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Elizabethton Yearly Summary

Elizabethton Fighting Cyclones
Elizabethton High School

907 West E Street Elizabethton, TN
Stadium: Citizens Bank Stadium
Colors: Burnt Orange & Black
Coach: Shawn Witten

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20214A*0-0001 Shawn Witten  
20204A*15-06552145-0212961#6-027881 Shawn Witten  
20194A*15-05461575-0181461#6-022662 Shawn Witten  
20184A*10-24892191-1496815-128680 Shawn Witten  
20174A*9-34892611-1837315-126294 Shawn Witten  
20163A*11-25471602-1107491#7-035456 Shawn Witten  
20153A*10-24131821-136621#7-031465 Shawn Witten  
2014I-AA*8-34852300-1172415-128195 Shawn Witten  
2013I-AA*10-24621871-147691#6-025865 Shawn Witten  
2012I-AA*11-34481943-1155951#5-019543 Shawn Witten  
2011I-AA*8-43711521-1453414-120653 Shawn Witten  
2010I-AA*9-53343193-1961101#5-014744 Shawn Witten  
2009I-AA*11-34461633-1138541#5-022665 Shawn Witten  
2008I-AAAA*5-62962710-1263514-3193168 Shawn Witten  
2007I-AAAA*4-615825613-4113182 Shawn Witten  
2006I-AAAA*3-713522813-4114151 Eddie Pless  
2005I-AAAA*5-62111780-1283515-215170 Eddie Pless  
2004I-AAAA*8-52722192-1705514-3158134 Eddie Pless  
2003I-AAAA*6-52191870-113251#6-1179103 Tommy Jenkins  
2002I-AAAA*8-44192541-1504315-2286142 Tommy Jenkins  
2001I-AAAA*7-53292171-1273215-2230110 Tommy Jenkins  
2000I-AAAA*7-52382521-126331#5-013362 Tommy Jenkins  
1999I-AAAA*12-25632043-1145521#5-022760 Dave Rider  
1998I-AAAA*12-25202283-1153511#5-020075 Dave Rider  
1997I-AAAA*11-34712333-11117114-119277 Dave Rider  
1996AAAA*9-23181820-113271#8-025291 Dave Rider  
1995AAAA*8-33321800-16191#7-1274112 Dave Rider  
1994AAAA*8-42472221-1426715-115175 Dave Rider  
1993AAAA*6-52301930-172314-215278 Dave Rider  
1992AAA*7-427312717-223078 Dave Rider  
1991AAA*3-716314913-6156129 Dave Rider  
1990AAA*6-415116616-3134129 Dave Rider  
1989AAA*5-514714415-4127104 Jim Perkins  
1988AAA*9-131110718-1284101 Dave Rider  
1987AAA*8-326114317-222193 Dave Rider  
1986AAA*6-425711214-4223100 Dave Rider  
1985AAA*8-32491680-102816-2177115 Dave Rider  
1984AAA*6-421118415-3173142 Dave Rider  
1983AAA*3-713119412-695159 Dave Rider  
1982AAA*9-2218860-10281#8-119851 Dave Rider  
1981AAA*5-514213315-4142119 Dave Rider  
1980AAA*9-21981160-121371#8-014072 Dave Rider  
1979AAA*7-220110314-213277 Dave Rider  
1978AAA*7-319113614-28983 Dave Rider  
1977AAA*9-2149830-10121#5-18362 Dave Rider  
1976AAA*5-5129951 Dave Rider  
1975AAA*6-41921191 Larry Alderson  
1974AAA*2-81242311 Larry Alderson  
1973AAA*4-61612301 Lynn Goddard  
1972AAA*9-13091231 Lynn Goddard  
1971AAA*7-32141341 Lynn Goddard  
1970AAA*6-41711341 Lynn Goddard  
1969AAA*8-22721281 Lynn Goddard  
1968*6-2-2206101 Lynn Goddard  
1967*5-5160127 Lynn Goddard  
1966*2-7141142 Lynn Goddard  
1965*6-310532 Lynn Goddard  
1964*5-596113 Ernest Cosson  
1963*5-3-314785 Ernest Cosson  
1962*4-6-199118 Ernest Cosson  
1961*3-7133135 Tom Pugh  
1960*7-3-117987 Tom Pugh  
1959*5-516683 Tom Pugh  
1958*3-7163320 Claude Holsclaw  
1957*3-6118173 Claude Holsclaw  
1956*3-5-1181145 John Treadway  
1955*4-5-1156192 John Treadway  
1954*10-1341115 John Treadway  
1953*9-1-124689 John Treadway  
1952*7-1-220485 John Treadway  
1951*10-125068 John Treadway  
1950*0-8-161186 John Treadway  
1949*2-778163 Dwight Haynes  
1948*5-5-1113124 Dwight Haynes  
1947*8-217471 Mule Brown  
1946*3-5-186134 Mule Brown  
1945*7-222081 Mule Brown  
1944*5-314265 Mule Brown  
1943*6-121534 Mule Brown  
1942*6-2135108 Mule Brown  
1941*5-2-18934 Mule Brown  
19403-5127137 Mule Brown  
1939*5-4142100 Mule Brown  
1938*12-0-141743 Mule Brown  
1937*7-122036 Mule Brown  
1936*8-118971 Mule Brown  
1935*6-3-113075 Mule Brown  
1934*5-3-111170 Mule Brown  
1933*7-2-111765 Mule Brown  
1932*5-4-1108100 Mule Brown  
1931*7-211824 Mule Brown  
1930*4-3-17777 Mule Brown  
1929*3-3-27932 Mule Brown  
19281-3-127109 Mule Brown  
1927*1-32649 Mule Brown  
1926*0-3-119115 Mule Brown  
19250-2098 Albert Choate  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

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