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Clarksville Yearly Summary

Clarksville Wildcats
Clarksville High School

151 Richview Road Clarksville, TN
Colors: Purple & Gold
Coach: Issac Shelby

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20216A*0-0005 Issac Shelby  
20205A*5-52562691-1313173-3169168 Issac Shelby  
20195A*7-53522461-1437074-2205107 Issac Shelby  
20185A*8-33812360-1272874-2213136 Issac Shelby  
20175A*5-62742620-1144273-3182145 Issac Shelby  
20165A*2-814333671-687230 Issac Shelby  
20155A*1-922524071-6145203 Issac Shelby  
2014I-AAA*5-62152870-11332104-3153152 Issac Shelby  
2013I-AAA*4-6212245104-3177132 Ken Busbee  
2012I-AAA*4-6212281104-4165217 Ken Busbee  
2011I-AAA*6-53823510-12234105-3305259 Ken Busbee  
2010I-AAA*6-61841521-11313104-413199 Derek Crass  
2009I-AAA*5-61941620-11033104-4149112 Jim Snider  
2008I-AAAA*6-52022100-1144964-3133120 Jim Snider  
2007I-AAAA*10-23101301-149336#6-117065 Jim Snider  
2006I-AAAA*8-53192722-1558265-2166107 Jim Snider  
2005I-AAAA*6-52011880-1212765-212182 Jim Snider  
2004I-AAAAA*5-6-12082920-1-1313464-3129180 Jim Snider  
2003I-AAAAA*4-621228663-4132216 Jim Snider  
2002*4-6205236 Bob Ateca  
2001*7-42532110-11335 Bob Ateca  
2000I-AAAA*10-23342321-1345466-1180133 Bob Ateca  
1999I-AAAA*4-615420161-684187 Bob Ateca  
1998I-AAAA*1-910340860-870366 Bob Ateca  
1997I-AAAA*2-815135062-6130278 Bob Ateca  
1996AAAAA*2-812629561-767268 Bob Ateca  
1995AAAAA*0-1011737260-888310 Marty Euverard  
1994AAAA*2-815126151-5109179 Derek Crass  
1993AAAA*5-62252510-164052-4109160 Derek Crass  
1992AAA*1-992397101-442162 Derek Crass  
1991AAA*0-1074332100-539165 Derek Crass  
1990AAA*2-8118246102-36788 Al Starnes  
1989AAA*3-7149221103-29189 Tom Crawford  
1988AAA*0-1047355100-428149 Tom Crawford  
1987AAA*3-81572890-1656103-15873 Esau Lathon  
1986AAA*4-6170179102-39273 Esau Lathon  
1985AAA*3-7143212103-210584 Esau Lathon  
1984AAA*2-758182101-43969 Esau Lathon  
1983AAA*4-6123198104-18260 Esau Lathon  
1982AAA*8-3230116103-110746 Esau Lathon  
1981AAA*7-51661301-1163010#4-0696 Esau Lathon  
1980AAA*4-6265307103-2170131 Esau Lathon  
1979AAA*3-7236287101-388100 Esau Lathon  
1978AAA*6-52931430-172810#5-021033 Esau Lathon  
1977AAA*5-5147171102-23753 Esau Lathon  
1976AAA*1-91053113 Dan Burden  
1975AAA*3-71591913 Dan Burden  
1974AAA*4-71482383 Dan Burden  
1973AAA*6-52022363 Dan Burden  
1972AAA*4-6691873 Dan Burden  
1971AAA*2-81111983 Dan Burden  
1970AAA*8-2269593 Johnny Miller  
1969AAA*8-32491203 Johnny Miller  
1968*5-4-1226117 Johnny Miller  
1967*9-1-136367 Johnny Miller  
1966*6-4145121 Johnny Miller  
1965*4-597165 Johnny Miller  
1964*2-7-165178 Charles Quarles  
1963*4-695117 Charles Quarles  
1962*6-5192169 Charles Quarles  
1961*5-5123104 Charles Quarles  
1960*5-5123109 Charles Quarles  
1959*8-2-1181106 Charles Quarles  
1958*5-4117106 Charles Quarles  
1957*5-4-1206153 Charles Quarles  
1956*5-5123133 Jimmy Goosetree  
1955*9-233050 Frank Ditmore  
1954*5-3-115067 Frank Ditmore  
1953*6-5168119 Frank Ditmore  
1952*8-213094 Frank Ditmore  
1951*5-5-117483 Frank Ditmore  
1950*5-4139133 Frank Ditmore  
19490-5-138125 Frank Ditmore  
19484-4-213564 Frank Ditmore  
19476-55784 Frank Ditmore  
19469-1-113246 Frank Ditmore  
194510-010720 Frank Ditmore  
19442-2-19886 Houston Cecil  
19430-3-1078 Houston Cecil  
19422-24525 Houston Cecil  
19411-46280 Houston Cecil  
19402-33848 Houston Cecil  
19391-2-11225 Houston Cecil  
19382-35176 Houston Cecil  
19374-17033 Houston Cecil  
19362-14614 Houston Cecil  
19357-2651 Houston Cecil  
19340-2035 Monte McDaniel  
19331-1-12613 Monte McDaniel  
19328-11312 Monte McDaniel  
19311-12052 Monte McDaniel  
19301-7069 Lewis B. Johnson  
19290-8-107 Jack Thumma  
19281-090 Jack Thumma  
19270-1020 Jack Thumma  
19261-0147 Jack Thumma  
19250-1-167 Jack Thumma  
19240-1773 Jack Thumma  
19230-1012 Jack Thumma  
19221-11212 Jack Thumma  
19210-1614 Frey  
19200-21626 Frey  
19190-100 Frey  
1918      No Team
1917      No Team
19163-3130 Wallace Hill  
19152-4098 Wallace Hill  
19140-307 H.H. Foskett  
19133-200 H.H. Foskett  
19124-2-100 H.H. Foskett  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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