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Maryville Yearly Summary

Maryville Rebels
Maryville High School

825 Lawrence Ave. Maryville, TN
Stadium: Maryville Stadium
Colors: Red & Black
Coach: Derek Hunt

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20216A*0-0002 Derek Hunt  
20206A*12-14211442-177832#6-024049 Derek Hunt  
20196A*15-05981265-0183312#6-026735 Derek Hunt  
20186A*12-24811953-196622#6-026748 Derek Hunt  
20176A*14-16022355-0184512#6-028689 Derek Hunt  
20166A*13-16002353-1153791#7-031592 George Quarles  
20156A*14-15881624-1170631#7-029248 George Quarles  
2014I-AAA*15-06091535-0216764#7-028653 George Quarles  
2013I-AAA*15-06761325-0219654#7-033644 George Quarles  
2012I-AAA*14-16262954-12041344#7-030197 George Quarles  
2011I-AAA*15-05631205-0186354#7-029053 George Quarles  
2010I-AAA*14-15511875-0188784#7-025660 George Quarles  
2009I-AAA*13-24982454-11731014#7-023184 George Quarles  
2008I-AAAA*14-14871234-1131423#7-026059 George Quarles  
2007I-AAAA*15-05291995-0187813#7-023879 George Quarles  
2006I-AAAA*15-05791855-0188903#7-029265 George Quarles  
2005I-AAAA*15-05521415-0156403#7-028177 George Quarles  
2004I-AAAA*15-05921355-0146463#6-028350 George Quarles  
2003I-AAAA*13-14311493-1100613#6-021676 George Quarles  
2002I-AAAA*15-06061585-0181613#6-024059 George Quarles  
2001I-AAAA*14-16031945-0206763#6-024360 George Quarles  
2000I-AAAA*11-43282055-01275635-2182100 George Quarles  
1999I-AAAA*10-33921932-187633#7-023778 George Quarles  
1998I-AAAA*15-05571625-0172713#7-025067 Tim Hammontree  
1997I-AAAA*13-25082174-1172843#6-1219108 Tim Hammontree  
1996AAAA*5-526818324-4214147 Tim Hammontree  
1995AAAA*11-12781941-117282#8-0215139 Tim Hammontree  
1994AAAA*7-42581920-162734-2131104 Tim Hammontree  
1993AAAA*5-520521733-3125133 Tim Hammontree  
1992AAA*9-22741500-1144646-115175 John Olive  
1991AAA*7-325214845-220399 John Olive  
1990AAA*5-513916844-3115107 John Olive  
1989AAA*6-413411544-310878 John Olive  
1988AAA*7-318812545-212599 Emory Hale  
1987AAA*9-2228660-1132846-117438 Don Story  
1986AA*12-23031033-1625035-111747 Don Story  
1985AA*6-42189933-310858 Don Story  
1984AA*11-23421082-161403#4-111935 Don Story  
1983AA*7-32747833-29238 Don Story  
1982AA*10-2203972-141262#3-06720 Don Story  
1981AA*10-2281762-161132#3-0890 Don Story  
1980AA*7-32288031-24723 Ted Wilson  
1979AA*12-2294653-187133#3-0566 Ted Wilson  
1978AA*14-04501144-0117353#3-01167 Ted Wilson  
1977AA*12-2307693-183303#2-14925 Ted Wilson  
1976AA*12-12851173-060201# Ted Wilson  
1975AA*9-32191211-130311# Ted Wilson  
1974AA*6-41561361 Ted Wilson  
1973AA*10-2200991-131481# Ted Wilson  
1972AA*9-1-1285740-10261 Ted Wilson  
1971AA*10-1262540-113141# Ted Wilson  
1970AA*12-04261212-086221# Ted Wilson  
1969AA*8-3284951 Ted Wilson  
1968*10-134476 Ted Wilson  
1967*7-3177126 Ted Wilson  
1966*7-2-115763 Ted Wilson  
1965*6-4169118 Don Rawls  
1964*9-128848 Don Rawls  
1963*5-4120104 Don Rawls  
1962*5-5136111 Ken Shepard  
1961*3-5-159117 Ken Shepard  
1960*8-2-118986 Ken Shepard  
1959*7-3-1131104 Ken Shepard  
1958*5-6129109 Ken Shepard  
1957*3-667197 Ken Shepard  
1956*6-3-114094 Oliver Keller  
1955*6-318577 Jim Renfro  
1954*4-4-213886 Jim Renfro  
1953*1-8-198213 Jim Renfro  
1952*2-8102160 Jim Renfro  
1951*9-114164 Jim Renfro  
1950*6-2-2165115 Jim Renfro  
1949*8-217470 Jim Renfro  
1948*9-117654 Jim Renfro  
1947*7-315688 Jim Renfro  
1946*9-0-124069 Jim Renfro  
1945*5-4183142 Jim Renfro  
1944*6-3-1188113 Jim Renfro  
1943*7-1-127038 Jim Renfro  
1942*2-5-251126 Charles Kindred  
1941*7-210949 Paul Rafferty  
1940*5-670106 Paul Rafferty  
1939*8-215543 Harvey McCall  
1938*7-2-118853 Harvey McCall  
1937*4-2-37072 Steve Boretsky  
1936*3-556135 Steve Boretsky  
19356-0-1347 Dean Bailey  
1934*4-4-17587 Dean Bailey  
19334-2-12644 George Veech  
1932*6-1-211444 George Veech  
1931*4-3-213748 George Veech  
1930*8-119225 George Veech  
1929*1-3-421106 George Veech  
1928*3-5-16894 George Veech  
1927*6-216557 George Veech  
1926*7-1-217349 Pat Shores  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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