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Brainerd Yearly Summary

Brainerd Panthers
Brainerd High School

1020 North Moore Road Chattanooga, TN
Colors: Columbia Blue, Red & White
Coach: Vacant

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20213A*0-0003 Vacant  
20203A*8-52912401-1264432-27567 Tyrus Ward  
20193A*1-910438531-456174 Tyrus Ward  
20183A*4-715930833-293102 Tyrus Ward  
20173A*2-916223531-484103 Tyrus Ward  
20162A*0-1010740330-774276 Brian Gwyn  
20152A*3-716325333-4120170 Brian Gwyn  
2014I-AA*3-718731063-3134129 Brian Gwyn  
2013I-AA*3-716533363-3113157 Brian Gwyn  
2012I-AA*1-912929560-794216 Stanley Jackson  
2011I-AA*6-622526565-3174159 Stanley Jackson  
2010I-AA*3-721025962-5140197 Stanley Jackson  
2009I-AA*8-431420564-3172112 Marvin Jones  
2008I-AAAA*3-78927843-463169 Marvin Jones  
2007I-AAAA*7-436121546-1257101 Marvin Jones  
2006I-AAAA*4-720326343-4137182 Marvin Jones  
2005I-AAAA*2-812725541-671190 Marvin Jones  
2004I-AAAA*1-813325941-5109149 Eddie Lambert  
2003I-AAAA*2-714426241-590184 Eddie Lambert  
2002I-AAAA*0-109037840-658241 Eddie Lambert  
2001I-AAAA*2-819426641-590154 Eddie Lambert  
2000I-AAA*9-23521163#4-014921 Eddie Lambert  
1999I-AAA*6-528027733-113481 Eddie Lambert  
1998I-AAA*6-426517234-217373 Eddie Lambert  
1997I-AAA*9-33211393#6-021258 Eddie Lambert  
1996AAAA*1-98625831-658179 Eddie Lambert  
1995AAAA5-613923334-387136 Eddie Lambert  
1994AAAAA*9-334820236-2228127 Eddie Lambert  
1993AAAAA*4-616219534-4140148 Eddie Lambert  
1992AAA*4-620125962-4137170 Eddie Lambert  
1991AAA*6-524324064-2144100 Lurone Jennings  
1990AAA*7-42322050-1122865-2170105 Lurone Jennings  
1989AAA*3-76616863-44894 Lurone Jennings  
1988AAA*6-42229763-411591 Calvin Sorrells  
1987AAA*7-41461500-1141565-210493 Calvin Sorrells  
1986AAA*4-515216262-5110134 Calvin Sorrells  
1985AAA*4-521219864-3180130 Calvin Sorrells  
1984AAA*1-97630861-548172 Calvin Sorrells  
1983AAA*2-87213862-45467 Calvin Sorrells  
1982AAA*2-813620160-43869 Carey Henley  
1981AAA*4-515617762-26860 Carey Henley  
1980AAA*8-224111865-213192 Carey Henley  
1979AAA*5-423411563-4146115 Carey Henley  
1978AAA*6-426913063-4156100 Carey Henley  
1977AAA*7-32089064-310884 Carey Henley  
1976AAA*4-61671442 Carey Henley  
1975AAA*7-4195922 Carey Henley  
1974AAA*7-31801532 Carey Henley  
1973AAA*7-3156922 Carey Henley  
1972AAA*5-4-11611382 Pete Potter  
1971AAA*8-32491082 Pete Potter  
1970AAA*3-6-1871312 Pete Potter  
1969AAA*10-0216382 Pete Potter  
1968*7-2-1228111 Pete Potter  
1967*7-4205106 Pete Potter  
1966*9-1-129671 Pete Potter  
1965*5-5124108 Pete Potter  
1964*10-125552 Ray Coleman  
1963*4-6104108 Ray Coleman  
1962*11-035252 Ray Coleman  
1961*10-0-116859 Ray Coleman  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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