Patsy Wilson  
1985-862A14-Patsy Wilson  
1984-852A14-Patsy Wilson  
1983-842A12-Patsy Wilson  
1982-832A12Area Champs-Patsy Wilson  
1981-822A12-Patsy Wilson  
1980-812A12-Patsy Wilson  
1979-802A-Patsy Wilson  
1978-792A-Patsy Wilson  
1977-781A15-Patsy Wilson  

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