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Whitwell Yearly Summary

Whitwell Tigers
Whitwell High School

200 Tiger Trail Whitwell, TN
Colors: Red & White
Coach: Rocky Stephenson

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20211A*0-0003 Rocky Stephenson  
20201A*1-81223860-104931-279119 Jake Cabell  
20191A*3-91873801-1282431-383125 Travis Olinger  
20181A*15-06161545-0166683#4-019618 Randall Boldin  
20171A*11-2532962-11214633-119027 Randall Boldin  
20161A*6-63332891-1362834-1208117 Tracy Malone  
20151A*6-63142891-1256134-119456 R.C. Helton  
2014I-A*6-53662310-102962-213776 R.C. Helton  
2013I-A*5-533127462-2108113 Billy Barnhart  
2012I-A*1-910534960-336129 Billy Barnhart  
2011I-A*1-920748660-388191 Billy Barnhart  
2010I-A*1-1012449660-434237 Dan Tierney  
2009I-A*4-619228560-420159 Dan Tierney  
2008I-A*1-913533630-672238 Tim Taylor  
2007I-A*4-623025432-4130184 Sam Montgomery  
2006I-A*4-618025532-4145215 Phillip Condra  
2005I-A*5-62482490-1145634-2179118 Phillip Condra  
2004I-A*5-71932801-1284832-282105 Wes Green  
2003I-A*7-42692540-1142232-2113131 Wes Green  
2002I-A*6-52662820-1154232-255123 Wes Green  
2001I-A*8-42511811-1424133-19262 Wes Green  
2000I-A*1-98140421-454225 Wes Green  
1999I-A*0-108240020-540230 Vernon Holtcamp  
1998I-AA*2-810938430-640239 Vernon Holtcamp  
1997I-AA*3-719737531-5107249 Vernon Holtcamp  
1996AA*2-91793470-104232-395128 Vernon Holtcamp  
1995AA*2-810120630-527135 Vernon Holtcamp  
1994AA*0-106233730-648223 Blake Kelley  
1993AA*6-51982110-1113434-2121106 Wes Green  
1992A*5-516115043-211570 Vernon Holtcamp  
1991A*12-23961273-1105434#5-017522 Vernon Holtcamp  
1990AA*7-423416572-26169 Vernon Holtcamp  
1989AA*4-613016771-33785 Vernon Holtcamp  
1988A*4-612420541-12749 Vernon Holtcamp  
1987A*7-319713641-14955 Vernon Holtcamp  
1986AA*7-414914171-33284 Vernon Holtcamp  
1985AA*4-615118571-35588 Vernon Holtcamp  
1984AA*5-514320572-26794 Vernon Holtcamp  
1983AA*2-87722870-31967 David Ward  
1982A*5-511813062-22856 David Ward  
1981A*3-710923961-32193 Landon Pickett  
1980A*1-97225460-313107 Landon Pickett  
1979A*3-711820162-22821 Landon Pickett  
1978A*7-41781850-10127#1-02618 Jerry Seymour  
1977A*4-71071860-10217#1-0200 Jerry Seymour  
1976A*5-51241752 Jerry Seymour  
1975A*6-491882 Jerry Seymour  
1974A*5-51461092 Dan Brooks  
1973A*9-22331522 Dan Brooks  
1972A*4-61482172 Dan Brooks  
1971A*2-8921732 Jan Johnson  
1970A*4-61031352 Jan Johnson  
1969A*9-2265872 David Kirk  
1968*4-4-213691 David Kirk  
1967*4-6114153 Jim Jacobs  
1966*8-221371 Hilrey Carr  
1965*5-413077 Hilrey Carr  
1964*5-4-1113133 Hilrey Carr  
1963*2-8138257 Wilson West  
1962*5-4-1130173 Wilson West  
1961*4-6100147 Wilson West  
1960*5-4-1121102 Paul OBrien  
1959*6-411847 Paul OBrien  
1958*6-4-1162107 Paul OBrien  
1957*7-418984 Paul OBrien  
1956*4-6-196148 Paul OBrien  
1955*1-1046280 Paul OBrien  
1954*3-751185 Paul OBrien  
19533-666143 Bob Cox  
1952*3-6-175105 A.J. Reeves  
1951*5-5104133 Russell Priest  
1950*5-5-1156146 Russell Priest  
1949*5-3-214399 Russell Priest  
1948*5-3170112 Russell Priest  
1947*6-4138118 Russell Priest  
1946*1-2-12752 H.C. Humphreys  
1945*0-3658 H.C. Humphreys  
1944*3-311151 H.C. Humphreys  
1943*1-3-11887 H.C. Humphreys  
1942*4-27645 H.C. Humphreys  
1941*0-7-139144 Dexter Stanphill  
1940*1-526157 Dexter Stanphill  
1939*1-44992 Dexter Stanphill  
1938*0-714141 Farris Long  
1937*2-626190 Farris Long  
1936*0-6-133138 Hooper Eblen  
1935*6-218639 H.C. Humphreys  
1934*3-663117 H.C. Humphreys  
1933*5-2-17667 H.C. Humphreys/T.J. Bond  
1932*3-2-13284 H.C. Humphreys  
1931*2-477145 H.C. Humphreys  
1930*2-4-125169 Phil Sawyer  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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