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Briarcrest Yearly Summary

Briarcrest Saints
Briarcrest Christian

10103 Raleigh Lagrange Rd Eads, TN
Stadium: Clayton Field
Colors: Green & Gold
Coach: Brian Stewart

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
2021AAA*0-000West Brian Stewart  
2020AAA*5-4262218West1-3114106 Brian Stewart  
2019AAA*9-23871530-13335West4-115867 Brian Stewart  
2018AAA*8-43362021-14525W1-25660 Brian Stewart  
2017AAA*9-23962770-13556W2-17090 Brian Stewart  
2016AA*7-43422250-12149W2-18141 Brian Stewart  
2015AA*7-52832651-14368W1-23995 Brian Stewart  
2014II-AA*7-52722891-12962W1-25389 Brian Stewart  
2013II-AA*4-72682710-1641W2-15166 Major Wright  
2012II-AA*8-43552901-13858W1-282111 Major Wright  
2011II-AA*4-72832850-11440W0-35281 Major Wright  
2010II-AA*8-33432170-12128W1-26089 Major Wright  
2009II-AA*7-54343091-17174W1-27679 Major Wright  
2008II-AA*7-43003060-1640W3-1127118 Major Wright  
2007II-AA*4-6193269W1-349152 Carly Powers  
2006II-AAA*2-87830310-512222 Joe Hamstra  
2005II-AAA*4-62172201 Joe Hamstra  
2004II-AA*10-33471473-07438W Hugh Freeze  
2003II-AA*6-62402131-13847W Hugh Freeze  
2002II-AA*11-23321623-07413W Hugh Freeze  
2001II-AA*8-53802192-111150W Hugh Freeze  
2000II-A*10-34281302-19623W Hugh Freeze  
1999II-A*11-24731192-16945W Hugh Freeze  
1998II-A*10-33451342-17534W Hugh Freeze  
1997II-A*9-33161971-12542W Hugh Freeze  
1996AA*10-1365920-113278#7-025955 Hugh Freeze  
1995AA*9-2282520-115198#6-121433 Hugh Freeze  
1994AA*11-23721072-151428#7-025635 Darry Marshall  
1993AA*11-33761063-1674286-125230 Darry Marshall  
1992AA*10-2323761-13313156-117655 Darry Marshall  
1991AA*7-4239170154-3136122 Darry Marshall  
1990AA*2-8106188151-753152 Darry Marshall  
1989AA*7-4221185155-3137139 Darry Marshall  
1988AA*7-4222152154-212183 Darry Marshall  
1987AA*1-870216151-548156 Sam Wamble  
1986AAA*5-5217182142-4116143 Sam Wamble  
1985AAA*7-4274193143-3140107 Sam Wamble  
1984AAA*8-3223148143-211199 Sam Wamble  
1983AAA*1-9110219141-46498 Sam Wamble  
1982AAA*2-8134298140-358121 Bob Yancey  
1981AAA*1-888184141-23248 Bob Yancey  
1980AAA*6-4236153142-26850 Bob Yancey  
1979AAA*6-4130160143-17254 Bob Yancey  
1978AAA*7-3257147142-394101 Bob Yancey  
1977AAA*8-32291510-1223814#5-010957 Bob Yancey  
1976AA*9-22701114 Bob Yancey  
1975AA*6-51721534 Bob Yancey  
1974*9-3342128 Bob Yancey  

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