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2020 Region Standings 

Class 3A

Region 1    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Claiborne(9-2)(4-1)lost to Pigeon Forge 42-15 
Chuckey-Doak(6-4)(4-1)lost to Kingston 43-42 
Unicoi County(5-5)(3-2)lost to Gatlinburg-Pittman 40-0 
Johnson County(5-6)(3-2)lost to Alcoa 49-0 
West Greene(3-6)(1-3)Season Completed  
North Greene(1-8)(0-4)Season Completed  

Region 2    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Alcoa(10-1)(6-0)defeated Johnson County 49-0at Kingston
Gatlinburg-Pittman(10-2)(5-1)defeated Unicoi County 40-0at Pigeon Forge
Kingston(7-3)(4-2)defeated Chuckey-Doak 43-42vs. Alcoa
Pigeon Forge(7-3)(3-3)defeated Claiborne 42-15vs. Gatlinburg-Pittman
Scott(5-5)(2-4)Season Completed  
Northview Academy(4-6)(1-5)Season Completed  
Austin-East(0-8)(0-4)Season Completed  

Region 3    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Red Bank(8-0)(4-0)defeated Grundy County 50-6vs. Brainerd
Loudon(9-1)(4-1)defeated York Institute 42-7vs. Upperman
Signal Mountain(4-5)(2-2)lost to Upperman 43-41 
Brainerd(7-4)(2-3)defeated Smith County 14-13at Red Bank
Sweetwater(5-5)(1-4)Season Completed  
McMinn Central(3-7)(1-4)Season Completed  

Region 4    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Upperman(8-3)(5-0)defeated Signal Mountain 43-41at Loudon
Smith County(4-7)(4-1)lost to Brainerd 14-13 
York Institute(3-8)(3-2)lost to Loudon 42-7 
Sequatchie County(2-7)(1-3)Season Completed  
Grundy County(2-8)(1-3)lost to Red Bank 50-6 
Cannon County(1-10)(1-4)Season Completed  

Region 5    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Pearl-Cohn(6-0)(4-0)plays Byevs. East Nashville
Giles County(6-7)(3-1)defeated Harpeth 56-0vs. Stewart County
East Nashville(3-1)(1-1)defeated Fairview 26-13at Pearl-Cohn
Stratford(2-5)(1-2)lost to Stewart County 33-29 
RePublic(0-0)(0-0)Season Completed  
Whites Creek(1-4)(0-3)Season Completed  

Region 6    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Stewart County(9-1)(5-0)defeated Stratford 33-29at Giles County
Fairview(7-3)(4-1)lost to East Nashville 26-13 
Harpeth(3-7)(3-2)lost to Giles County 56-0 
Camden Central(2-8)(2-3)did not play 
Sycamore(1-8)(1-4)Season Completed  
Cheatham County(0-10)(0-5)Season Completed  

Region 7    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Milan(9-1)(5-0)plays Byevs. Covington
South Gibson(7-2)(4-1)plays Byevs. Westview
Covington(8-2)(3-2)plays Byeat Milan
Westview(7-4)(2-3)plays Byeat South Gibson
Bolivar Central(0-9)(0-3)Season Completed  
McNairy Central(3-7)(0-4)Season Completed  

Region 8    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Melrose(0-0)(0-0)Season Completed  
MLK Prep(0-0)(0-0)Season Completed  
Raleigh Egypt(0-0)(0-0)Season Completed  
Sheffield(0-0)(0-0)Season Completed  
Wooddale(0-0)(0-0)Season Completed