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Huntingdon Yearly Summary

Huntingdon Mustangs
Huntingdon High School

475 Mustang Drive Huntingdon, TN
Stadium: Paul Ward Stadium
Colors: Royal Blue & Old Gold
Coach: Eric Swenson

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20212A*0-0007 Eric Swenson  
20201A*9-33792001-170506#6-019944 Eric Swenson  
20191A*13-16851463-1172476#6-033641 Eric Swenson  
20181A*12-16242032-1104386#6-031255 Eric Swenson  
20171A*12-15941322-1119356#6-033247 Eric Swenson  
20161A*8-34982071-1785466-135876 Eric Swenson  
20151A*10-25251601-1463466-133467 Eric Swenson  
2014I-A*6-53141990-12749134-117740 Eric Swenson  
2013I-A*8-33112540-1284013#5-016699 Eric Swenson  
2012I-A*12-35592714-120576134-119879 Eric Swenson  
2011I-A*11-14331321-1584713#5-020625 Eric Swenson  
2010I-A*5-73343191-18256134-117983 Eric Swenson  
2009I-A*8-44192071-16037134-120639 Eric Swenson  
2008I-AA*6-63052671-1775974-214093 Eric Swenson  
2007I-AA*8-43051631-1413175-121153 Mike Mansfield  
2006I-AA*5-520317274-3154112 Mike Mansfield  
2005I-AA*12-24931833-11356076-1250103 Mike Mansfield  
2004I-AA*12-35062114-1128656#5-019655 Mike Mansfield  
2003I-AA*14-16331605-0224616#5-022528 Mike Mansfield  
2002I-AA*9-23241490-115166#5-019473 Mike Mansfield  
2001I-AA*6-53061750-171064-116640 Mike Mansfield  
2000I-AA*10-44322143-193516#5-023858 Mike Mansfield  
1999I-AA*10-55342644-1164956#5-025341 Mike Mansfield  
1998I-AA*11-2434632-1782363-113724 Mike Mansfield  
1997I-AA*10-45071973-11256363-117160 Mike Mansfield  
1996AA*12-24311403-11065276-122474 Mike Mansfield  
1995AA*7-52871971-1193075-2209118 Mike Mansfield  
1994AA*10-2330561-113777-124129 Mike Mansfield  
1993AA*7-4242620-171376-219628 Mike Mansfield  
1992AA*1-9129253141-694158 Mike Mansfield  
1991AA*7-3156110144-39397 Mike Mansfield  
1990AA*5-5184154143-311388 Bobby Hayes  
1989AA*6-4202105144-211973 Cliff Sturdivant  
1988AA*6-414658145-211725 Cliff Sturdivant  
1987AA*3-780223143-466143 Cliff Sturdivant  
1986AA*8-3225960-11428144-110127 Cliff Sturdivant  
1985AA*2-8103213140-538126 Cliff Sturdivant  
1984AA*7-4198160145-114967 Cliff Sturdivant  
1983AA*6-51861500-102014#5-113449 Jerry Robinson  
1982AA*7-324796125-216189 Jerry Robinson  
1981AA*6-4138109124-37595 Jerry Robinson  
1980AA*7-320298112-37283 Jerry Robinson  
1979AA*9-2330143114-113583 Bobby Hayes  
1978AA*3-7109144110-31334 Bobby Hayes  
1977AA*7-319796111-23744 Bobby Hayes  
1976AA*9-22351224 Bobby Hayes  
1975AA*10-13671000-114154 Paul Ward  
1974AA*5-52361454 Paul Ward  
1973AA*5-52151604 Paul Ward  
1972AA*8-32681034 Paul Ward  
1971AA*5-51351724 Paul Ward  
1970AA*7-31851364 Paul Ward  
1969AA*6-2-11901064 Paul Ward  
1968*7-0-223474 Paul Ward  
1967*8-320072 Paul Ward  
1966*11-043633 Paul Ward  
1965*8-2-1257110 Paul Ward  
1964*10-126760 Paul Ward  
1963*6-3131117 Paul Ward  
1962*10-1377117 Paul Ward  
1961*9-129279 Paul Ward  
1960*10-125171 Paul Ward  
1959*7-323870 Paul Ward  
1958*10-239896 Paul Ward  
1957*10-026554 Paul Ward  
1956*10-1306123 Paul Ward  
1955*0-9-179244 Paul Ward  
1954*4-6115137 Paul Ward  
1953*3-6-1159173 Paul Ward  
1952*4-4-2145142 Jimmy Joyner  
1951*3-7159202 Jimmy Joyner  
1950*10-133690 C.H. Pudor  
1949*6-319093 C.H. Pudor  
1948*9-228079 C.H. Pudor  
1947*7-4196121 C.H. Pudor  
1946*3-851192 Robert Dilday Jr.  
1945*3-777150 No coach  
1944*3-6151194 No coach  
1943*7-118556 No coach  
1942*5-1-27547 Norman Hale  
1941*3-5-273126 C.H. Pudor  
1940*5-5102127 Julian Cradock  
1939*8-2-122027 C.H. Pudor  
1938*4-552101 C.H. Pudor  
1937*11-028434 C.H. Pudor  
1936*8-3149114 C.H. Pudor  
1935*9-125464 C.H. Pudor  
1934*8-217961 C.H. Pudor  
1933*3-6-111897 John Conwell  
1932*8-216466 John Conwell  
1931*6-2-18041 John Conwell  
1930*7-4142167 Nathan Penick  
1929*0-000 J.O. Mills  
1928*0-000 J.O. Mills  
1927*0-000 J.O. Mills  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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