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Chuckey-Doak Yearly Summary

Chuckey-Doak Black Knights
Chuckey-Doak High School

365 Ripley Island Road Afton, TN
Stadium: The Black Hole
Colors: Black & Gold
Coach: Ben Murphy

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20213A*0-0001 Ben Murphy  
20203A*6-42112250-1424314-115399 Ben Murphy  
20193A*6-52582620-16281#5-017384 Ben Murphy  
20183A*4-72773450-1236112-3146128 Ben Murphy  
20173A*4-621319711-4122111 Ben Murphy  
20163A*3-719035112-5120262 Ben Murphy  
20153A*5-527527213-4193244 Ben Murphy  
2014I-AA*7-42882540-164224-116875 Ben Murphy  
2013I-AA*7-43082310-1202323-2159127 Ben Murphy  
2012I-AA*6-53613540-1214823-3177204 Aaron Christian  
2011I-AA*8-43792981-1606224-2160153 Ben Murphy  
2010I-AA*7-42993290-1143023-3137216 Ben Murphy  
2009I-AA*2-811826320-677213 Ben Murphy  
2008I-AA*2-813825911-582168 Ben Murphy  
2007I-AA*3-715624212-4103164 Ben Murphy  
2006I-AA*2-810833512-475172 Ben Murphy  
2005I-AA*2-821541411-5116253 Ben Murphy  
2004I-AA*3-712635411-555212 Ben Murphy  
2003I-AA*2-814031011-559203 Ben Murphy  
2002I-AA*1-98522910-423104 Ben Murphy  
2001I-AA*4-71772510-164111-33584 George Frye  
2000I-AA*5-61733030-107015-3161163 George Frye  
1999I-AA*1-918133111-7147227 George Frye  
1998I-AA*5-62252800-1134213-3118163 George Frye  
1997I-AA*5-619325312-4105163 George Frye  
1996AA*4-613624212-590176 George Frye  
1995AA*3-79823311-666185 George Frye  
1994AA*1-910935310-548162 George Frye  
1993AA*1-97319210-534131 George Frye  
1992AA*9-32661261-121201#5-116067 George Frye  
1991AA*7-424915814-212373 George Frye  
1990AA*6-412411314-25759 George Frye  
1989AA*5-511112412-46175 George Frye  
1988AA*3-712215112-594102 George Frye  
1987AA*2-612222712-489177 George Frye  
1986AA*1-95228211-632193 George Frye  
1985AA*6-519516015-2149102 Chris Burleson  
1984AA*3-710122313-473151 Ray Maupin  
1983AA*1-99829211-658218 Ray Maupin  
1982AA*2-710121310-43285 Ray Maupin  
1981AA*6-31099212-22765 Ray Maupin  
1980AA*5-48013521-21960 Ray Maupin  
1979AA*5-411410521-13345 Ray Maupin  
1978A*2-89025212-464150 Randy McIntyre  
1977A*1-95024911-516132 Randy McIntyre  
1976A*5-51141481 Gary Riley  
1975A*3-6921811 Doug Ward  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

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