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Cloudland Yearly Summary

Cloudland Highlanders
Cloudland High School

476 Cloudland Drive Roan Mountain, TN
Stadium: Orr Field
Colors: Blue & Gold
Coach: Zac Benfield

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20211A*0-0001 Zac Benfield  
20201A*7-53492641-158571#3-014934 Scott Potter  
20191A*6-62682901-128361#3-012454 Glenn White/Scott Potter  
20181A*9-34441621-160511#3-016220 Mike Lunsford  
20171A*9-34373001-158611#3-016446 Mike Lunsford  
20161A*5-74443851-1741101#4-022441 Mike Lunsford  
20151A*6-53843360-16381#4-020256 Brock Pittman  
2014I-A*8-33341530-1283814-220470 Brock Pittman  
2013I-A*9-23281340-1142615-120178 Brock Pittman  
2012I-A*8-43532141-1425014-117847 Brock Pittman  
2011I-A*1-98023210-53498 John Overbay  
2010I-A*6-51982490-183014-111870 Robbie Turbyfill  
2009I-A*3-82512760-1385412-39750 Robbie Turbyfill  
2008I-A*6-53502320-1184112-3131107 Robbie Turbyfill  
2007I-A*7-42942800-171814-1131135 Robbie Turbyfill  
2006I-A*2-814725610-548133 Gary Keith  
2005I-A*9-33421111-1262614-117736 Gary Keith  
2004I-A*6-51891710-10231#4-013112 Gary Keith  
2003I-A*10-16071370-130311#4-027233 Mike Lunsford  
2002I-A*13-15871613-1124581#5-026142 Mike Lunsford  
2001I-A*13-26352064-12041051#5-027026 Mike Lunsford  
2000I-AA*11-14931851-132461#9-0401105 Mike Lunsford  
1999I-AA*10-13861070-114281#9-035173 Mike Lunsford  
1998I-A*8-33021780-1223814-218992 Mike Lunsford  
1997I-A*2-816023611-5110167 Mike Lunsford  
1996A*11-24521372-168351#5-022161 Mike Lunsford  
1995A*8-42981291-1461414-114764 Mike Lunsford  
1994A*7-42211120-162114-213566 Mike Lunsford  
1993A*9-22341180-18221#6-015151 Mike Lunsford  
1992A*9-33191561-120361#3-010623 Mike Lunsford  
1991A*10-13421360-16281#3-010722 Mike Lunsford  
1990A*9-2316750-10151#4-014312 Mike Lunsford  
1989A*6-51291030-102413-16929 Mike Lunsford  
1988A*6-61791371-114431#4-09614 John Orr  
1987A*8-42531491-1144013-112229 John Orr  
1986A*6-52572080-16211#3-010426 John Orr  
1985A*7-4217900-16141#3-01248 John Orr  
1984A*8-230511411-16623 John Orr  
1983A*6-416818411-15249 John Orr  
1982A*6-419910214-112150 John Orr  
1981A*2-89817911-34450 John Orr  
1980A*6-318612113-110854 John Orr  
1979A*6-412810314-19136 John Orr  
1978A*5-613818114-29868 John Orr  
1977A*2-89523712-463102 John Orr  
1976AA*2-9612611 Larry Tillman  
1975AA*0-10623371 Gary Oaks  
1974AA*6-31521211 Gary Oaks  
1973AA*0-10252361 Gary Oaks  
1972A*4-61061541 Gary Oaks  
1971A*4-51461181 Gary Oaks  
1970A*1-9763021 Don Julian  
1969A*2-7443391 Don Julian  
1968*6-3-1199103 John Orr  
1967*3-774174 John Orr  
1966*3-7164207 John Orr  
19652-779192 John Orr  
1964*6-3-1119103 John Orr  
1963*5-311265 John Orr  
1962*1-7-133244 John Orr  
1961*3-5157119 Duard Aldridge  
1960*6-213448 Duard Aldridge  
1959*1-743133 Dennis Greenwell  
1958*0-722168 Dennis Greenwell  
1957*2-538170 Dennis Greenwell  
19562-772192 Clark Morton  
1955*2-5-1118200 Clark Morton  
1954*4-3-1145104 W.L. Morgan  
1953*4-492106 Clark Morton  
19520-860238 Clark Morton  
19510-7-269210 Clark Morton  
1950*2-657133 Wallace Rose  

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