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Bartlett Yearly Summary

Bartlett Panthers
Bartlett High School

5688 Woodlawn Avenue Bartlett, TN
Stadium: Panther Stadium
Colors: Red, White & Blue
Coach: Lance Tucker

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20216A*0-0008 Lance Tucker  
20206A*8-22961872-184587#3-010855 Lance Tucker  
20196A*6-52741950-172872-210971 Lance Tucker  
20186A*5-527320170-455137 Tim Haney.  
20176A*5-526129470-461168 Tim Haney.  
20166A*3-82413940-104340-796333 Tim Haney.  
20156A*3-82262960-175540-781226 Jeff McFerran  
2014I-AAA*5-62893250-12540143-2133132 Jeff McFerran  
2013I-AAA*3-7147243142-375128 Jeff McFerran  
2012I-AAA*1-9152361140-566201 Brian Brewer  
2011I-AAA*5-5178247142-367117 Brian Brewer  
2010I-AAA*2-8177287142-4121136 Robert Armbruster  
2009I-AAA*4-71772050-1839143-3104111 Robert Armbruster  
2008I-AAAAA*3-713120273-5110142 Robert Armbruster  
2007I-AAAAA*5-519218175-3172141 Robert Armbruster  
2006I-AAAAA*1-911928071-686192 Mike Williams  
2005I-AAAAA*3-716027772-5115200 Mike Williams  
2004I-AAAAA*2-91252780-1143572-374114 Mike Williams  
2003I-AAAAA*5-61722040-103473-210386 Mike Williams  
2002I-AAAAA*3-8772530-104273-37768 Mike Williams  
2001I-AAAAA*7-41751180-172875-113247 Scott Reed  
2000I-AAAAA*9-2293940-114177#6-018439 Scott Reed  
1999I-AAAAA*9-52481743-166497#5-113449 Scott Reed  
1998I-AAAAA*5-61801880-162174-211992 Scott Reed  
1997I-AAAAA*8-43181821-1323474-216499 Tom Marino  
1996AAAAA*3-614121572-493144 Tom Marino  
1995AAAAA*5-61171771-1313573-362114 Tom Marino  
1994AAAAA*4-71272820-1142874-390157 Tom Marino  
1993AAAAA*10-23431211-1523776-120571 Tom Marino  
1992AAA*12-14141052-1946114#8-020430 Tom Marino  
1991AAA*11-23211152-1453614#7-123379 Tom Marino  
1990AAA*6-5234182142-3112112 Tom Marino  
1989AAA*7-3279187143-2166118 Tom Marino  
1988AAA*9-42701982-14664143-211873 Tom Marino  
1987AAA*5-4126145143-24978 Tom Marino  
1986AAA*8-2248109144-214776 Tom Marino  
1985AAA*9-1232670-161414#6-016534 Tom Marino  
1984AAA*6-4242123142-311555 Tom Marino  
1983AAA*8-3300159144-116354 Tom Marino  
1982AAA*5-5125151142-15747 Tom Marino  
1981AAA*5-5141164142-14449 Art Kuntzman  
1980AAA*5-5148178142-25467 Art Kuntzman  
1979AAA*6-416885141-32759 Art Kuntzman  
1978AAA*9-2264109144-110957 Art Kuntzman  
1977AAA*8-3228132143-29271 Art Kuntzman  
1976AAA*3-7912244 Art Kuntzman  
1975AAA*1-9403374 Art Kuntzman  
1974AAA*8-22991374 Rick Thurow  
1973AAA*8-22691064 Rick Thurow  
1972AAA*6-41641144 Rick Thurow  
1971AAA*1-8-1912194 Will Renfro  
1970AAA*6-3-1187704 Will Renfro  
1969AAA*4-61041494 Will Renfro  
1968*1-7-151245 Glen Essary  
1967*5-4110124 Glen Essary  
1966*3-574191 Woody Johnson  
1965*1-853235 Woody Johnson  
1964*7-218174 Jere Stripling  
1963*8-2242114 Jere Stripling  
1962*3-7114208 Jere Stripling  
1961*4-6160171 Jere Stripling  
1960*3-6127171 Russell Reid  
1959*9-229770 Russell Reid  
1958*4-6134115 Russell Reid  
1957*3-7146224 Russell Reid  
1956*5-4163134 Russell Reid  
1955*3-5-1170183 Russell Reid  
1954*7-3-1220130 Russell Reid  
1953*6-315481 Russell Reid  
1952*0-8-249232 Russell Reid  
1951*2-5-279135 Russell Reid  
1950*6-4176133 Jimmy Hindman  
1949*6-417189 Jimmy Hindman  
1948*9-223667 Jimmy Hindman  
1947*8-216272 Jimmy Hindman  
19465-411192 Jimmy Hindman  
1945*2-671148 Jimmy Hindman  
1944*2-676163 C.C. Burford/W.D. Croft  
1943*1-738172 C.C. Burford  
1942*3-3-14951 C.C. Burford  
1941*5-410097 Jimmy Hindman  
1940*2-6-159165 Jimmy Hindman  
1939*3-5-162100 Jimmy Hindman  
1938*3-568119 Jimmy Hindman  
1937*2-5-132116 Jimmy Hindman  
1936*7-1-111741 Jimmy Hindman  
1935*8-314883 Jimmy Hindman  
1934*6-1-219219 Jimmy Hindman  
1933*6-3-1135105 Jimmy Hindman  
1932*6-314585 Jimmy Hindman  
1931*5-58089 O. Bryan Ellis  
1930*1-727270 O. Bryan Ellis  
1929*1-726187 John R. Shore  
19280-76169 John R. Shore  
1927*3-457136 C. Richard Huie  
19261-830204 John H. George/C.J. Woodson  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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