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The History of High School Football in Tennessee

      Welcome to We are proud to have joined efforts with to bring the history of high school football to the sports fans of Tennessee. Much of the research has been completed by our friend at and it will simply take some time to get everything entered and onto the website. A special gratitude goes to for sharing their many hours of dedicated research over many years with us and all the Tennessee high school football fans.
      Our goal is to chronicle a complete history of high school football in the state of Tennessee. We provide important information including coaching records, state champions, playoff and bowl games, region and district records and much more. If you can provide accurate scores or any other information related to our efforts we encourage you to contact us. We appreciate your patience and be sure to check back often as updates are made almost daily.

Tennessee Football

2020 Football Season

 Week One Scores

2020 Region Standings
6A  5A  4A  3A  2A  1A 

2020 Coaching Changes

A look at every high school football head coaching change since the end of the 2019 football season.

     Be sure to visit for more on the history of high school football in Tennessee. They have historical All-State teams, Mr. Football and All-Americans.

     They also have tons of other relevant research you will find very interesting and informative. We at will provide scores, seasonal records and coaches and they will continue with their usual great collections.

     Below are a few links to
All-State Teams
Mr. Football Tennessee
Litkenhous Ratings


District Standings

2019 District Standings
6A  5A  4A  3A  2A  1A 

Football Articles                               June 1st, 2020
      The progress in completing schools 1950-2019
   Our Progress. 

     It is a daunting task to figure out the schools and how they all fit together. It will be a tough process until all the schools have been researched. If you can assist or have any information on schools that have closed or been consolidated with other schools please feel free to contact us.

Football News                               June 1st, 2020
      This is a work in progress. There is still much research and work to be completed before everything comes together and teams are completed.

      We will be researching the teams in segments. Our first goal is to complete as many teams as possible back to 1950. We currently have most of the information for the larger schools. With the research already completed we have about 88% of the scores back through the 1950 football season.

      As more research is done, we will include scores and coaches for every team prior to 1950. So, bear with us while the project progresses over the next few years. It is a very time consuming process to find every score for every team.

      Our projections are that there have been approximately 140,000 games played among the Tennessee high school football teams over the past 100 years or so. We are nearing the point to where 75% of these scores are included in our records.

Tennessee Schools

 Maryville 815-223-34  78%
 Dobyns-Bennett 799-252-28  76%
 Montgomery Bell Academy 763-351-46  68%
 Baylor 722-330-40  69%
 Christian Brothers 714-353-40  67%
 Whitehaven 713-283-19  72%
 Milan 676-397-23  63%
 Haywood 673-395-32  63%
 Knoxville Central 668-360-33  65%
 McCallie 667-382-45  64%
 Huntingdon 666-307-15  68%
 Oak Ridge 664-194-12  77%
 Memphis Central 657-449-46  59%
 Trousdale County 657-267-14  71%
 Greeneville 645-379-35  63%
 Alcoa 641-250-18  72%
 Tennessee 640-374-28  63%
 Gallatin 631-337-32  65%
 Bradley Central 615-434-29  59%
 Memphis University 615-330-26  65%
 Union City 610-379-20  62%
 Elizabethton 607-345-26  64%
 Smith County 604-355-14  63%
 Science Hill 600-400-40  60%
 Springfield 598-408-39  59%
 Dyersburg 586-446-24  57%
 Chattanooga Central 560-523-45  52%
 South Pittsburg 555-234-18  70%
 Loudon 551-349-23  61%
 Humboldt 520-358-25  59%
 Lexington 517-314-12  62%
 Oneida 512-252-5  67%
 Red Bank 510-296-16  63%
 Collierville 507-413-20  55%
 Cookeville 505-416-31  55%
 Brentwood Academy 504-115-3  81%
 Ripley 498-459-25  52%
 Battle Ground Academy 493-360-19  58%
 Sweetwater 485-326-21  60%
 Peabody 484-413-33  54%
 Marion County 483-296-14  62%
 Kingston 483-306-20  61%
 Father Ryan 478-393-31  55%
 Lewis County 474-326-14  59%
 Rockwood 473-360-18  57%
 Germantown 468-357-10  57%
 Farragut 467-323-13  59%
 White House 465-368-8  56%
 Fulton 461-311-11  60%
 Coalfield 457-365-10  56%
 Bartlett 456-463-17  50%
 Gordonsville 452-362-16  56%
 Marshall County 452-327-14  58%
 Moore County 452-257-16  64%
 Hillsboro 452-384-18  54% Progress

   You can keep track of our progress in completing teams back through the 1950 season by clicking on the link in the right-hand column called 'Our Progress'.
We are working to finish as many teams as possible back through the 1950 season. If you can assist us in this research in any way just let us know.
More information  

  We are also interested in completing the coaches for every team. If you can assist us in any way we will appreciate the help.

The Beginning

The game of American football as played today by high school, college, and professional teams grew out of rugby-style football which in the mid-1870s replaced a largely kicking game known as association football. Although initially played on village greens and on college fields, the first intercollegiate game took place on 6 November 1869 when Rutgers defeated Princeton 6-4 in a soccer-style game. Five years later, Montreal's McGill University playing at Harvard introduced rugby football, which would be rapidly adopted by eastern teams.   *