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Lexington Yearly Summary

Lexington Tigers
Lexington High School

284 White Street Lexington, TN
Stadium: Jim Stowe Stadium
Colors: Red & White
Coach: Bryant Hollingsworth

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20214A*0-0006 Bryant Hollingsworth  
20204A*12-24462203-197646#5-017352 Bryant Hollingsworth  
20194A*6-62862481-1425864-114340 Bryant Hollingsworth  
20184A*2-89218061-450100 Bryant Hollingsworth  
20174A*8-42992071-145306#4-114072 Bryant Hollingsworth  
20164A*9-34032311-1614376-2257165 Bryant Hollingsworth  
20154A*10-34562172-1827476-2261123 Bryant Hollingsworth  
2014I-AA*5-63142420-11435144-116927 Bryant Hollingsworth  
2013I-AA*9-33122111-1352114#5-017697 Bryant Hollingsworth  
2012I-AA*10-25531701-1604814#7-033583 Bryant Hollingsworth  
2011I-AA*10-14351840-161714#7-0315141 Bryant Hollingsworth  
2010I-AA*11-34891913-11195914#7-029373 Bryant Hollingsworth  
2009I-AA*9-43502412-16258145-2216135 Bryant Hollingsworth  
2008I-AAA*7-53063221-1306164-1137129 Bryant Hollingsworth  
2007I-AAA*2-818534161-4106176 Steve Lindsey  
2006I-AAA*6-52102790-173565-1139117 Steve Lindsey  
2005I-AAA*12-14222392-186776#6-020876 Steve Lindsey  
2004I-AAA*7-42882320-1203165-1184122 Steve Lindsey  
2003I-AAA*5-62242720-173564-2142115 Steve Lindsey  
2002I-AAA*5-61932140-102763-2123100 Steve Lindsey  
2001I-AAA*3-712628562-393141 Steve Lindsey  
2000I-AAAA*3-711528871-554223 Steve Lindsey  
1999I-AAAA*4-614820972-481140 Steve Lindsey  
1998I-AAAA*3-714424572-493129 Jim Stowe  
1997I-AAAA*3-81503160-101472-477177 Jim Stowe  
1996AAAA*1-911926860-541156 Jim Stowe  
1995AAAA*6-51932480-1257063-27786 Jim Stowe  
1994AAAA*8-32301840-1204865-114286 Jim Stowe  
1993AAAA*5-521122463-3145140 Jim Stowe  
1992AAA*7-3257166135-2183114 Jim Stowe  
1991AAA*7-3200155135-2148102 Jim Stowe  
1990AAA*8-3216123135-213685 Jim Stowe  
1989AAA*7-3181134135-2139100 Jim Stowe  
1988AA*11-2353952-16158146-122530 Jim Stowe  
1987AA*11-13041051-1355414#7-020842 Jim Stowe  
1986AA*8-31861040-10714#5-014051 Jim Stowe  
1985AA*7-52271801-1335114#5-010914 Jim Stowe  
1984AAA*3-7129234133-5123172 Jim Stowe  
1983AAA*9-22711200-106137-1242102 Jim Stowe  
1982AA*10-13001310-162312#7-021665 Jim Stowe  
1981AA*9-223362126-115345 Jim Stowe  
1980AA*7-3316119114-117482 Jim Stowe  
1979AA*12-1402892-1662911#5-016640 Jim Stowe  
1978AA*10-128994112-15537 Jim Stowe  
1977AA*5-5139183111-21369 Jim Stowe  
1976AA*7-32651264 Jim Stowe  
1975AA*7-42051364 Jim Stowe  
1974AA*9-22221084 Jim Stowe  
1973AA9-1236860-17214 Jim Stowe  
1972AA*4-5-11561324 Jim Stowe  
1971AA*9-23381214 Jim Stowe  
1970AA*10-1284880-10214# Jim Stowe  
1969AA*8-32641394 Jim Stowe  
19687-2-1278122 Jim Stowe  
19678-2252139 Jim Stowe  
1966*3-6-1120140 Jim Stowe  
1965*3-7154184 Jim Stowe  
1964*9-2323159 Charles Duck  
1963*3-7126196 Charles Duck  
1962*1-966240 Paul Caywood  
1961*7-2233160 Gill Gideon  
1960*8-3282142 Gill Gideon  
1959*9-120964 Gill Gideon  
1958*8-2-1240117 Gill Gideon  
1957*1-8-199210 Gill Gideon  
1956*4-6121146 Gill Gideon  
1955*8-2-1227205 Gill Gideon  
19549-117162 Gill Gideon  
19533-2-28332 Gill Gideon  
1952*8-3265100 Gill Gideon  
1951*7-2-122693 Gill Gideon  
19504-4106118 Claude Hill  
19490-415116 Claude Hill  
19481-46685 Monk Fowler  
19474-0966 Paul Caywood  
19463-18025 Paul Caywood  
19452-12631 Paul Caywood  
19440-1744 Griff Dodd  
1943      No Team
1942      No Team
19410-415197 Bobby Jelks  
19403-24593 Paul Caywood  
19393-28091 Paul Caywood  
19382-25651 Paul Caywood  
19370-2028 Paul Caywood  
1936*8-1-120763 Paul Caywood  
19352-0256 Paul Caywood  
19340-2632 Paul Caywood  
19330-1020 Paul Caywood  
19320-000 Paul Caywood  
19310-1-1619 Paul Caywood  
19301-0250 Paul Caywood  
1926*4-4-110769 F.C. Ewen  
1925*4-25732 Earnest Dumas  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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