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Collierville Yearly Summary

Collierville Dragons
Collierville High School

1101 N. Byhalia Rd. Collierville, TN
Stadium: Landers SportsPlex
Colors: Maroon & White
Coach: Joe Rocconi

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20216A*0-0008 Joe Rocconi  
20206A*6-41661911-1375573-15148 Joe Rocconi  
20196A*5-62763330-1283572-298126 Joe Rocconi  
20186A*5-61972620-174072-268106 Mike ONeill  
20176A*6-53312850-1232672-2128149 Mike ONeill  
20166A*4-83582611-1564942-5162198 Mike ONeill  
20156A*5-62432950-1242843-4157210 Mike ONeill  
2014I-AAA*6-52002160-12835153-394129 Mike ONeill  
2013I-AAA*7-43402870-12555154-2167143 Mike ONeill  
2012I-AAA*5-62732670-1742153-4184190 Mike ONeill  
2011I-AAA*4-6203258152-5139183 Shawn Abel  
2010I-AAA*7-52902551-12640154-3183151 Shawn Abel  
2009I-AAA*3-7200267152-5119165 Paul Cox  
2008I-AAAAA*6-52851550-172884-317992 Paul Cox  
2007I-AAAAA*6-52621250-103184-315562 Paul Cox  
2006I-AAAAA*6-421718183-4156147 Paul Cox  
2005I-AAAAA*8-32781760-1182785-213794 Paul Cox  
2004I-AAAAA*8-43632471-149358#5-1209141 Paul Cox  
2003I-AAAAA*7-43582670-1252883-3194177 Paul Cox  
2002I-AAAAA*7-42892370-1182383-3129167 Paul Cox  
2001I-AAAAA*8-33681380-1243384-219379 Paul Cox  
2000I-AAAAA*9-22341170-10188#6-016978 Paul Cox  
1999I-AAAAA*7-52492081-1153484-2129106 Paul Cox  
1998I-AAAAA*10-23171010-1143185-115041 Paul Cox  
1997I-AAAAA*8-32991350-1141985-118781 Paul Cox  
1996AAAA*11-24131172-154147#5-019844 Paul Cox  
1995AAAA*8-42471631-1252474-113873 Paul Cox  
1994AAAA*11-23421472-184496#6-017451 Paul Cox  
1993AAAA*9-52891592-2393464-219896 Paul Cox  
1992AAA*5-5213149144-4183129 Paul Cox  
1991AAA*8-3232123146-216698 Paul Cox  
1990AAA*10-23801541-13141144-116576 Paul Cox  
1989AAA*9-23401470-1719144-115267 Paul Cox  
1988AAA*7-3156122143-28466 Paul Cox  
1987AAA*9-42581662-14954143-28868 Paul Cox  
1986AA*6-5215114152-39766 Paul Cox  
1985AA*4-6202192151-472103 Paul Cox  
1984AA*2-868173151-427108 Paul Cox  
1983AA*8-3267122154-112759 Paul Cox  
1982AA*9-123958133-18127 Paul Cox  
1981AA*12-14031192-1483113#4-017053 Paul Cox  
1980AA*4-614399143-310843 Paul Cox  
1979AA*3-7123134142-47578 Paul Cox  
1978AA*6-4130113145-211666 Paul Cox  
1977AA*6-4140140143-399104 Paul Cox  
1976AA*9-2240814 Paul Cox  
1975AA*9-23551414 Sam Gibbons  
1974AA*6-52381774 Sam Gibbons  
1973AA*10-22341581-124434# Bob Yancey  
1972A*5-51751324 Bob Yancey  
1971A*11-14201381-140544# Bob Yancey  
1970A*4-61301834 Bob Yancey  
1969A*4-61361764 Bob Yancey  
1968*0-8-239261 Bob Yancey  
1967*4-6140242 Ray Freeman  
1966*3-7145200 Ray Freeman  
1965*2-7-179224 Ray Freeman  
1964*4-6102159 Ray Freeman  
1963*3-797235 Ray Freeman  
1962*4-5-1106153 Ozzie Rhodes  
1961*6-2-1154104 Ozzie Rhodes  
1960*8-1-229259 Jack Carlisle  
1959*7-322689 Jack Carlisle  
1958*6-317193 Joe Clayton  
1957*2-8107245 Joe Clayton  
1956*2-8131265 Fred Medling  
1955*6-3-117496 Fred Medling  
1954*4-4-1181188 Fred Medling  
1953*5-3-2148124 Fred Medling  
1952*4-6114136 Fred Medling  
1951*1-945223 Fred Medling  
1950*2-860223 Bob Mason  
1949*6-3173130 Bob Mason  
1948*4-6101208 John Barnes  
1947*5-486155 John Clark  
1945*5-3-1170130 Maurice Moore  
1942*3-644145 Kimbrough Vaughn  
19419-116169 Kimbrough Vaughn  
1940*1-842217 Frank Thompson  
1939*2-6-162159 Frank Thompson  
19386-2-116042 Frank Thompson  
1937*6-2-213658 Frank Thompson  
1936*2-5-145126 Gene Fulghum  
1935*5-3-110187 Gene Fulghum  
1934*3-43082 Gene Fulghum  
1933*4-513781 Eddie Hudgens  
1932*4-5107106 Eddie Hudgens  
1931*3-633124 Eddie Hudgens  
1930*0-90190 Eddie Hudgens  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

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