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Fulton Yearly Summary

Fulton Falcons
Fulton High School

2509 Broadway N.E. Knoxville, TN
Stadium: Fulton Stadium/Bob Black Field
Colors: Maroon & White
Coach: Rob Black

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20214A*0-0002 Rob Black  
20205A*4-51962010-101433-113296 Rob Black  
20195A*3-81913500-1144733-3107129 Rob Black  
20185A*10-24561631-171433#6-027076 Rob Black  
20175A*9-33961801-1645035-121264 Rob Black  
20164A*8-55532582-11124523-2216117 Rob Black  
20154A*10-25151851-181282#5-025765 Rob Black  
2014I-AA*15-08571015-0240553#5-026223 Rob Black  
2013I-AA*15-08621445-0250873#5-03298 Rob Black  
2012I-AA*13-26481635-0212693#6-032230 Rob Black  
2011I-AA*8-53252132-171543#5-118055 Rob Black  
2010I-AA*7-53022891-1204235-1214120 Buck Coatney  
2009I-AA*8-43332091-1526934-222374 Buck Coatney  
2008I-AAA*4-622820723-4156133 Buck Coatney  
2007I-AAA*12-34481744-11445426-122663 Buck Coatney  
2006I-AAA*14-15241395-01685525-122247 Buck Coatney  
2005I-AAA*8-43832251-1592824-2215131 Buck Coatney  
2004I-AAA*13-25191495-01835225-221668 Buck Coatney  
2003I-AAA*14-15221585-01713726-124669 Buck Coatney  
2002I-AAA*14-14431494-1129342#7-022698 Buck Coatney  
2001I-AAA*8-43571861-1726525-2205100 Buck Coatney  
2000I-AAA*6-63311981-1623324-219678 Buck Coatney  
1999I-AAA*7-43722200-1132125-122292 Buck Coatney  
1998I-AAA*7-52802131-1386625-217073 Buck Coatney  
1997I-AAA*6-52342190-1121324-3172186 Buck Coatney  
1996AAA*4-72002950-172724-1131106 Buck Coatney  
1995AAA*5-72522861-1207224-118475 Buck Coatney  
1994AAA*2-92022660-182322-3130130 Buck Coatney  
1993AAA*4-81862321-1372922-37989 Buck Coatney  
1992AA*1-97930931-32187 Buck Coatney  
1991AA*5-414511532-26556 Steve Brewer  
1990AA*8-323617335-2151102 Steve Brewer  
1989AA*4-613223633-394121 Steve Brewer  
1988AA*8-32331450-1121336-116591 Steve Brewer  
1987AA*3-76924032-557175 Steve Brewer  
1986AA*5-514419035-3118137 Steve Brewer  
1985AA*2-89324332-680198 Steve Brewer  
1984AAA*6-519315533-310993 Steve Brewer  
1983AAA*7-417110533-310274 Steve Brewer  
1982AAA*5-512211844-38778 Steve Brewer  
1981AAA*3-712820043-4116130 Steve Brewer  
1980AAA*6-41551714#5-1115110 Mike LaSorsa  
1979AAA*7-41491140-114284#4-26856 John Clabo  
1978AAA*6-420618144-214487 John Clabo  
1977AAA*8-324812045-114644 Mac Lambert  
1976AAA*8-32281611 Ron Case  
1975AAA*7-32051281 Ron Case  
1974AAA*12-1372862-169531# Jim McClain  
1973AAA*9-22201211 Jim McClain  
1972AAA*1-8-1721741 Jim McClain  
1971AAA*6-3-11861131 Jim McClain  
1970AAA*2-81152311 Bob Black  
1969AAA*2-7-11022061 Bob Black  
1968*7-2-215999 Lon Herzbrun  
1967*10-0-122177 Lon Herzbrun  
1966*8-3168159 Lon Herzbrun  
1965*9-216846 Lon Herzbrun  
1964*7-3-1138123 Lon Herzbrun  
1963*3-6-199149 Lon Herzbrun  
1962*3-768214 Ralph Hutchins  
1961*2-774246 Ralph Hutchins  
1960*6-4139182 Ralph Hutchins  
1959*2-7-2129194 Ralph Hutchins  
1958*2-989252 Ralph Hutchins  
1957*2-856204 Charlie Wildman  
1956*6-4179124 Charlie Wildman  
1955*6-3-1137113 Charlie Wildman  
1954*5-599137 Charlie Wildman  
1953*7-3189111 Charlie Wildman  
1952*9-122279 Charlie Wildman  
1951*1-950170 Charlie Wildman  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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