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Alcoa Yearly Summary

Alcoa Tornadoes
Alcoa High School

532 Faraday Street Alcoa, TN
Stadium: Shields Stadium
Colors: Maroon & White
Coach: Gary Rankin

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20213A*0-0002 Gary Rankin  
20203A*14-1633635-0231202#6-02758 Gary Rankin  
20193A*14-1654715-0253342#6-03050 Gary Rankin  
20183A*15-06581015-0184342#6-02998 Gary Rankin  
20173A*13-25531635-0196342#6-024734 Gary Rankin  
20163A*14-16001685-0190672#5-022924 Gary Rankin  
20153A*14-15531045-0159232#5-021034 Gary Rankin  
2014I-AA*13-25612454-1174684#4-015242 Gary Rankin  
2013I-AA*14-16631635-0248594#4-021337 Gary Rankin  
2012I-AA*11-25011732-1113704#5-022335 Gary Rankin  
2011I-AA*8-53871952-11024544-119650 Gary Rankin  
2010I-AA*15-06991425-0216544#5-024957 Gary Rankin  
2009I-AA*15-05441145-0151274#5-018535 Gary Rankin  
2008I-AA*14-1622755-0188422#6-02747 Gary Rankin  
2007I-AA*14-16301825-0237602#6-026862 Gary Rankin  
2006I-AA*13-26691425-0228242#6-032641 Gary Rankin  
2005I-AA*14-17291855-0252482#6-032847 John Reid  
2004I-AA*14-16261675-0212852#5-025219 John Reid  
2003I-AA*10-43652323-113610324-115151 John Reid  
2002I-AA*3-716026021-478120 James Dalton  
2001I-AA*12-24162443-1138652#5-014648 Scott Meadows  
2000I-AA*15-05191095-0168412#7-028641 Scott Meadows  
1999I-AA*6-62882131-1443425-2205109 Philip Ironside  
1998I-AA*11-33232003-1100652#7-019164 Philip Ironside  
1997I-AA*6-63261921-1513425-2241100 Ronnie Phelps  
1996AA*6-52932290-1151625-2226122 Ronnie Phelps  
1995AA*11-34042183-1145892#7-021783 Ronnie Phelps  
1994AA*5-518216223-4121101 Ronnie Phelps  
1993AA*11-14111031-127372#7-024123 Ronnie Phelps  
1992AA*6-52152030-1142643-19477 Ronnie Phelps  
1991AA*8-32651650-121224#4-011240 James Dalton  
1990AA*11-22701372-1456336-114840 James Dalton  
1989AA*15-04611555-0137863#7-024769 James Dalton  
1988AA*14-04211474-081593#7-025257 James Dalton  
1987AA*6-417812135-216287 James Dalton  
1986AA*4-612011634-411879 James Dalton  
1985AA*7-321115036-2178116 James Dalton  
1984AA*6-415211734-3114104 James Dalton  
1983AA*6-418614634-3112105 James Dalton  
1982A*6-418313634-112169 James Dalton  
1981A*8-22308834-115055 Steve Fugate  
1980A*4-618511733-111624 Steve Fugate  
1979A*11-33341444-0103353#4-014022 Steve Fugate  
1978A*12-14181084-012083#2-0937 Bill Cochran  
1977A*12-24131084-0127153#3-01166 Bill Cochran  
1976AA*8-33171001 Bill Cochran  
1975AA*5-52121611 Bill Cochran  
1974AA*0-9752571 Bill Cochran  
1973AA*4-61011401 Bill Cochran  
1972AA*8-22541101 Bill Cochran  
1971AA*5-3-11381101 Bill Cochran  
1970AA*2-81442431 Bill Cochran  
1969AA*4-61381361 Bill Cochran  
1968*5-6126175 Bill Cochran  
1967*4-7133165 Jack Raby  
1966*9-2357167 Jack Raby  
1965*9-2249110 Bill Bailey  
1964*8-3264124 Bill Bailey  
1963*6-3-119281 Bill Bailey  
1962*5-3-117167 Bill Bailey  
1961*7-1-317152 Bill Bailey  
1960*6-3-1174100 Bill Bailey  
1959*6-4134113 Si Prewitt  
1958*5-4-1137117 Si Prewitt  
1957*5-416168 Si Prewitt  
1956*6-312278 Bill Bailey  
1955*9-023725 Bill Bailey  
1954*10-019555 Bill Bailey  
1953*7-2181100 Bill Bailey  
1952*8-322398 Bill Bailey  
1951*9-135443 Bill Bailey  
1950*1-8-164164 Bill Bailey  
19496-1-114938 Garland Dodd  
19483-5-1117117 Garland Dodd  
1947*6-4151114 John Wilburn  
1946*3-5-114786 John Wilburn  
19442-14339 G.W. Snead  
1943*3-2-3109106 John Wilburn  
19420-107 Melvin Edington  
19411-11333 Melvin Edington  
19401-12127 Jim Holloway  
19391-12618 Jim Holloway  
19382-0200 Jim Holloway  
19370-0-100 Jim Holloway  
19340-1310 E.J. Sherwood  
19330-137 E.J. Sherwood  
19320-0-166 E.J. Sherwood  
19310-1-1620 E.J. Sherwood  
19300-2046 A.E. Choate  
19291-12633 A.E. Choate  
19281-13926 A.E. Choate  
19270-3040 A.E. Choate  
19260-2639 A.E. Choate  
19250-000 Henry Pillard  
19240-000 Shirley Salter  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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