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2020 Region Standings 

Class 5A

Region 1    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
David Crockett(9-2)(6-0)defeated Sevier County 63-35vs. South Doyle
Tennessee(5-4)(4-1)lost to Knoxville Halls 22-15 
Daniel Boone(5-5)(4-2)lost to South Doyle 48-19 
Morristown East(5-5)(3-3)lost to Knoxville Central 48-7 
Volunteer(3-7)(2-4)Season Completed  
Cherokee(2-7)(1-4)Season Completed  
Cocke County(2-8)(1-5)Season Completed  

Region 2    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Knoxville Central(10-2)(5-1)defeated Morristown East 48-7at Knoxville Halls
South Doyle(8-3)(5-1)defeated Daniel Boone 48-19at David Crockett
Knoxville Halls(8-1)(4-1)defeated Tennessee 22-15vs. Knoxville Central
Sevier County(5-6)(3-3)lost to David Crockett 63-35 
Carter(5-5)(2-4)Season Completed  
Gibbs(4-6)(2-4)Season Completed  
Seymour(0-10)(0-5)Season Completed  

Region 3    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Knoxville West(11-1)(5-1)defeated Lenoir City 65-20vs. Walker Valley
Oak Ridge(8-3)(5-1)defeated Soddy Daisy 30-7vs. Rhea County
Powell(9-3)(4-2)lost to Walker Valley 21-16 
Fulton(4-5)(3-1)lost to Rhea County 14-0 
Clinton(1-7)(1-4)Season Completed  
Campbell County(4-6)(1-5)Season Completed  
Karns(2-7)(1-5)Season Completed  

Region 4    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Rhea County(10-1)(3-0)defeated Fulton 14-0at Oak Ridge
Walker Valley(8-2)(2-1)defeated Powell 21-16at Knoxville West
Soddy Daisy(3-8)(1-2)lost to Oak Ridge 30-7 
Lenoir City(2-9)(0-3)lost to Knoxville West 65-20 

Region 5    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Summit(10-1)(5-0)defeated Hillwood 42-6vs. Columbia Central
Shelbyville(7-2)(4-0)Season Completed  
Page(5-5)(3-1)lost to Hillsboro 43-7 
Lincoln County(3-6)(1-2)lost to Beech 42-14 
Columbia Central(6-5)(1-4)defeated Gallatin 21-14at Summit
Franklin County(2-8)(1-4)Season Completed  

Region 6    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Beech(8-1)(4-0)defeated Lincoln County 42-14at Hillsboro
Gallatin(7-7)(4-1)lost to Columbia Central 21-14 
Hillsboro(5-2)(3-1)defeated Page 43-7vs. Beech
Hillwood(3-3)(2-2)lost to Summit 42-6 
Hunters Lane(3-4)(1-2)Season Completed  
Glencliff(0-5)(0-4)Season Completed  

Region 7    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Henry County(8-2)(6-0)plays Byevs. Brighton
Northeast(6-2)(5-1)plays Byevs. Clarksville
Dyer County(7-3)(4-1)lost to Brighton 48-28 
Clarksville(5-4)(3-3)defeated Munford 16-14at Northeast
Kenwood(2-6)(2-4)Season Completed  
Northwest(1-7)(1-5)Season Completed  
West Creek(2-7)(0-6)Season Completed  

Region 8    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Munford(10-4)(6-0)lost to Clarksville 16-14 
Brighton(7-5)(3-1)defeated Dyer County 48-28at Henry County
Kingsbury(0-0)(0-0)Season Completed  
Kirby(0-0)(0-0)Season Completed  
Overton(0-0)(0-0)Season Completed  
Ridgeway(0-0)(0-0)Season Completed  
Southwind(0-0)(0-0)Season Completed