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Webb Yearly Summary

Webb Spartans
Webb High School

9800 Webb School Dr. Knoxville, TN
Colors: Green & White
Coach: David Meske

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
2021AA*0-000East David Meske  
2020AA*5-52632480-12128East4-2187120 David Meske  
2019AA*3-71582260-1035East2-4127121 David Meske  
2018AA*6-63302181-15857E5-124269 David Meske  
2017AA*7-43442731-14963E5-1233110 David Meske  
2016A*11-24462323-115194E/M 1#4-015537 David Meske  
2015A*5-51992180-167E/M 13-112454 David Meske  
2014II-A*9-33752203-012148E/M 1#5-020365 David Meske  
2013II-A*10-24121613-010450E/M 1#5-020341 David Meske  
2012II-A*12-14741123-014035E/M 1#2-09613 David Meske  
2011II-A*9-34251801-17648E/M 1#3-01467 David Meske  
2010II-A*13-04951263-011144E/M6-022647 David Meske  
2009II-A*11-14021012-07228E/M4-116337 David Meske  
2008II-AA*4-6180151E/M1-565111 David Meske  
2007II-AA*7-43162730-11449E/M4-2169137 David Meske  
2006II-AA*9-33212602-0514713-2135101 David Meske  
2005II-AA*9-33021441-128331 David Meske  
2004II-AA*6-63042771-16445E/M David Meske  
2003II-AA*4-71822730-1723E/M David Meske  
2002II-AA*2-91562580-10211 David Meske  
2001II-AA*7-52632521-164711 David Meske  
2000II-A*6-52201770-1717E/M David Meske  
1999II-A*8-43272281-14850E/M David Meske  
1998II-A*9-33882591-15363E/M David Meske  
1997II-A*8-53112062-15625E/M David Meske  
1996AA*13-24392535-01537425-2202152 David Meske  
1995AA*9-32671301-1481926-113666 David Meske  
1994AA*5-515515822-5122137 David Meske  
1993AA*5-516726322-598225 David Meske  
1992AA*9-22491270-191533-16449 David Meske  
1991AA*3-717425230-448147 David Meske  
1990A*11-24611432-198283#4-017028 David Meske  
1989A*10-22941391-134353#4-013141 David Meske  
1988AA*9-23161250-1172126-119683 David Meske  
1987AA*7-42541440-1202125-2157104 David Meske  
1986AA*8-22119125-215684 David Meske  
1985AA*3-76018422-537119 David Meske  
1984A*10-23001241-142312#6-017735 David Meske  
1983A*4-67911124-27248 Ron Gratz  
1982A*4-67612841-21258 Ron Gratz  
1981A*11-32551124-072344#3-0620 Ron Gratz  
1980A*5-51539342-25327 Ron Gratz  
1979A*9-2276640-10224#4-01290 Ron Gratz  
1978A*3-81392690-10474#3-08527 Ron Gratz  
1977A*3-76619942-25249 Ron Gratz  
1976A*6-41381031 Ron Gratz  
1975A*5-5127801 Ron Gratz  
1974A*9-1263541 Ron Gratz  
1973A*6-32141081 Ron Gratz  
1972AA*5-3-2101701 Ron Gratz  
1971AA*4-4-1134991 Ron Gratz  
1970AA*5-496771 Jim McClain  
1969AA*5-4-1183911 Jim McClain  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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