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Heritage Yearly Summary

Heritage Mountaineers
Heritage High School

3741 East Lamar Maryville, TN
Stadium: Jack Renfro Stadium
Colors: Scarlet, Columbia Blue & White
Coach: Tim Hammontree

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20215A*0-0002 Tim Hammontree  
20206A*2-818831220-694237 Tim Hammontree  
20196A*0-1014247520-670313 Tim Hammontree  
20186A*0-1010149220-656302 Tim Hammontree  
20176A*3-720635922-4129233 Tim Hammontree  
20165A*5-62752980-1213822-3147132 Tim Hammontree  
20155A*3-83434830-175223-2205166 Tim Hammontree  
2014I-AAA*3-732639342-5232278 Tim Hammontree  
2013I-AAA*1-912535640-770250 Tim Hammontree  
2012I-AAA*0-105541540-741289 Tim Hammontree  
2011I-AAA*1-915538640-779293 Brint Russell  
2010I-AAA*3-713127540-759250 Brint Russell  
2009I-AAA*4-614224842-588195 Brint Russell  
2008I-AAAAA*1-98332620-739241 Tommy Rewis  
2007I-AAAAA*2-814331622-5102220 Tommy Rewis  
2006I-AAAAA*2-811833120-765254 Tommy Rewis  
2005I-AAAAA*4-610821622-569169 Tommy Rewis  
2004I-AAAAA*2-815430222-5128190 Tommy Rewis  
2003I-AAAAA*1-99526121-675166 Lane Corum  
2002I-AAAAA*0-104640120-727298 Lane Corum  
2001I-AAAAA*1-913342721-6106290 Lane Corum  
2000I-AAAAA*5-521515523-3141101 Danny Wilson  
1999I-AAAAA*7-42112200-1212324-2123114 Danny Wilson  
1998I-AAAAA*1-914935010-581195 Danny Wilson  
1997I-AAAAA*1-910240910-539245 Danny Wilson  
1996AAAAA*2-816436611-698291 Jim Moore  
1995AAAAA*1-910324711-689200 Jim Moore  
1994AAAAA*1-910431111-663205 Jim Moore  
1993AAAAA*0-105537210-737281 Sam Kyker  
1992AAA*2-89222341-649153 Sam Kyker  
1991AAA*1-94424041-644175 Sam Kyker  
1990AAA*3-711419543-494135 Sam Kyker  
1989AAA*2-89325841-687202 Earl McMahan  
1988AAA*5-513314043-410299 Earl McMahan  
1987AAA*9-2243720-113144#7-018927 Earl McMahan  
1985AAA*11-22941182-1412845-119161 Jack Renfro  
1984AAA*3-712319343-310986 Jack Renfro  
1983AAA*6-418414845-112126 Jack Renfro  
1982AAA*9-2240910-17274#6-116544 Jack Renfro  
1981AAA*4-614611944-312792 Jack Renfro  
1980AAA*7-31328644-29056 Jack Renfro  
1979AAA*4-614016243-39977 Jack Renfro  
1978AAA*5-519518643-3122119 Jack Renfro  
1977AAA*7-317612645-110747 Jack Renfro  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

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