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Adamsville Yearly Summary

Adamsville Cardinals
Adamsville High School

815 W. Main Street Adamsville, TN
Colors: Red, White & Black
Coach: Brandon Gray

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20212A*0-0006 Brandon Gray  
20202A*6-52632180-103173-2139100 Brandon Gray  
20192A*4-72022820-103672-3117135 Brandon Gray  
20182A*4-613323071-584150 Brandon Gray  
20172A*7-53261961-1202074-2204100 Brandon Gray  
20162A*10-13741110-114196#5-022664 Brandon Gray  
20152A*10-24291981-176486#5-021255 Brandon Gray  
2014I-A*11-25082002-110971154-123185 Brandon Gray  
2013I-A*11-34922283-110367154-121369 Brandon Gray  
2012I-A*12-24611733-11155715#4-019961 Brandon Gray  
2011I-A*11-23851882-1575615#4-017232 Brandon Gray  
2010I-A*6-63092491-15242152-211977 Brandon Gray  
2009I-A*10-22881361-1405315#4-010223 Brandon Gray  
2008I-AA*5-522818972-494129 Brandon Gray  
2007I-AA*5-520225173-3104158 Brandon Gray  
2006I-AA*4-71072620-1184964-467123 Brandon Gray  
2005I-AA*1-912428561-7117246 Dee Alsbrook  
2004I-AA*6-52143170-104162-390175 Dee Alsbrook  
2003I-AA*4-623030861-4101194 Dee Alsbrook  
2002I-AA*6-52813050-1214662-3107146 Colin Briscoe  
2001I-AA*2-815132760-564175 Colin Briscoe  
2000I-AA*0-108749360-537264 Colin Briscoe  
1999I-AA*2-819333761-495176 Danny Combs  
1998I-AAA*4-623828661-482161 Danny Combs  
1997I-AAA*5-61652820-105062-350140 Danny Combs  
1996AA*2-89223861-453124 Danny Combs  
1995AA*2-87327161-436166 Danny Combs  
1994AA*3-79323473-563179 Danny Combs  
1993AA*2-810123172-687194 Danny Combs  
1992A*1-8114255151-13467 Danny Combs  
1991A*9-31911841-1212415#2-06318 Danny Combs  
1990AA*4-5176185140-34388 Danny Combs  
1989AA*5-5130101141-23359 Joe Bridges  
1988A*6-51591610-1034152-15242 Joe Bridges  
1987A*5-61972300-11645152-16149 Joe Bridges  
1986A*1-968275120-1014 Joe Bridges  
1985A*9-53141383-1883412#1-0420 Joe Bridges  
1984A*4-5141129121-0150 Tommy Browder  
1983A*11-24061612-1657112#2-011228 Tommy Browder  
1982A*5-5195130131-24042 Tommy Browder  
1981A*8-3202152131-23984 Tommy Browder  
1980A*6-4229138131-02914 Tommy Browder  
1979A*2-884258131-0126 Tommy Browder  
1978A*7-4215107161-12121 Tommy Browder  
1977A4-4131130160-1616 Tommy Browder  
1976A2-7541954 Bobby Milam  
1975A*1-8783464 Bobby Milam  
1974A1-8602734 Kenny Coleman  
1973A0-8342544 Kenny Coleman  
1972A*4-4-11001364 Kenny Coleman  
1971A1-7401554 Donald Todd  
1970A4-41441154 Donald Todd  
1969A*1-7442374 Donald Todd  
1968      No Team
1967      No Team
1966      No Team
1965      No Team
1964      No Team
1963*0-919356 T.E. Chisholm  
1962*0-843151 T.E. Chisholm  
1961*0-842217 James Tidwell  
19600-964298 Dave Griffith  
1959*0-813307 Dave Griffith  
19580-68148 Ralph Mays  
1957*0-57160 T.E. Chisolm  
1956*0-50319 T.E. Chisolm  
1955*0-640144 T.E. Chisolm  
1954*1-4-258156 T.E. Chisolm  
19531-551223 T.E. Chisolm  
19520-512249 Max Hile  
19510-56265 Max Hile  

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